eOffice Press Release Workplace Week at eOffice 2010 11 03


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eOffice took part in the Workplace Week 2010 opening its doors to the prominent audience gathered for the seminar 'The Workplace and the Secret of Sustainability'

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eOffice Press Release Workplace Week at eOffice 2010 11 03

  1. 1. The team of Advanced Workplace Associates Networking before the Workplace Week 2010 seminar at eOffice The Workplace Week 2010 opened the doors to some of the most prominent companies and their London office venues. Delegates had the chance to explore the corporate environment and office design decisions of companies like Microsoft, Lloyds of London, Nationwide, Building Society, Rio Tinto, Cisco Sustems, Regus, Standard Life, RBS and eOffice. Workplace consultants from the Advanced Workplace Associates have organized the schedule of the busy and informative week in order to cover all spheres and issues surrounding the complexity of running and sustaining a work space. The seminar held at eOffice on 3rd Nov focused on the topic of The Workplace and the Secret of Sustainability. The audience was offered the expert opinion and professional knowledge of high profile businessmen such as Ian Fielder, CEO of the British Institute for Facilities and Management, Martin Hunt – Forum for the Future as well as an introduction to Green Occupancy presented by Andrew Mawson – MD, Advanced Workplace Associates. Discussing energy consumption and the link with occupancy density was Christopher Hedley from IPD Occupiers. Following his informative presentation, was Tim Yendell and Riikka Houvala - RBS, sharing interesting facts from RBS’s big green occupancy experiment. The event proceeded with networking and buffet lunch. The final part of the event was led by Pier Paolo Mucelli, CEO of eOffice, who offered a visual presentation on how eOffice moved location, all furniture and design as well as clients to find itself fully set and operational in just in three days. After the talk the audience was invited to an eOffice facilities tour where delegated could explore the contemporary and stylish meeting and conference rooms as well as the design of the hotdesking and full-time clients open-plan area. eOffice is new generation of flexible workplaces, offering the ultimate in office design, technology and innovation. Fully serviced offices, trendy meeting and conference rooms, and plenty of natural sunlight compliment the open plan interior of this state-of-the-art-networking hub. eOffice is primarily aimed at emerging businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups. eOffice London Soho located in London media-land is the ideal solution for professional in the media and technology industry. For more information on eOffice For more information on Advanced Workplace Associates - visit www.eoffice.net -visit www.advanced-workplace.com - email hello@eoffice.net -email projects@advanced-workplace.com - call + 44 (0) 870 888 8888 - call +44(0) 2077437110 Workplace Week @ eOffice, London 3rd NOV 2010