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“The Day Before BYOD”


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“The Day Before BYOD”
香港真光中學 電腦科科主任及資訊科技統籌員 夏志雄老師

Published in: Education
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“The Day Before BYOD”

  1. 1. The Day Before BYOD what should we do? ha sir i.t. panel head true light middle school of h.k.
  2. 2. Independence Day of e-Learning
  3. 3. What happens in the school iPad stays in the school iPad.
  4. 4. What happens in your own iPad stays in your own iPad.
  5. 5. Mobile Classroom Model CAPTURE CREATE UPLOAD RETURN
  7. 7. TL BYOD Model Four S1 classes iOS devices only Voluntary participation 80% parents involved 20% students use school iPads
  8. 8. Perspectives of stakeholders
  9. 9. Perspectives of stakeholders BYOD Non-BYOD e-Learning Students Teachers None-Learning BYOD Parents Discipline Team Vice-Principal Form Master
  10. 10. Perspective of Vice-Principal
  11. 11. Teachers e-Learning None-Learning Device availability Anxiety Lesson design Pressure Content delivery Collect homework
  12. 12. Discipline Team Discipline problems Potential theft Damage of device Increase workload
  13. 13. Parents New ways of learning Financial burden Lighter school bags Anxiety of overuse
  14. 14. Students BYOD Non-BYOD Ownership of learning Feeling inferior Lighter school bags Jealous Delete game apps Increase Prefects duty
  15. 15. BYOD Rules Lesson time Use iPads as instructed by teachers Non-lesson time Library, MMLC, computer room Apps not allowed Games, Binge-watching
  16. 16. Problems and ways out
  17. 17. Not all parents are familiar with tech Parents’ workshops
  18. 18. Parents missing the workshops On-line support
  19. 19. Social media engagement
  20. 20. Parents don’t know Apple ID Flipping the classroom
  21. 21. Who creates the Apple ID? Parents Students Create Apple ID Keep password Install apps age < 13 not allowed
  22. 22. Who creates the Apple ID? Parents Students Create Apple ID Keep password Install apps Own Apple ID When?
  23. 23. Apple ID Apple ID Apple ID Apple ID
  24. 24. Which type of Apple ID? Apple ID Apple ID credit card without credit card Free App Paid App Free App
  25. 25. What Apps? Must-have Recommended (optional) School Apps List
  26. 26. Why not these apps? It’s my iPad! Focus on learning Teachers less anxious Parents less anxious
  27. 27. Can I jailbreak my iPad? iOS jailbreaking is the process of removing limitations on iOS. The legality of jailbreaking depends on countries and conditions. Jailbreaking an iPad can install paid apps for free. Is this software piracy?
  28. 28. Can I install “other” apps not in the school list? Simple But too rigid? Unleash students But how to control?
  29. 29. Explain how this app is related to your learning in school. (50 words+)
  30. 30. Apps recommended by students 聖經 King of maths School time table 學外語 Lighter school bag Maths game self management language
  31. 31. Interactive and dynamic list
  32. 32. Advantages e-Learning is not a close system Turns apps installation into a learning process 100+ learning apps hunters foundation of discipline enforcement
  33. 33. For further information Download this iBook it tells the whole story
  34. 34. The Day After BYOD Where should we be? ha sir i.t. panel head true light middle school of h.k.