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Moving beyond Blackboard: The VLE journey at Dundee


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This presentation was given as part of the E-Learning for the Learner: the challenge of providing learner centred education in the Age of the Internet Symposium held at the Association for Medical Education in Europe annual meeting held in Lyon, France, 27-29 August 2012

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Moving beyond Blackboard: The VLE journey at Dundee

  1. 1. E-­‐Learning  for  the  Learner:  the  challenge  of  providing   learner  centred  educa6on  in  the  Age  of  the  Internet        Moving  Beyond  Blackboard:          The  VLE  journey  at  Dundee          Natalie  Lafferty               h9p://  
  2. 2. VLE  -­‐  Gone  full  circle  a  bit  of  a  bumpy  ride  
  3. 3. Curriculum  Map   Blackboard  VLE  
  4. 4. Loss  of  curriculum  map  
  5. 5. Customised  Year  Pages  
  6. 6. Student  &  staff  feedback   Increasingly  nega6ve   •  Usability  issues   •  Loss  of  curriculum  map   •  Loss  of  6metable   •  Access  issues   •  Staff  disengagement
  7. 7. VLE  -­‐  One  size  does  not  fit  all  
  8. 8. Dundee  MBChB  -­‐  Spiral  curriculum  
  9. 9. h9p://­‐rised/2814710002/   VLE  primarily  just  suppor6ng   transmission  of  informa6on?  
  10. 10. h9p://  
  11. 11.
  12. 12. •  Commonly  used  as  a  blogging  pla_orm  •  Open  source  with  large  developer   community  •  Used  in  in  higher  educa6on  to  support   online  learning  •  Wide  range  of  plug-­‐ins  support   customisa6on  
  13. 13. First  pilots    Blogging  doctors  suppor6ng  learning  
  14. 14. Student  Feedback   Useful  links  to  journals,  other  sites,   embedded  video     Informa6on  easy  to  find     Good  revision  aid     78%  wanted  other  teaching  blocks   to  do  something  similar     Lack  of  forma6ve  assessment   opportuni6es
  15. 15. Students  liked  &  wanted  more  forma6ve  assessment  
  16. 16. Second  phase  pilots  -­‐  WordPress  installed  on  local  server  University  LDAP  login  
  17. 17. Delivering  lectures  -­‐  interac6ve  6metable  -­‐    forma6ve  assessment  -­‐  ask  Dundee  Chest  
  18. 18. Student  Feedback   85%  preferred  it  to  Blackboard     Blog  format  more  intui6ve  &  easy   to  use  and  explore     Loved  sefng  the  site  to  my   homepage  so  could  easily  check   announcements  &  latest  comments    h9p://  
  19. 19. Replica6ng  DundeeChest     approach  in  Blackboard  
  20. 20. Student Feedback The  actual  learning  in  Endocrinology   was  almost  always  excellent  and  I   enjoyed  it.  However  I  found  the   Blackboard  experience  very  poor.  (It   was  equally  poor  in  semester  one   and  two  of  first  year).    Having  a   Dundee  Endocrinology  developed   like  Dundee  Chest  would  be   absolutely  excellent  -­‐  going  back  to   using  Blackboard  amer  having   Dundee  Chest  was  very  depressing.  h9p://  
  21. 21. Student Feedback The  blog  format  was  leaps   and  bounds  be9er  than   blackboard.  It’s  intui6ve,   easy  to  use,  and  be9er  to   students  to  explore  all  the   resources  available  (much  of   which  I  didnt  even  know   about  simply  because  of  BBs   format).    h9p://  
  22. 22. 4th  &  5th  year  study  guides   staff  &  students  
  23. 23. Staff  Feedback   Easy to use Ease of access in NHS Speed of access
  24. 24. Personalisa6on  Reflec6ng  the  personality  and  flavour    of  each  individual  clinical  specialty
  25. 25. Flexibility  to  support  teaching
  26. 26. Increased  staff  engagement  in  the  use  of  educa6onal  technology  focusing  on  what   and  how  they  wanted  to  teach  
  27. 27. Implementa6on     Undergraduate  Medical  Educa6on  Commi9ee  decision  to  migrate  Phase  2  teaching  from  Blackboard   to  Dundee  MBChB  learning  portal  for  2011/12  
  28. 28. Integra6ng  early  years  teaching  with  clinical  years  teaching  
  29. 29. Integra6ng  curriculum  themes  
  30. 30. Providing  links  &  pulling  in  informa6on  from  journals  &  social  bookmarks  using  RSS  feeds  
  31. 31. TWITTER  
  32. 32. Phase  2  Student  Feedback   I  think  medblogs  is  a  great  addi6on   to  the  elearning  environment.     Medblogs  is  a  fantas6c  resource   and  much  more  useful  than   Blackboard  ever  was.     Medblogs  system  was  extremely   useful  and  very  user  friendly      .com/photos/nfsa/4580070895/sizes/z/in/photostream/
  33. 33. Phase  2  Student  Feedback   I  think  medblogs  is  a  great  addi6on   to  the  elearning  environment.     Medblogs  is  a  fantas6c  resource   and  much  more  useful  than   Blackboard  ever  was.     Medblogs  system  was  extremely   useful  and  very  user  friendly      .com/photos/nfsa/4580070895/sizes/z/in/photostream/
  34. 34. Phase  2  Student  Feedback     Areas  for  improvement   •  Discussion  board   •  Announcement  management   •  Missing  lectures   •  More  forma6ve  assessment   wanted   •  More  interac6ve  elearning   tutorials  wanted  .com/photos/nfsa/4580070895/sizes/z/in/photostream/
  35. 35. Implementa6on     Migra6on  of  Phase  3  clinical  teaching  from   Blackboard  to  Dundee  MBChB  learning  portal    for  2012/13  &  integra6on  with  new  6metable  and   learning  repository  
  36. 36. VLE  Journey  Stage  1  -­‐  Bespoke   Phase  2  -­‐  Blackboard   Phase  3  -­‐  Wordpress   Teacher   Teacher   Student   centred  –   centred  –   centred  –     informa6on   informa6on   Self-­‐directed   transmission   transmission   learning  &     &  technology   educa6onally   led   led  
  37. 37. (Siemens  2005;  Sandars  2009)      
  38. 38. Student developed content  
  39. 39. Dundee  VLE  Journey   Stage  3   Wordpress     Mul6user     Stage  2   site   Blackboard   Ins6tu6onal  VLE  Stage  1    Bespoke  In-­‐house  VLE  
  40. 40. Overall Outcomes•  A community of interest and learning practice is emerging•  Teaching staff becoming more confident in using technology to support their teaching•  Teachers sharing good practice•  Increasing student engagement•  Staff & student advisory groups informing future developments
  41. 41.      QuesFons   Natalie  Lafferty   Email:    Twi9er:  @nlafferty     h9p://