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eMarketer Webinar: Keeping Pace with Omnichannel Consumers


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Marketers: Are you able to keep track of consumers as they move from desktop to smartphone to tablet and back again—all in the space of a single day? Topics in this webinar include: What are the key touchpoints marketers must optimize to reach omnichannel consumers? What factors do marketers need to consider when connecting with today’s always-shopping consumer throughout what has become an ongoing purchase cycle? What steps can marketers take to make the customer experience seamless across the different devices consumers use and the physical environment?

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eMarketer Webinar: Keeping Pace with Omnichannel Consumers

  1. 1. Keeping Pace with Omnichannel Consumers June 26, 2014 Noah Elkin Executive Editor Sponsored by:
  2. 2. ©2014 eMarketer Inc. Agenda  Key omnichannel marketing storylines  Implications of shifts in consumer behavior  Omnichannel behavior in action  How marketers are meeting the omnichannel challenge  Key takeaways Twitter Hashtag – #eMwebinar
  3. 3. Key Omnichannel Marketing Storylines
  4. 4. ©2014 eMarketer Inc. The underlying theme: Consumers are spending more time and money online Twitter Hashtag – #eMwebinar 5 hours 46 minutes 47% of daily media time $449B US B2C ecommerce sales Source: eMarketer, April 2014
  5. 5. ©2014 eMarketer Inc. Much of retail ecommerce spending is going toward a few product categories Twitter Hashtag – #eMwebinar $66.4B Computer & consumer electronics Source: eMarketer, April 2014 $52.0B Apparel & accessories $31.6B Auto & parts The top three account for 49% of retail ecommerce sales
  6. 6. ©2014 eMarketer Inc. Marketers are spending more money than ever to reach online consumers Source: eMarketer, June 2014 $51B Total spending on US digital advertising $28.4B Direct response $22.4B Branding $0.2B Mobile messaging Twitter Hashtag – #eMwebinar $22.9B Search $3.0B Classifieds/directories $2.0B Lead generation $0.3B Email $10.9B Banner ads $3.1B Rich media $2.4B Sponsorships $6.0B Video
  7. 7. ©2014 eMarketer Inc. Two-thirds of that spending is concentrated among a handful of companies Twitter Hashtag – #eMwebinar Source: eMarketer, June 2014 66%
  8. 8. ©2014 eMarketer Inc. The driving force: Internet penetration is at an all-time high Source: eMarketer, April 2014 79%Share of US population that will go online at least once per month in 2014 Twitter Hashtag – #eMwebinar
  9. 9. ©2014 eMarketer Inc. Consumers are becoming “smart”-er ✻164M users ✻51% of population ✻147M users ✻46% of population Source: eMarketer, March 2014Twitter Hashtag – #eMwebinar
  10. 10. ©2014 eMarketer Inc. Advances in mobile device ownership have pushed us to a new inflection point Source: eMarketer, March 2014 12 hours 14 minutes Total time spent/day with media by US adults 4 hrs 28 min Time spent/day with TV 37% of daily media time 5 hrs 46 min Time spent/day with digital 47% of daily media time 2 hrs Time spent/day with radio/print/other 16% of daily media time 2 hrs 51 min Time spent/day with mobile 23% of daily media time 2 hrs 12 min Time spent/day with PCs 18% of daily media time 43 min Time spent/day with other 6% of daily media time Twitter Hashtag – #eMwebinar
  11. 11. ©2014 eMarketer Inc. Mobile’s share of the pie is only doing one thing: Getting bigger Source: eMarketer, April 2014 613%Growth in daily time spent with mobile 2010-2014 Twitter Hashtag – #eMwebinar
  12. 12. ©2014 eMarketer Inc. Consumers are focusing an ever- increasing number of daily actions around mobile Twitter Hashtag – #eMwebinar
  13. 13. ©2014 eMarketer Inc. The majority of their mobile time is spent using apps Source: Flurry, April 2014 86%Share of time spent using the mobile internet in the US, Q1 2014 Twitter Hashtag – #eMwebinar
  14. 14. ©2014 eMarketer Inc. Gaming and social networking take up the majority of mobile app time 32% 17% 9.5% Source: Flurry based on comScore/Net Marketshare, April 2014Twitter Hashtag – #eMwebinar Gaming Facebook Social messaging 8% Utilities 4% YouTube 4% Entertainment Productivity 1.5% TwitterNews 4% 3%
  15. 15. Implications of Shifts in Consumer Behavior
  16. 16. ©2014 eMarketer Inc. Mobile devices have moved to the center of consumers’ multiplatform universe Connected Consoles Social Machines Smartphones Tablets Connected cars Connected consoles Connected TVs Wearable technology Laptop PCs Desktop PCs Smart homes Ambient surfaces Twitter Hashtag – #eMwebinar
  17. 17. ©2014 eMarketer Inc. That effectively makes mobile devices the remote control for our lives Twitter Hashtag – #eMwebinar
  18. 18. Thanks to mobile, “online” is now a persistent, anywhere state
  19. 19. Of course, “mobile” doesn’t necessarily mean “on the go” ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  20. 20. ©2014 eMarketer Inc. The notion of the consumer is shifting Twitter Hashtag – #eMwebinar
  21. 21. ©2014 eMarketer Inc. Lines are blurring between different consumption modes Twitter Hashtag – #eMwebinar
  22. 22. As a result, today’s path to purchase is more of a winding road, and less of a straight line
  23. 23. Omnichannel Behavior in Action
  24. 24. ©2014 eMarketer Inc. Digital channels are now the method of choice for both product research and purchasing— among digital buyers
  25. 25. ©2014 eMarketer Inc. 46% 50% 4% PC Smartphone Tablet 74% 20% 5% Bigger-ticket, higher-consideration purchases require more time spent on the desktop 40% 44% 16% Restaurant Auto Entertainment Source: xAd/Telmetrics/Nielsen, Jan/June 2014
  26. 26. ©2014 eMarketer Inc. The preponderance of mobile activity happens at the start of the purchase process 51% 24% 12% 24% 55% 37% 13% 21% 48% 25% 10% 26% At the start In the middle At the end Throughout the process Stage of research process in which mobile device was used Restaurants Auto Entertainment Source: xAd/Telmetrics/Nielsen, Jan/June 2014
  27. 27. Retailers see the research process continuing in-store: Is this a threat or an opportunity? 40% of US adults showroom, but only a small percentage actually buy from an online competitor while in-store
  28. 28. Some retailers are leveraging in-store mobile usage to improve customer experience Lowe’s is thinking about how its customers shop and where to address their pain points
  29. 29. ©2014 eMarketer Inc. Mobile devices are go-to tools for in-market auto shoppers Share of consumers at location during last use:  Smartphone – 7%  Tablet – 11% Source: xAd/Telmetrics/Nielsen, Jan/June 2014
  30. 30. How Marketers Are Meeting the Omnichannel Challenge
  31. 31. ©2014 eMarketer Inc. Reaching consumers across digital channels is becoming a key focus for CMOs Source: Mass Relevance/CMO Council, Feb 2014 24%Share of US Fortune 500 CMOs who see it as their biggest challenge of 2014 Twitter Hashtag – #eMwebinar
  32. 32. ©2014 eMarketer Inc. Marketers need to consider a variety of approaches to meet the challenge of consumers’ cross-channel behavior Twitter Hashtag – #eMwebinar
  33. 33. ©2014 eMarketer Inc. Just don’t assume it’s a matter of one size or one screen fits all “Across different formats you have different expectations. It’s the same story, the same content. But it has to appear differently in the way that consumers expect, and that means different apps, different devices, different types of day, whatever it is.” —Eric Korsh, senior vice president of brand social.content at DigitasLBi Twitter Hashtag – #eMwebinar
  34. 34. ©2014 eMarketer Inc. Easier said than done: Most retailers are already multichannel, but few have become fully omnichannel Data and systems integration remain big hurdles to overcome Twitter Hashtag – #eMwebinar
  35. 35. ©2014 eMarketer Inc. Consumer behavior shifts already have started to affect media budgets for brand marketers and agencies alike Twitter Hashtag – #eMwebinar
  36. 36. ©2014 eMarketer Inc. Expect this shift toward multiscreen campaigns to gain momentum over the next few years Share of US marketers describing integrated multiscreen campaigns as “very important”:  2013 — 48%  2016 — 88% Twitter Hashtag – #eMwebinar Source: Association of National Advertisers (ANA)/Nielsen, Oct 2013
  37. 37. ©2014 eMarketer Inc. Multiple cross-device targeting solutions are gaining momentum Twitter Hashtag – #eMwebinar Responsive Design ad objectives
  38. 38. ©2014 eMarketer Inc. Knowing how to measure is as important as knowing where to spend  Key factors in measuring campaigns across multiple media according to US client-side advertisers include: – Understanding each medium’s impact (78%) – Understanding the path to purchase (77%) – Identifying individuals across channels (54%) – Comparability of online/offline GRPs Twitter Hashtag – #eMwebinar Source: Association of National Advertisers (ANA)/Forrester Consulting, May 2014
  39. 39. Key Takeaways
  40. 40. ©2014 eMarketer Inc. Key takeaways  Consumer time and attention is shifting from traditional to digital media channels, and within digital from PC to mobile.  One result is the customer experience now extends along a seamless continuum from screen to screen and from home to work to store.  Reaching customers across screens and channels needs to become a higher priority for marketers.  Achieving a synchronous cross-channel experience will require a variety of approaches, from media to audience targeting to attribution. Twitter Hashtag – #eMwebinar
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  42. 42. OpenText. ©2014 All Rights Reserved. Engaging Omni-Commerce Access a media library to enrich product catalog views across multiple devices Deliver personalized commerce experiences in concert with e-Commerce providers
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  46. 46. Learn more about digital marketing with an eMarketer corporate subscription Around 200 eMarketer reports are published each year. Here are some related reports you may be interested in:  The US Retail Industry 2014: Digital Ad Spending Forecast and Trends  US Retail Ecommerce: 2014 Trends and Forecast  Cross-Platform Attribution: A Status Report on Overcoming Select Attribution Challenges  The State of Omnichannel Retail: Retailers Playing Catch-Up with Consumers  Key Digital Trends for 2014 To learn more: 800-405-0844 or Q&A Session Keeping Pace with Omnichannel Consumers Sponsored by: You will receive an email tomorrow with a link to view the deck and webinar recording. Noah Elkin