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My Droidcon Brussels presentation about my STIB application.

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  • Hi Michaël. Sorry I missed your presentation, but you know I'm already a rabid user of your apps and a big fan. I also had a good excuse, I was preparing my presentation ;) Thanks a lot for all the nice tweets you sent about it during my 'performance'.

    In case you would have another look at it, I have just published my presentation about the future of mobile. Please let me know what you think :)
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  • STIB application - Droidcon

    1. 1. STIB ANDROID APPLICATION Michaël Uyttersprot - @eMich DroidCon Brussels - April 2nd 2010
    2. 2. ABOUT ME • Brusseleir •2 cats • Obsessed with mobile • Travelling geek • Software engineer • No drivers license (I know...) • Dependent on public transit
    3. 3. randomorb on flickr LOST IN THE CITY...
    4. 4. matthileo on flickr RAIN AND COLD WIND...
    5. 5. oliphant on flickr STRIKES...
    6. 6. upton on flickr BAD WEATHER CONDITIONS...
    7. 7. thinkpanama on flickr LOSING TIME...
    8. 8. I NEED AN APP FOR THAT! • An app that would make great usage of today’s smartphones features • GPS for geolocation • Internet connexion for realtime updates • Isthere information somewhere I could use?
    9. 9. YES WE CAN ! • STIB, thelocal transport company, has lots of (unstructured) info online ! • Realtime stop information • Realtime line information • Location of stops • Timetables • So, let’s make that app !
    10. 10. WHY ANDROID? • Robots are cool • Android mainly uses Java • Android is open • Android is easy to learn • Android has a nice programming environment ‣ Android is the best thing after sliced bread jesusbelzunce on flickr
    11. 11. BEHOLD! • STIB Android app was released on the 22nd of february • Comes packed with a lot of nice features • It’s officially supported ! • Around 1000 users ‣ Let’s have a look at it!
    12. 12. PICK YOUR LINE... • Linescan be ordered by mode: bus, tram, metro and night bus. • List contains line number and from/to destination
    13. 13. PICK YOUR DESTINATION... • Which direction are you going?
    14. 14. PICK YOUR STOP... • At what stop are you? • Stops with a red dot means that there currently is a bus at that stop!
    15. 15. BE INFORMED! • Know how long you will have to wait at a stop. • You will also be informed of all other lines that are servicing this stop. • Possibility to get the timetables. • Possibility to view where the stop is in Google Maps.
    16. 16. OFTEN HERE? • Youmight want to consider to bookmark this stop.
    17. 17. FAVORITES... • Bookmarked stops can be found in a tab in the main screen. • Those stops are ordered by distance, once you get located.
    18. 18. GEOLOCATION... • Don’t know where you are and what is around? No problem! • Can be viewed as a map or as a list.
    19. 19. QUICK ACCESS! •Awidget gives you quick access to your favorites by showing the 3 closest stops.
    20. 20. FUTURE DREAMING • Augmented reality? • Extra information regarding persons with limited mobility? • Damage report? • Interoperability with others? • Point of sales location? • e-tickets? • Live webcam?
    22. 22. THANKS... • Contact information • Michaël Uyttersprot • @eMich • •