eMenKa Nieuwjaarsreceptie 008


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part of presentation of new year 2008

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eMenKa Nieuwjaarsreceptie 008

  1. 2. eMenKa @ the movies .
  2. 3. I’m sorry, I thought the eMenKa New Year reception was here.
  3. 4. I didn’t know Nerds could be so sexy! Don’t be mistaken, you have nerds and you have eMenKa consultants !
  4. 5. Have you downloaded the beta version of .NET 3.5? Of course, James!
  5. 6. Working with eMenKa is never a gamble. Which IT company do you prefer?
  6. 7. Don’t you have a PDA, my dear?
  7. 8. eMenKa makes the impossible, possible. Amazing!
  8. 9. Fantastic what they can do with SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services!
  9. 10. mmm eMenKa Consultants… Everything they touch turn into gold.
  10. 11. Hi, I need 3 .NET specialists.
  11. 12. I’m in trouble. I wish an eMenKa Consultant was here to help me.
  12. 13. Make sure it’s programmed by an eMenKa consultant, OK? eMenKa, eMenKa, all he talks about is eMenKa .
  13. 14. Do you have a licence to program, James? Of course I do, miss moneypenny.
  14. 15. I wish my company car was an Opel.
  15. 16. She even knows AJAX! I bet she’s a fine C# developer, isn’t she?
  16. 17. Of course I’m connected. eMenKa took care of it!
  17. 18. www.eMenKa.net