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eMarketer Webinar: B2B Lead Generation—Best Practices in Social, Content Marketing and Video


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Join eMarketer for a discussion about the opportunities for B2B marketers to hone their messaging, uncover more leads and turn more of those prospects into customers.

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eMarketer Webinar: B2B Lead Generation—Best Practices in Social, Content Marketing and Video

  1. 1. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. O C T O B E R 4, 2 0 1 3 B2B Lead Generation— Best Practices in Social, Content Marketing and Video Kris Oser Sponsored by:
  2. 2. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. Agenda: Spending shifts in marketing budgets Increased emphasis on content marketing, social media and video Best practices from B2B marketers Twitter – #eMwebinar
  3. 3. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. Digital figures prominently among tactics preferred by B2B marketers
  4. 4. ©2013 eMarketer Inc.
  5. 5. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. The vast majority of B2B marketers in North America use content marketing
  6. 6. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. It’s become the leading focus for a plurality of B2B marketers worldwide
  7. 7. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. What makes for good B2B content marketing? It IS designed to help people do their jobs better It IS NOT about promoting or advertising a company’s brand directly, or overtly trying to sell something Twitter – #eMwebinar
  8. 8. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. Why has content marketing become so popular the last few years? Done right, it can engage prospects throughout the sales cycle
  9. 9. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. Engagement = Trust
  10. 10. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. Three best practices for content marketers: 1. Be useful and relevant to clients and prospects 2. Move beyond “likes” to loyalty 3. Crank the content spigot Twitter – #eMwebinar
  11. 11. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. 1. Be useful and relevant for customers and prospects “Put yourselves in the shoes of the customer. … Nobody wants to invite themselves into a sales pitch.” —Maribeth Ross, vice president of marketing at NetProspex
  12. 12. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. NetProspex’s Marketing Plan-o-gram: a hit with prospects and customers
  13. 13. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. 2. Move beyond “likes” to genuine loyalty
  14. 14. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. 3. Crank the content spigot “We have this always-on, constant stream of conversation with our customers.” —Rishi Dave, B2B social media director at Dell
  15. 15. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. Content Marketing—Key Points: The majority of B2B marketers use content marketing because it improves engagement. Think like your customer. Make sure the content suits their needs and helps them do their jobs better. This will position you as a thought leader. Look for real loyalty. Once you engage your customers, inspire them to evangelize—and criticize. Keep the content coming. Content should be ever-flowing. Twitter – #eMwebinar
  16. 16. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. Using Content Marketing in Social Networks Twitter – #eMwebinar Content Marketing Social Networks
  17. 17. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. B2B marketers face a common conundrum: social media marketing is a must-have, but return on investment remains elusive
  18. 18. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. What keeps B2B marketers up at night? Finding leads, qualifying leads and reaching targeted leads
  19. 19. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. Opinions of friends and peers and social media greatly influence B2B decision- makers
  20. 20. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. B2B marketers point to social as a favorite digital marketing tactic because social networks are where buyers are
  21. 21. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. What can social do for my brand?
  22. 22. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. Two simple rules for social media marketers: 1. Integrate social networks 2. Get to know your prospects Twitter – #eMwebinar
  23. 23. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. 1. LinkedIn is only a start
  24. 24. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. Don’t settle for one social network; integrate social networks
  25. 25. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. Draw from employees’ personal connections on social networks “There’s a lot of power in those networks.” —Scott Harris, director of demand marketing at Adobe
  26. 26. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. For many B2B executives, business and personal social networks mix “Their business is always on their mind.” —Christopher Litster, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Constant Contact
  27. 27. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. Why is GE on “consumer sites” like Pinterest and Instagram? Being on these sites shows that “we are not this big, cold company, but are comprised of individuals and technologies and innovations that are actually things that matter.” —Andy Markowitz, director of global digital strategy at General Electric
  28. 28. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. 2. Get to know your prospects Genuine engagement happens when: Data or insights help prospects do their jobs better. A brand provides content that keeps a recipient interested and involved—and which leads naturally to the next step … Twitter – #eMwebinar
  29. 29. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. Each touchpoint is a chance to get a little more information from your prospect “People think the content you’re putting out in social channels is more exclusive.” —Christopher Litster, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Constant Contact
  30. 30. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. Social Media Marketing—Key Points: Social media helps build relationships with prospects. LinkedIn is only a start: Integrate social networks. Get to know your prospects. Get more information each time you interact with them to help move them along the purchase funnel. Twitter – #eMwebinar
  31. 31. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. Using Video in Content Marketing Twitter – #eMwebinar Content Marketing Video Social Networks
  32. 32. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. Online videos are an important and growing research source among B2B decision- makers
  33. 33. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. Watching video is a leading social media activity among B2B decision- makers
  34. 34. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. B2B marketers say video is among the most successful tactics for creating awareness and generating targeted leads
  35. 35. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. Marketers planned to increase spending on online video in 2013
  36. 36. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. Two simple rules for B2B video marketing: 1. Tell a good story 2. Length matters Twitter – #eMwebinar
  37. 37. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. 1. Tell a good story Elements of a good story: Brevity Clarity Entertainment and relevancy Humor (sometimes)
  38. 38. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. Humor? Really? For a B2B audience? “We’re all human. Even though this is B2B, everyone likes a good story and everybody likes to laugh … Video is excellent at really packaging all of that together and helping you tell a very efficient story.” —Jennifer Anaya, vice president of marketing, North America, at Ingram Micro “Don’t be a Joel” – video example
  39. 39. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. 2. Length matters. (But also consider the context) “You have to tailor to the different channels you’re pushing [the video] through. A 30-minute video probably won’t perform as well on YouTube as a 5-minute or 3-minute video.” —Tobias Falkencrone, head of marketing and branding at Maersk Group “Building the Triple-E” – video example
  40. 40. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. Key Takeaways Content Marketing Video Social Networks Content Marketing Think like your customer Move beyond “likes” to loyalty Crank the content spigot Social Media Marketing LinkedIn is only a start Get to know your prospect Video Marketing Tell a good story Make the length suit the platform Twitter – #eMwebinar
  41. 41. Copyright © 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Are your efforts maximizing your investments?
  42. 42. Copyright © 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Mapping Content to Stage Everyone in target market Goal: Engagement through reciprocity Content: Infographics, video (fun interactive) • Channels include Blogs, Social interaction, Paid Search, Media Channels, Partner interactions 1 2 3 4 5 Engagement Interest Suspect Prospect Lead Opportunity Community Actively engaged in information exchanged for content Goal: increase opportunities for “scoring” Content: email, ads, display, events * ebooks and analyst reports perform well here Prospect that meets fit and engagement interest Goal: Content that addresses their pains Content: whitepapers, testimonials, demos Support the 1:1 conversations Officially entered the pipeline Goal: support the buying cycle Content: self serve “sales play” or use case-based content, ROI calculators, RFP generators Don’t lose your focus, continue to package. Invite to your community Foster an active community Goal: continue engaging and educating. Pair content and product BPs Content can drive attendance at events, for follow on product sales Continue to “nurture” with best practices
  43. 43. Copyright © 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Web Integrated campaign Eloqua Campaign Social Engagement Inbound / Advertising
  44. 44. Copyright © 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. The Integrated Checklist Strategize Across ALL Marketing Functions – NO silos Synchronize your efforts Build the content master inventory – Keep track of where its been used – Age of content, note the oldest quote Analyze and Optimize Integration takes some effort, but will yield true insights into velocity and investment
  45. 45. ©2013 eMarketer Inc. Q&A Session B2B Lead Generation—Best Practices in Social, Content Marketing and Video Sponsored by: Oracle Eloqua You will receive an email tomorrow with a link to view the deck and webinar recording. Kris Oser Learn more about digital marketing with an eMarketer corporate subscription Around 200 eMarketer reports are published each year. Here are some recent reports you may be interested in: B2B Social Media Lead Generation: Best Practices for 2013 B2B Marketing Automation: Using Behavioral Data to Power Lead Nurture B2B Content Marketing: Best Practices for 2013 Marketing on LinkedIn: New Opportunities, But Old Issues Remain To learn more: 800-405-0844 or