How to manage a news community


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How to manage a news community. A workshop presentation to news:rewired on 3 July 2012. By Tamara Littleton, CEO of eModeration.

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How to manage a news community

  1. 1. Relevant Social Media Channels Twitter Pros Cons FrequencyFast and direct Need to respond within 4-8 time a days, with 2- a couple of hours 3 status updates andEngage directly with the rest as responsesfollowers Higher level of content neededCapture people’s to the news Exposure to potential social-timing (EST time)and journalists negative reactionsBe seen as accessible
  2. 2. Relevant Social Media Channels Facebook Pros Cons FrequencyFacebook has huge Need to keep track and 1-2 status updates apenetration and is moderate user day with a response forlargely used for responses every 3-5 commentspersonal use Content created needs Lunchtime, 5pm, orCan produce richer to be more in-depth Saturday morning.status updates than Twitter is more sedate Can’t reach out beyond social-timing (EST time) Fans already connectedCan project a morerounded view ofjournalists
  3. 3. Relevant Social Media Channels Tumblr Pros Cons FrequencyCan produce long form More work required to 1 long post every 1 or 2blog posts as well as create entries days, or 1-2 short postsshort photo/video/quote every day. Responsesbased ones Need to moderate as required. comments if enabledAbility to embed 4pm, 7pm EST,content i.e. Storify especially Fridays.Existing communitywithin the bloggingnetwork who can reblogGreater visualcustomisation
  4. 4. Relevant Social Media Channels YouTube Pros Cons FrequencyEstablished community Comment quality can be Assuming populated very low based on videoEasy to embed or share production planvideos on other Need to moderatenetworks comments if enabled 6pm, especially Wednesdays andEasily promote brand Exposure to potential Thursdayvideos negative reactionsCan respond to others’videos
  5. 5. Relevant Social Media Channels Pinterest Pros Cons FrequencyMassively popular Community still not 3-5 pins a day,image site reached full maturity comments as requiredDesigned for sharing & Few tools to track 2-4pm, 8pm-1am,embedding activity Saturday Morning ESTAbility to curate groups Benefits still debatableof themed imagesCan embed a link withinimage
  6. 6. Relevant Social Media Channels Storify Pros Cons FrequencyFantastic curation tool Time consuming to 1 story board every 3-5 build each story board days, updated regularCan build story with any during that period.embeddable content Needs updating to Responses to comments remain relevant as requiredGreat way to promoteother people and build Tool can be unreliable If UK story cover UKcommunity hours early morning No great community toBe seen as speak of yetknowledgeable and asource of information
  7. 7. Relevant Social Media Channels Flickr / Instagram Pros Cons FrequencyEasy tools to build Instagram needs access Instagram should be atdatabase of images to a smartphone least 1 photo a day or 2, Flickr as and whenInstagram more Very hard to get any images producedcommunity driven and traction in Flickrimmediate community No set time for FlickrCan be used to embedimages in other socialchannelsBe seen as accessible
  8. 8. The Editorial Process
  9. 9. What to Write?Encourage people to participate. The more yousolicit and respond to content from your followers,the more engagement you’ll see.Aim to fill a gap. Try for a unique angle, covertopics or provide information which is missing fromthe existing discussion.Don’t try to be everything to everyone – or yourcontent will mean nothing to anyone.
  10. 10. How to Deal With ConflictIdentify what might be causing the conflictTake plenty of screenshotsEscalate if necessary as per your proceduresPublicly acknowledge the issueAsk questions of the participants to try and helpclear up any misunderstandingsTake a step backAddress the emotional aspect of the argumentLimit possible escalation into name-callingEncourage communication in a non-judgmental way
  11. 11. Community Response Workflow
  12. 12. ContacteModerationTamara Littleton, CEOb: http://blog.emoderation.comtw: