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The day after flipping classroom 翻轉課堂之後


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香港真光中學 電腦科科主任及資訊科技統籌員 夏志雄老師

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The day after flipping classroom 翻轉課堂之後

  1. 1. The Day After Flipping Classroom Ha sir IT Panel Head True Light Middle School of H.K.
  2. 2. After I flip my classes, I feel … Safe Light Excited
  3. 3. Watch videos Pre-learn Homework Listening Classwork Homework Traditional Classroom Flipped Classroom
  4. 4. A day of flipped classroom
  5. 5. Before lesson, instruct students to pre-learn at home.
  6. 6. Printed Pre-learning Worksheet Link to on-line quiz in Schoology Space for student rough work Classroom
  7. 7. Some already pre-learn before they are back home
  8. 8. Quiz ready for student to submit answers
  9. 9. When student is back or on the way home Student Home
  10. 10. Same as printed worksheet Explanation video support Instant feedback
  11. 11. Student can do the quiz using the iPad or tablet PC
  12. 12. Student can do the quiz using a smartphone
  13. 13. Next day before lesson I login Schoology and check results Staff Room
  14. 14. Pre- learning data collected
  15. 15. Whole Class
  16. 16. Individual Question
  17. 17. Individual student record Student
  18. 18. Student response Correct answer
  19. 19. What if students do not pre-learn?
  20. 20. If students don’t submit answers Teacher don’t have data Do pre- learning worksheet Submit answers Study collected data
  21. 21. S3 Maths: Reminders
  22. 22. Flipping S3 Maths Class (School Day 0) Evidence of self-directed pre-learning
  23. 23. But flipping S5 programming lesson is a different story First lesson on 5 Sept
  24. 24. Should I be an ?
  25. 25. 4 students did not pre- learn, what should I do?
  26. 26. What is the purpose of asking students to pre- learn?
  27. 27. Facilitate doing assignments in lessons S3 Maths higher order problems S5 programming problems
  28. 28. to complete the pre-learning activities in another computer room before they can attend the lesson I insist pre-learn-less students
  29. 29. Rationale Pre-learn Lesson
  30. 30. NSS Elective Lessons Arrangement Pre- learning Pre- learning Pre- learning Pre- learning
  31. 31. Build up of pre-learning habit
  32. 32. It is easier to kickstart flipping in junior forms, because student learning habits are easier to be changed.
  33. 33. “Big” Data collected after several weeks
  34. 34. Class Report
  35. 35. Student Learning Profile
  36. 36. Correlation between pre-learning time and academic performance?
  37. 37. Outlier Pre-learning grades vs pre- learning time
  38. 38. Pre-learning grades vs Test grades
  39. 39. Collected data drive teaching behaviour Break down learning processes and recombine