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Embracing the Cloud with the Right Device for Mobile Learning and eLearning


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Published in: Education
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Embracing the Cloud with the Right Device for Mobile Learning and eLearning

  1. 1. IT in educationBecky LoEducation LeadMicrosoft Hong Kong Limited
  2. 2. Key trends that arehappening across theworld in education
  3. 3. 21st Century LearningWorking towards holistic transformation
  4. 4. 21st Century LearningTechnology-enabled learning inside and out of the classroom
  5. 5. 21st Century LearningChanging the way we think about connecting with content
  6. 6. 21st Century LearningPreparing students for the future
  7. 7. 21st Century LearningPersonalized learning is at the foundation for everything we do
  8. 8. Advances in technologyCreating opportunity for immersive experiences, for all learners
  9. 9. Advances in technologyThe role of the device can transform learning opportunities
  10. 10. Advances in technologyTransforming access to information for learners around the world
  11. 11. Advances in technologyMaking technology accessible and affordable is critical
  12. 12. The Microsoft VisionAnytime, anywhere learningfor all
  13. 13. Support note taking with digital pen, sketching, annotating,showing process, prototyping and complex visual thinkingHandwriting recognition for mathematics, music, chemistry etc.Support for functional software for graphic design and creativitySupport typing for longer assignments, multitask for complexresearch and knowledge buildingSupport music composition, playing, composing etc.Video and audio capture and editingSupport for small amounts of typingVoice, video, and audio collaborationInternet research
  14. 14. Cloud ServicesOur deep commitment to providing a rich set of services in the cloud
  15. 15. for education
  16. 16. docs spreadsheets presentations notes
  17. 17. sitesemail calendar contacts share store
  18. 18. messaging video voiceemail calendar contacts
  19. 19. sites share storedocs spreadsheets presentations notes
  20. 20. mac & PC
  21. 21. cross-browser compatible
  22. 22. iphone android windows phone
  23. 23. group projectsco-authoring, ubiquitous presence, shared documents
  24. 24. virtual & digital class roomslecture capture and blended learning made easy
  25. 25. safe environmentprivacy, security, control
  26. 26. Unified EcosystemA rich platform to make a real impact for better learning