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eMarketer Webinar: The Omnichannel Challenge—Cross-Platform Attribution


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Join eMarketer for a free webinar that discusses the challenges of cross-platform attribution and how marketers are dealing with them.

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eMarketer Webinar: The Omnichannel Challenge—Cross-Platform Attribution

  1. 1. F E B R U A R Y 2 0, 2014 The Omnichannel Challenge— Cross-Platform Attribution Sponsored by: Lauren T. Fisher Analyst ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  2. 2. Agenda  The current state of attribution  The two main approaches to cross-platform attribution  Four obstacles to successful cross-platform attribution  Tactics for overcoming those obstacles Twitter – #eMwebinar ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  3. 3. The Current State of Attribution ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  4. 4. What is attribution?  A method of assigning credit to a particular marketingdriven interaction or other brand-imposed touchpoint. Radio TV Website Search Display Email Print In-Store Social SMS App OOH Twitter – #eMwebinar ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  5. 5. The task of assigning credit where it is due might sound simple, but in today’s omnichannel world, it is anything but ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  6. 6. As a result, few marketers are utilizing attribution today ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  7. 7. And even fewer are performing crossplatform attribution ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  8. 8. The Two Main Attribution Approaches: Top Down & Bottom Up ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  9. 9. The two main approaches to attribution today Top Down Bottom Up   Path analysis  Native to digital Econometrics, marketing mix modeling  Commonly used with traditional media (print, broadcast, etc.)  Uses cookies and other web data to analyze actual activity  Uses GRP/impressions, spend, sales data, external data to model attribution  Optimization, performance  Budget allocation, media allocation Twitter – #eMwebinar ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  10. 10. Only a very small handful of marketers today are combining these two approaches ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  11. 11. Today’s marketing universe is not set up for cross-platform attribution  Viewability  Third-party cookies  The mobile morass  Bridging the digital-offline divide Twitter – #eMwebinar ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  12. 12. Four Obstacles to Successful CrossPlatform Attribution ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  13. 13. 1) Viewability is a big problem for display advertisers “The topic of viewability wasn’t even around a few years ago, but that’s changed dramatically. Anyone who understands analytics and the data collected with any digital campaign knows that 90%-plus of the data collected is all viewthrough, [that is, impressionfocused], data. So what that tells you is that 90% of the data you’re putting into an attribution model is wrong.” —Mark Hughes, co-founder and CEO, C3 Metrics Twitter – #eMwebinar ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  14. 14. A significant portion of impressions will receive unnecessary attribution ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  15. 15. The result: wasted ad dollars and a distorted view of the marketing funnel and crossplatform interactions ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  16. 16. B2Bs are less reliant on last-click ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  17. 17. What can marketers do?  Invest in a multi-touch model  Expect to see greater momentum around viewability standards and measures as the Media Rating Council lifts its viewability advisory in March 2014 Twitter – #eMwebinar ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  18. 18. 2) The majority of marketers rely on third-party cookies to track and attribute desktop interactions ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  19. 19. Assuming most mobile display ads are served in-app, cookies are a moot point ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  20. 20. What can marketers do?  Two potential solutions:  Cookieless alternatives (e.g., Google’s AdID)  Statistical identification methods  Additional considerations:  Data management platforms (DMPs) Twitter – #eMwebinar ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  21. 21. 3) “Mobile” is a complex category Devices Platforms Channels  Smartphones  Android  Web  Tablets  iOS  In-app  BlackBerry  SMS  Windows Phone Twitter – #eMwebinar ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  22. 22. Tracking and collecting data from all mobile touchpoints is nearly impossible “Mobile is still the bleeding edge of attribution. Everybody understands that it’s completely relevant to want to include mobile ad exposure, mobile search activity, app downloads and usage as part of an attribution model. But good luck getting good data streams on that stuff.” —Pat LaPointe, EVP at MarketShare ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  23. 23. But even if marketers were to collect that data, they would have a very difficult time pairing it with an individual’s cross-device actions and exposures ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  24. 24. Device recognition and digital fingerprinting represent alternatives  Cookieless, device-tracking tactics relying on device and browserspecific info to create a unique identifier for that user  Uses any of the following:  IP address  Device type  Browser type  OS  User profile (digital fingerprinting)  Can be performed on any IP-enabled device (mobile, desktop, TV, etc.)  Digital fingerprinting leaves a tracing mechanism on the device and may comb PII info to determine identity Twitter – #eMwebinar ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  25. 25. Opt-in data provides another avenue for marketers to track user actions  Log-in, consented data from the likes of Google, Amazon, NYT, etc.  Able to track and collect data across devices via browser sign-in or app usage Twitter – #eMwebinar ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  26. 26. 4) Collecting and integrating traditional media and purchase data is still a hurdle Twitter – #eMwebinar ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  27. 27. But offline exposures and data are necessary for a full-funnel picture “If you don’t know the degree to which your offline marketing activities or even external market influences might have caused changes in digital activity, then you’ve left yourself wide open to misattribution and dangerous conclusions.” —Pat LaPointe, EVP at MarketShare ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  28. 28. Marketers can use tools to fill in the gaps Traditional Media In-store and Purchase Data   eReceipts, QR Codes, etc.  Location-based tracking Set-top box data Panels Twitter – #eMwebinar ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  29. 29. Set-top box and other TV data have been on marketers minds for years … … this year, many are actively pursuing access to such data: “There’s a lot of testing going on right now. Once that genie is out of the bottle, it’s going to be tough to put it back in.” —Bruce Journey, co-founder and chief customer officer at DataXu “Set-top box will definitely be the ultimate solution as it gains more penetration, because it’s electronically available, and you can get down to much lower levels of granularity.” —Paul Bates, VP advertising solutions, Convertro ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  30. 30. Keep in mind that set-top box data only provides a limited slice of audience activity ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  31. 31. This year, expect a greater number of brands and retailers to look to capture instore actions via digital technology ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  32. 32. Beacon technology will also be a trend to watch Twitter – #eMwebinar ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  33. 33. Key takeaways 1. Surviving and thriving in an omnichannel marketing universe will make cross-platform attribution mandatory. 2. In digital, viewability and issues surrounding third-party cookies threaten the full-funnel view, though workarounds are on the horizon. 3. Mobile, traditional media and in-store data can be hard to access, but mechanisms such as device recognition and panels and technologies like set-top boxes and beacons all help to bridge the digital-offline divide. Twitter – #eMwebinar ©2014 eMarketer Inc.
  34. 34. Multi-Channel Marketing & Attribution David Karel VP, Marketing, Bizo 2/20/2014 © 2014 Bizo, Inc
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  40. 40. Q&A Session The Omnichannel Challenge— Cross-Platform Attribution Learn more about digital marketing with an eMarketer corporate subscription Around 200 eMarketer reports are published each year. Here are some recent reports you may be interested in:  Cross-Platform Attribution: A Status Report on Overcoming Select Attribution Challenges  Multichannel Attribution: What Retailers Need to Know  Key Digital Trends for 2014 Lauren T. Fisher You will receive an email tomorrow with a link to view the deck and webinar recording.  Data Management Platforms: Using Big Data to Power Marketing Performance  The Effectiveness of Geotargeted Mobile Ads: How Location-Based Data Pumps up Performance To learn more: 800-405-0844 or Sponsored by: Bizo ©2014 eMarketer Inc.