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Moodle 2 change

  1. 1. Moodle 2.2 Focus GroupA shared VisionDate: July 2009
  2. 2. Agenda Welcome and apologies Meeting Framing and Terms of References e-Learning Strategy What does it means to you? In your role? In your department? In your part of the college? To your students? Your vision This is where we are and this is where we could be… How to get there? Research projects Summary of SMART actions Review of meeting QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  3. 3. Framing of meeting Nature of meeting: • Information sharing and action based Outcome: • Defining what it is that we want to do with our VLE • Understanding why Moodle 2.2 Defined Success • Shared understanding of Moodle 2.2 • Clarity of our focus group and individual role • Ownership Rules of engagement • Who will take minutes? • Who will be the time keeper?
  4. 4. Terms of ReferencesOverall objective:To improve our VLE features toenhance Learning & Teaching atEFC
  5. 5. Terms of References 1. To review current VLE 2. To identify strength 3. To highlights areas where there are opportunities for improvement. 4. To review other Moodle sites and compare features 5. To rebrand our VLE 6. To redesign its Navigation 7. To redesign its homepage 8. To better link and integrate with our EFC systems 9. To decide on a communication strategy to staff 10. To review Training material developed to support staff and students in the new system 11. To support our staff development day in July Frequency of meetings: once a week Day and Time: Mondays 3 to 4pm
  6. 6. VLE Moodle 2.2 ChangeWhy Upgrade?New and improvedWe’re upgrading because:Moodle is beginning to look and feel dated, we want to offer the best systempossible for the needs of the EFC community.A major version of Moodle was released in June 2011 which introduces manyimprovements and new features - upgrading is a logical and progressive step.It introduces more functionality and flexibility while retaining all your existingcourse structures, activities and materials.Existing course content and the general structure and behaviour of Moodle is notchanging. Building on what makes Moodle great, there are many improvements inMoodle 2 and a few new and complementary features.
  7. 7. VLE Moodle 2.2 ChangeWhy Upgrade?
  8. 8. VLE Moodle 2.2 Change Improvement?•Course and personal file management•Course design, formats and structures•Course enrolments and better integration of Portico cohorts•Quiz tool and questions - flag questions and navigation during a quizplus initial creation of questions•Look and feel with a new theme•Linking and integration with other EFC systems•Consistent and clearer navigation•Richer course content via a new editor (video, audio, text, mathematical expressions)
  9. 9. VLE Moodle 2.2 Change New Features?•Mobile access - access Moodle from a mobile (smart) phone•Structured pathways through course activities material•Conditional release for activities and resources•Link to external sites and merge content into your course
  10. 10. VLE Moodle 2.2 Change Moodle 2.2 Upgrade•To take place on June 28th•Both new and improved features will be promoted throughout thecoming months and into the next academic terms.
  11. 11. VLE Moodle 2.2 ChangeWhy Moodle?EFC adopted Moodle in 2008 as the institutional online learningenvironment, in September 2011 all taught modules and programmes areusing Moodle to deliver teaching and learning.This staggering achievement needs to be matched by a system to supportand promote the diverse range of uses Moodle caters for.Upgrading to the latest version ensures EFC is using the most modernsystem possible. A transparent and clear approach will ensure Moodlecontinues along its successful path.
  12. 12. VLE Moodle 2.2 ChangeTimelineTo get an overview of the upgrade take a look at the following timeline.Were aiming to go live by 28 June 2012 for the start of the 2012-13academic session. While we understand that this may be morecomplicated for some courses and were aiming to reduce this as much aspossible, the summer break presents the best time for the necessaryoutage and migration.
  13. 13. VLE Moodle 2.2 ChangeTimeline May 2012 June 2012 Explore Communicate New versionRedesign VLE and Review consult material
  14. 14. VLE Moodle 2.2 ChangeHow are we going to get organised?
  15. 15. Was this a successful meeting? Outcome: • Defining what it is that we want to do with our VLE • Understanding why Moodle 2.2 Defined Success • Do we have a Shared understanding? • Is everyone clear of our role? • Does everyone feel ownership of actions? • Have we defined SMART actions? Date of next meeting • Monday May 14th at 3pm