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ePlus Next-Generation Firewalls


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New malware, the increasing sophistication of hackers, and the exploding use of social media and ecommerce all shape today’s changing threat landscape. Most legacy security measures are insufficient to meet these evolving threats. If your firewall is more than two years old—you are no longer protected.

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ePlus Next-Generation Firewalls

  1. 1. Next-Generation Firewall Solutions (NGFW)
  2. 2. Evolving Risk: Advanced Evasive Threats >> >> >> >> New within past 24 months Organizations or governments with capability and intent Executed by coordinated human actions with specific objectives Operators are skilled, motivated, organized, and well funded
  3. 3. Legacy Firewalls Are Not Enough >> >> >> >> If your firewall is more than two years old, you are not protected Legacy firewalls focus on source destination addresses and ports Do not identify and stop malicious payloads Evasive nature of today’s attacks require a greater level of inspection
  4. 4. Why a NGFW? >> >> >> >> Granular visibility into application traffic Enhanced deep packet inspection Consolidate firewalls, IPS, VPN, and security solutions Cost savings and efficiency $$$$
  5. 5. NGFW Benefits: Visibility >> >> >> Detect hidden threats Flag suspicious traffic Allow legitimate access based on user profiles
  6. 6. NGFW Benefits: Flexibility >> >> >> Enforce granular usage policies without burdening staff Enjoy the productivity benefits of mobility solutions AND… Enforce compliance and limit risk $ $$$ $ $ $ $$
  7. 7. NGFW Benefits: Affordability >> >> >> Integrate with existing security investments Simplify network admin Ensure uninterrupted protection and performance $ $
  8. 8. >> >> Why ePlus Security for NGFW? >> >> >> >> Experience to address dynamic threat matrix Build secure data centers: Virtualized environments Complex voice and data networks Extensive storage solutions Private, public, and hybrid clouds
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