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  1. 1. BackLinks InSight Inside Information into Link Building and Keyword Optimization! Keep Reading to find out how to get Backlinks Insight Reports and Keyword Optimization Reports for any keywords you choose for... FREE!
  2. 2. BackLinks InSight Backlinks and Keywords Research that will give you the only "insight" you will need to destroy the competition in any market you choose. Our Backlinks Insight Reports will show you where your competition is getting backlinks so you can take their information and apply it to your campaigns. Imagine taking the Top 10 or 15 sites ranking in any niche market and combining their backlink strategies into ONE Awesome Backlink Strategy of your own. The same goes for Keywords. You give us “Base” Keywords that you want to know more about and we use our Keyword Optimization Research methods to turn those keywords into hundreds or even thousands of keywords that you can use to build a strong campaign for one site or use them to find several niches where you can dominate the market with several different sites. It's all up to you, but we can guarantee that you will have all of the backlink and keyword ammunition you will need to take over any market you choose.
  3. 3. BackLinks InSight What am I getting? You will be receiving 6 Reports . Three (3) Backlinks Insight Reports , one for each keyword you choose. Three (3) Keyword Optimization Reports , one for each keyword you choose. The amount of information in the reports depends entirely on the keywords you choose. For example, if you choose the keyword "camera" you will receive tons of backlinks and optimized keywords, probably thousands. Great if you are searching for lots of backlinks and keyword ideas. If you choose the keyword phrase "Canon Powershot Camera" the results will be much more focused and limited. This doesn't mean you shouldn't use a more specific keyword or keyword phrase, it just means be aware that the reports will be smaller and more focused which is fine if that's what you want.
  4. 4. BackLinks InSight Note: Please remember that these are in depth "reports". We are not building the backlinks for you as that would be impossible for us to take all of this information (hundreds or even thousands of backlinks and optimized keywords) and manually build backlinks for each order, we would need an army of workers to do that. So what should you do with the reports? If you are experienced in emarketing , then you will already have a plan for these reports. If not, then let us give you a couple of suggestions...
  5. 5. BackLinks InSight 1) The best thing to do with these reports when starting out is to create the backlinks yourself, creating about 5-10 at a time, taking only about 20 minutes each time. It's quick, easy and very effective, often as easy as leaving a simple comment on a blog. This is the most "natural" way and it's what Google is really looking for, NOT hundreds of backlinks that show up overnight. For example, you could build 100 PR5 and higher backlinks in 10 days with very little time and effort, and that's with NO more out of pocket cost and the backlink power you get from that will be very strong. Cheap and Very Effective! 2) Another option is to outsource the job to someone else. You can easily get this done for next to nothing by outsourcing it. There are several places online with "freelance" workers for hire and this type of job is a low level, no brainer so it's usually very cheap. You can probably even find someone on to do it for $5. The best thing to do would be to split up your lists into 50 or 100 or maybe 200 backlinks and get them to only do a few at a time. As we mentioned before, it's usually a red flag for Google if you have hundreds or thousands of backlinks show up overnight or within a very short time. That's not "natural" as Google says, particularly for new sites, so take it a bit slower. You could place a project listing, for Free, on one of these freelance websites. It could sound something like this, "I'm looking for someone to do a link building project. I will provide a detailed report of 200 sites to backlink on. You won't need to do any research or have your own list, just create backlinks on the sites I will provide in a detailed report." That's about it, just a simple project description for freelancers to bid on. You should see plenty of bids for that project with a lot of competition and low prices.
  6. 6. BackLinks InSight Remember...This is Very Important! These Reports are specifically designed for your chosen keywords. That's EXTREMELY important to remember. These reports are MUCH more valuable that just buying backlinks from these cheap backlink sellers. Why? Because they don't care about your industry, your niche, your market, etc. Yes, they do ask you for a keyword, but that's only for your "Anchor Text", NOT for them to find related places to submit your links and NOT to find the backlinks that your competition is using to rank highly for those keywords. That's very, very important to remember. Those companies use the same places over and over to backlink every single submission, regardless of the target market. Our Backlinks Insight Reports, give you the exact places that your competitors in your chosen market are getting their backlinks from. THAT is the POWER of our Reports!
  7. 7. BackLinks InSight Ok. That being said...If you take these Backlink Insight Reports and Keyword Optimization Reports and use them correctly, we promise you will see AMAZING results with your link building campaigns, find several new niche markets that you did not even think about, and enjoy the most success you have had online. So Let's Get Started! Go to the Next Slide to Find Out How to Get Your Reports Now... For a Limited Time you can get the Keyword Optimization Reports for FREE with the Purchase of the Backlinks Insight Reports!
  8. 8. BackLinks InSight You have 2 Options for Getting Your Insight Reports: 1) Go To Our Site ( ) and Order the Backlinks Insight Reports at the very low cost of $9 and receive the Keyword Optimization Reports for FREE. Simply visit the site, fill out the simple form that takes 2 minutes, and receive your reports via email. BEST DEAL! 2) Go To Our Sponsor's website eMarketing Search ( ), join as a Beta Tester / Beta Member of their new eMarketing Community. It's only $9 as well (same price as the reports) for the membership and it's their “Expert Membership”, the highest level. You will receive your Backlinks Insight Reports FREE just for signing up through this incredible offer. You will be one of the Founding members of this Incredible New eMarketing Community, so you'll have the unique chance to establish yourself early on in the community, a great opportunity. Enjoy benefits such as Create Groups , Create Forums , Create Blogs , Send Private Messages , Chat (including private and chatrooms) and post your Videos on the eMarketing Video site, and much more. Head over to the eMarketing Search Community website Now! Click Here! Two Great Values to Choose From. However, If you want to be a part of eMarketing Search (and you absolutely should), that's definitely the best way to go, since there's no extra charge. You'll get the Reports from us for FREE after you join, it's part of the process. It's another one of those “no brainers”.
  9. 9. BackLinks InSight That's It! Thanks for viewing our presentation. We want to give a very special thanks to our sponsor eMarketing Search . You should really take them up on that offer or at least check them out. Those guys are great and that's going to be THE community to be a part of if your into emarketing, affiliate marketing, internet marketing, network marketing, etc. Tons of features and benefits! Take Care Everyone, Good Luck with Your Backlinks and Keyword Optimization, and come back to see us at for more.