eMarketer Webinar: How & Why B2B Marketers Are Turning to Social Media


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Join eMarketer Writer/Analyst Kimberly Maul as she discusses how leveraging social media for branding and awareness-building can help humanize B2B companies, establish them as thought leaders, and offer new touchpoints for connecting with customers and prospects.

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  • eMarketer Webinar: How & Why B2B Marketers Are Turning to Social Media

    1. 1. M A Y 1 7, 2 0 1 2 How & Why B2B Marketers are Turning to Social MediaKimberly Maul Sponsored by: ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    2. 2. Webinar Agenda The role of social media in B2B marketing. How has B2B social media evolved and how are marketers leveraging various sites today? The goals of social media marketing. Why do B2B marketers turn to social? Challenges and future of B2B social media. What should marketers focus on going forward? Case studies and examples. What can B2B marketers learn from companies such as Intel, Cisco and AT&T about how to effectively use social media?Twitter: #eMwebinar ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    3. 3. How B2B MarketersAre Using SocialMedia ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    4. 4. A solid majority of B2B companies usesocial media to promote their brands ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    5. 5. And in mostB2Bcompanies,socialmedia fallsundermarketing ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    6. 6. B2B decision-makers are also usingsocial media, and in a variety of formats ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    7. 7. B2B marketers are realizing this andadopting social media in response ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    8. 8. Social media is an opportunity for B2B companies “Prospects are coming to the company much later. They’re doing research before they ever contact the company. For social media, if you can help that process and make sure that your prospects have the right information, you’re much better off.” —Jeffrey Cohen, social strategist at Radian6 and co-author of “The B2B Social Media Book”Image: Courtesy of Jeffrey Cohen ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    9. 9. Online communities paved the way forB2Bs to use third-party social sitesTwitter: #eMwebinar ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    10. 10. B2B companies are starting to use a variety of social networks Facebook Google+ Yo uT ub e LinkedIn TwitterImage: Kookkai_nak / FreeDigitalPhotos.net ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    11. 11. B2Bmarketersare willingto lean onmultiplesites—notjust focuson Facebook ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    12. 12. B2B marketers are also using blogs andGoogle+ more than their B2C counterparts ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    13. 13. One reason why LinkedIn is popular isthat it has proven effective for B2Bs ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    14. 14. It also had a higher visit-to-lead ratio forHubSpot customers 4x 6.6xTwitter: #eMwebinar ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    15. 15. Yet there are still varying viewpoints on the value of social for B2B firms“Dont think just about Facebook,LinkedIn or Twitter. Rather, thinkmuch higher up the chain, aboutless sexy but more industry-specific “Right now socialchannels like forums, bulletin actually ranksboards and industry-specific lowest in how ournetworking sites and blogs.” customers get purchasing information.” Janet Roberts, CMO atJared Gruner, director of telecommunications technologyintegrated strategy and planning company Syniverse Technologies,at Ogilvy Los Angeles, in BtoB in BtoB Magazine, March 2012Magazine, March 2012 ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    16. 16. Lesser-hyped toolslike blogsare stillvaluable forB2Bmarketers ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    17. 17. Best-in-classB2Bcompaniesleverageseveralsocial mediamarketingtechnologies ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    18. 18. Lead Generation andOther Goals for Social ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    19. 19. Lead generation is a major focus of B2Bmarketing effortsTwitter: #eMwebinar ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    20. 20. More B2B marketers are turning to socialas a tool for lead generation ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    21. 21. However,email is stillconsidereda moreeffectiveleadgenerationtactic thansocial media ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    22. 22. What other ways can social media impact a B2B company? Build the brand’s reputation online As decision-makers turn to social media earlier and more frequently in the research process, B2B businesses would be wise to have a presence there.Image: Naypong / FreeDigitalPhotos.net ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    23. 23. What other ways can social media impact a B2B company? Expand customer relationships: Social media has allowed consumers to connect with their friends and family in new ways, and it does the same for business users and their clients. Thought leadership and education: B2B companies can leverage social media platforms to help them be perceived as thought leaders.Image: basketman / FreeDigitalPhotos.net ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    24. 24. So many General Awarenesselements ofsocial media Prospectsmarketing Current Clientsareconnected Expertiseand move Reputationtoward lead Thoughtgeneration Leadership Lead Generation and Sales Image: Sujin Jetkasettakorn / FreeDigitalPhotos.net ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    25. 25. Building relationships and awarenesscan turn into conversionsTwitter: #eMwebinar ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    26. 26. Marketers see value in social for thought leadership and customer relationships “Every time I talk to B2B folks, thought leadership is an area of opportunity that they don’t think about, so we put a lot of emphasis there.” —Trish Nettleship, social media lead for business marketing at AT&T “We see the value that social media can play in terms of buying decisions and influencing people, particularly when they’re in the early stage in the funnel.” —Paul Cook, CEO of TagManImages: Courtesy of Trish Nettleship and Paul Cook ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    27. 27. Challenges ofLeveraging SocialMedia in the B2BWorld ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    28. 28. What are B2B marketers struggling with when it comes to social? 1. Resources and time 2. Budgets 3. Getting people to visit company websites 4. Integrating social throughout the organizationImage: David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotots.net ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    29. 29. Even as more B2B companies use socialmedia, there are hurdles to overcomeTwitter: #eMwebinar ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    30. 30. Cisco wants customers to eventually come back to company websites “We think of third-party social media sites as embassies out in the social media space. But ultimately what we would like to do is drive the audiences back to our Cisco-owned community, where we can engage with them on a deeper level.” —Laura Powers, senior manager of Collaboration Solutions Marketing at CiscoImage: Courtesy of Laura Powers ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    31. 31. Many best-in-classB2Bs aredevelopingbusinessprocessesandcorporateguidance ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    32. 32. B2B socialmediabudgetsmake up asmallerpercentageof totalmarketingbudgetscompared totheir B2Ccounterparts ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    33. 33. Case Studies andExamples ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    34. 34. Case Study: Intel reaches influencers on social Goals: Connect with influencers knowledgeable about cloud technology Develop long-term relationships Increase thought leadership Advance brand advocacyImage: scottchan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    35. 35. Case Study:Intel Reaches Influencers on SocialStrategy:Starting in mid-2011, Intel employees and cloud experts connected withinfluencers on Twitter, Google+ and via email.“With IT and a technical audience, it’s not about a campaign.These individuals can meet with an expert about the technology andtalk the same language.” —Carolina Velis, social media strategist forIntel’s Data Center Connected Systems GroupIntel employees followed 10 influencers posting on social sites, thencommented and had a dialogue with them using personal accounts.Results:Velis said that, thanks to the interaction with Intel, the influencers weremore vocal about Intel and the work it was doing.Twitter: #eMwebinar ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    36. 36. Case Study: Key Takeaways from Intel  Find the influencers in your industry and interact with them where they prefer.  Focusing on a specific topic can help simplify your social strategy.  Leverage your employees and teach them how to use social media for their positions.  Gaining influence via various social networks can help your company build its reputation and thought leadership.Image: Courtesy of Intel ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    37. 37. Case Study: Cisco Hosts Concert to Demonstrate Products Strategy: Promote TelePresence product with a Jewel concert Cisco, partnering with Marriott and AT&T, hosted Jewel in its Cisco Studio, streamed the concert to 10 locations, and made it available on mobile and Ustream, with conversations happening on Twitter. Leading up to the concert, Cisco leveraged social media to spread the word, including promoting the event through Jewel’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts. Cisco’s Goals: Thought leadership Product demonstration Build buzz for Cisco Engage influencersImage: Courtesy of Cisco ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    38. 38. Case Study: Cisco Hosts Concert to Demonstrate Products Results:  100+ viewers, 250+ mobile viewers  Average of 25 minutes spent watching mobile stream  9,100+ clicks to a Facebook tab about Jewel concert  1,500+ tweets about the event  Nearly 200 new followers for @CiscoSPVideo Twitter accountImage: Courtesy of Cisco ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    39. 39. Case Study: Key Takeaways from Cisco  Social allows direct connection with customers, which can help demonstrate products.  Social sites can be used to promote new offerings and spotlight current products.  Have a little fun! “AT&T did see an increase in requests for quotes for TelePresence and closed several sales since the concert.” —Deborah Strickland, social media manager for service provider marketing at CiscoImage: Courtesy of Cisco ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    40. 40. Case Study: Constant Contact focused onboth Facebook and Twitter in 2011Facebook Goals: Twitter Goals:Increase network size Enhance customer serviceDeepen brand engagement Amplify PRImprove brand awareness Engage with markets Augment educational contentWhat Constant Contact did: What Constant Contact did:Encouraged customers to ask Offered marketing advicequestions Posted links to newsProvided advice Provided tips for using productsAsked for feedback and ideas for and offeringsproducts and offerings Had conversations withPolls, Q&As, How-tos individualsTwitter: #eMwebinar ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    41. 41. Case Study: Results from ConstantContactFacebook Results:Post views: 6.5 million in 2011“Likes” up by 6xTotal “likes” and comments were up 400%Twitter Results:Followers jumped 370% to 39,000Clicks on tweeted links increased 200x andcompany mentions on Twitter jumped by 30x ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    42. 42. But what if you’re not a tech company? Hobart, Traulsen and Baxter: Get Back to ScratchImage and Logo: Courtesy of Hobart ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    43. 43. Case Study: Hobart, Traulsen and Baxter: “Get Back to Scratch”  Goals: Energize professional bakers around the idea of made-from-scratch items; drive them to a microsite where they could add themselves to a small-business directory  Social Tools: Facebook, Twitter, a blog, blogger outreach  Strategy: GetBacktoScratch.com had how-to advice, recipes, business management tips, video interviews  Celebrity Support: Buddy Valastro of TLC’s “Cake Boss” joined the campaignLogo: Courtesy of Hobart ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    44. 44. Case Study: Results and Key Takeaways from Hobart Results:  Average of 32,000+ monthly unique visitors  1,300+ new social media followers  Mary’s Cakes and Pastries of Northport, Ala., won the “Get Back to Scratch Signature Scratch Item” contest  Won a BtoB Magazine Social Media Marketing Award Key Takeaways:  Leverage social to connect your customers as a community  Turn to consumer-type programs, like contests or sweepstakes  Stay true to your company’s missionLogo: Courtesy of Hobart ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    45. 45. Future of B2B SocialMedia ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    46. 46. B2B socialmediamarketing isin its earlystages, butcan becomea maturepart of themarketingmix withincreasedfocus ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    47. 47. Both B2Band B2Ccompaniesare workingto betterintegratesocial mediawithin theirorganizationsoverall ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    48. 48. What social sites and tools should B2Bmarketers focus on going forward? LinkedIn, Blogs, Forums. As the more professionally focused social sites, these platforms provide a basis for business conversations on social media. Facebook and Twitter. These two sites have a lot of users, and B2B marketers should determine how to best use these sites for their business purposes. Video. Video is a huge part of social media, and B2B marketers can leverage video to post how-tos and other more specific videos. Google+. With it’s relationship to search and SEO, Google+ is catching marketers’ attention, but how important it will be for overall social strategy is still up in the air.Twitter: #eMwebinar ©2012 eMarketer Inc.
    49. 49. Eloqua brings Social to the funnel Pre-Funnel Thought Leadership CommunitiesListening © 2012 Eloqua, Inc.
    50. 50. Social began as a content strategy Content Marketing Demand Gen © 2012 Eloqua, Inc.
    51. 51. But demand gen is quickly getting involved Demand Gen © 2012 Eloqua, Inc.
    52. 52. Twitter Search Facebook Activity S OC IA L S UITE CommentsSocial Reporting Social Sign-on Contact © 2012 Eloqua, Inc.
    53. 53. Q&A Session Learn more about digital advertising with an eMarketer corporate subscription How & Why B2BMarketers Are Turning to Social Media Over 120 reports are published each year. Following are a few recent ones you may be interested in:  B2B Social Media: A Growing Focus for Marketers  B2B Lead Generation: Using Content to Acquire Customers Kimberly Maul  Social Media in the Marketing Mix: Managing Global You will receive an email Expansion tomorrow with a link to view the deck and webinar recording.  Beyond Facebook and Twitter: Visually Focused Social Sites See Growing Interest Sponsored by: To learn more: www.emarketer.com/products Eloqua 800-405-0844 or webinars@emarketer.com ©2012 eMarketer Inc.