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Nightowls-late night coworking @ eOffice 2010 09 22


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Following a substantial popularity in New York, the first London Nightowls late night co-working club was held in eOffice Soho. The productive session met people from different spheres of the industry and resulted in valuable exchange of ideas and a substantial amount of work done

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Nightowls-late night coworking @ eOffice 2010 09 22

  1. 1. London Nightowls @ eOffice 22 Sep 2010 After gaining a lot of popularity and diverse interest in New York and Stockholm, the Nightowls club realized its first late night co-working session at eOffice London. The lights on Broadwick Street, Soho, were on until 2am in the morning - a result of stimulating conversations, beneficial networking, valuable exchange of ideas, and an essential amount of work done. A minor social media promotion for the event resulted in a great volume of response and a substantial attendees list. A web designer, html developer, writer, motor journalist, digital entrepreneur, photographer and other professionals gathered with their laptops and firm enthusiasm for this nocturnal solution of uninterrupted, productive time. The 6th floor of eOffice adapted the look and atmosphere of a co-working hub with vibrant discussions of the latest trends in technology and inspirational brainstorming for potential blog and article topics. Co-working events and clubs, like the Nighowls, with a similar format and objectives have proved to be a valuable social and professional platform for people in any sphere of the industry. With the rise in popularity and number of the social media avenues and humans’ constant dependence on the cyber space, people are looking for the offline, personal experience, where a serendipitous chat will add to the potential and perspective of their work. eOffice is new generation of flexible workplaces, offering the ultimate in office design, technology and innovation. Fully serviced offices, trendy meeting and conference rooms, and plenty of natural sunlight compliment the open plan interior of this state-of-the-art- networking hub. eOffice is primarily aimed at emerging businesses, entrepreneurs and start- ups. eOffice London Soho located in London media-land is the ideal solution for professional in the media and technology industry. Additional Information For more information on eOffice - visit - email - call + 44 (0) 870 888 8888