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E learning fitness financial management uniroma1 giampaoletti

  1. 1. eLF<br />e-Learning Fitness<br />www.elearningfitness.eu<br />Financial Management<br />University of Rome La Sapienza (IT)<br />Federazione Italiana Aerobica e Fitness (IT)<br />Centro di Ricerche Economiche e Sociali (IT)<br />Central YMCA Qualifications (UK)<br />EFAA (NL)<br />Malta Exercise Health And Fitness Association (MT)<br />National Training Centre (IE)<br />Escola Superior de Desporto de Rio Maior – Inst. Politécnico (PT)<br />Pôle d'Innovation, de Recherche et de Développement Local (FR)<br />Ovidius University of Constanta, faculty of Physical Education (RO)<br />Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia (SK)<br />G.E.E. Aeróbic y Fitness Alicante (ES)<br />European Observatoire of Sport and Employment (FR)<br />Sports Union of Slovenia (SI)<br />Register of Exercise Professionals (UK)<br />Willibald-Gebhardt-Institut (DE)<br />Lietuvos kūno kultūros akademija (LT)<br />Stiftelsen TISIP (NO)<br />Sprek og Blid Akademiet (NO)<br />
  2. 2. THE CONTRACT<br />The Grant Agreement defines rights and obligations between the partners and the Commission. It is made up of the following documents:<br />Annex 1 Description<br />Annex 2 Budget<br />Annex 3 Mandate letters of co-beneficiaries<br />Annex 4 Project Handbook<br />Annex 5 list of Beneficiaries<br />February 3-5, 2011<br />Kickoff Meeting<br />
  3. 3. THE BUDGET <br />The total budget of the project is EUR 666.667,00 .<br />The maximum contribution is EUR 500.000,00 equivalent to 75%.<br />The remaining 25% represents the partner co-financing<br />Payments:<br />the pre-financing represents the 40% of the Agency contribution<br />A second pre-financing can be paid when at least 70% of the previous pre-financing has been used<br />The final payment will be made after the approval of the final reports<br />February 3-5, 2011<br />Kickoff Meeting<br />
  4. 4. REPORTING<br />Reporting to the Coordinator:<br />Quarterly Management Report, made up of two parts:<br />A description of the activities carried out for each WP, <br />A summary of the manpower spent and of the expenditures of the period; <br />A monthly time sheet<br />Reporting to the Agency: <br />Excel Workbook to be submitted as Annex I to the Progress Report and to the Final Report. <br />February 3-5, 2011<br />Kickoff Meeting<br />
  5. 5. FINANCIAL RULES (1/2)<br />To be eligible, costs have to:<br />Be related to activities involving the eligible LLP countries <br />Be incurred during the eligibility period<br />Be necessary for the project and foreseen in the budget<br />Be actually incurred and recorded in the accounts<br />Be reasonable <br />Comply with requirements of tax and applicable social legislation<br />Comply with the principles of Sound Financial Management (principles of economy, efficiency and effectiveness)<br />February 3-5, 2011<br />Kickoff Meeting<br />
  6. 6. FINANCIAL RULES (2/2)<br />Not-eligiblecosts<br />Return on capital<br />Debt and debt service charges<br />Provisions for losses or potential future liabilities<br />Interest owed<br />Doubtful debts<br />Exchange losses<br />VAT – unless the Beneficiary cannot recover it<br />Costs covered by another EU project<br />Excessive or reckless expenditure <br />Eligible costs become ineligible when not supported by adequate supporting documents<br />February 3-5, 2011<br />Kickoff Meeting<br />
  7. 7. CATEGORIES OF ELIGIBLE DIRECT COSTS – STAFF (1/2)<br />The following types of staff are eligible:<br />Statutory staff (permanent or temporary contract)<br />Temporary staff recruited via an employment agency<br />Costs based on real daily cost staff rates (cannot exceed maximum rates for LLP) <br />Costs are based on actual salaries plus social security charges and other statutory costs included in the remuneration. Non-statutory costs like bonuses, lease car, expense account schemes, incentive payments or profit-sharing are excluded <br />February 3-5, 2011<br />Kickoff Meeting<br />
  8. 8. CATEGORIES OF ELIGIBLE DIRECT COSTS – STAFF (2/2)<br />Supportingdocuments:<br />Documentexplaining the internal policy on salaries and the calculationof the daily rate<br />Timesheetssignedbybothemployee and responsibleof the organisation. <br />Offilcialpayrolldocument<br />Proofthatsalaries and social security contributionhavebeenpaid<br />The abovedocumentsshouldbekeptfor 5 yearsafter the finalpaymentismade<br />February 3-5, 2011<br />Kickoff Meeting<br />
  9. 9. CATEGORIES OF ELIGIBLE DIRECT COSTS – TRAVEL & SUBSISTENCE (1/3)<br />Travel costs are eligible provided:<br />They are in line with the partner’s usual practices<br />They are connected to specific and clearly identifiable project activities<br />They are based on real costs; partners are required to use the cheapest means of travel<br />Include all costs from point of origin to point of destination and viceversa<br />Travels of non-staff members can be charged under subcontracting or other costs <br />February 3-5, 2011<br />Kickoff Meeting<br />
  10. 10. CATEGORIES OF ELIGIBLE DIRECT COSTS – TRAVEL & SUBSISTENCE (2/3)<br />Subsistence costs cover accommodation, meals and local travel costs. They are eligible provided:<br />The journeys are directly connected to specific and clearly identifiable project activities<br />They are reimbursed by the existinginternal rules of the partner (actual or daily allowance basis -subject to the maximum)<br />Proof of attendance and overnight accommodation will be required<br />May be reduced by 50% if no overnight stay<br />February 3-5, 2011<br />Kickoff Meeting<br />
  11. 11. CATEGORIES OF ELIGIBLE DIRECT COSTS – TRAVEL & SUBSISTENCE (3/3)<br />Supporting documents:<br />tickets (plane, train, bus, etc.) and invoices (hotels, restaurants, travel agency);<br />boarding cards;<br />for car journeys: declaration stating the calculation method with unit rate and number of units, dates and names and activities concerned;<br />list of participants with clear identification of the activity/purpose of the trip, dates, names and functions of the participants<br />proof that the payments have been made by the partner and are recorded in the accountancy.<br />February 3-5, 2011<br />Kickoff Meeting<br />
  12. 12. CATEGORIES OF ELIGIBLE DIRECT COSTS – OTHER COSTS<br />Other costs are those arising direcly from requirements of the Grant Agreement. Examples:<br />Meeting organisation (catering, external experts,…)<br />Dissemination of information (brochures, website, video production, …)<br />Translations<br />Supporting documents:<br />Contracts and invoices<br />Proofs of payments<br />February 3-5, 2011<br />Kickoff Meeting<br />
  13. 13. INDIRECT COSTS<br />The indirect costs category represents a flat rate amount (a maximum of 7% of the total amount of eligible direct costs).<br />The corresponding costs need not be justified<br />Examples:<br />Costs for equipment related to the administration of the project<br />Communication costs (postage, fax, telephone)<br />Infrastructure costs (rent, electricity)<br />February 3-5, 2011<br />Kickoff Meeting<br />
  14. 14. REPORTING PROCEDURES (1/2)<br />Everythreemonths (by the 15 of the monthfollowingeachperiod) each partner will upload on the project website:<br />The Quarterly Management report<br />The monthlytimesheet<br />Copiesofsupportingdocuments<br />The templates , togetherwithinstructions, willbeavailable on an appropriate directory in the project website.<br />February 3-5, 2011<br />Kickoff Meeting<br />
  15. 15. REPORTING PROCEDURES (2/2)<br />At the end of the first reportingperiod (31 May 2012 at the latest) each partner willprovide the coordinatorwith the excelworkbookdulystamped and signed, togetherwithany information and documentrequiredfor the preparationof the interim report.<br />February 3-5, 2011<br />Kickoff Meeting<br />
  16. 16. Thank you for your attention<br />For any further information:<br />Sabrina Giampaoletti<br />giampaoletti@dis.uniroma1.it<br />Tel. +39 06 77274124<br />February 3-5, 2011<br />Kickoff Meeting<br />