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Education 2.9 “EMADS - Deployment”


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Mr. She Mang, Chief Curriculum Development Officer, IT in Education

Published in: Education
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Education 2.9 “EMADS - Deployment”

  1. 1. EMADSImplementation SHE Mang
  2. 2. Why e-textbook? The “e” element - dynamic, multimedia, interactive …... More structured than e- learning objects/resources Easier to be pick up by teachers, as a bridge to a more “open” mode of learning & teaching - towards e-learning
  3. 3. Why EMADS? E-textbooks is a desirable alternative to printed textbook With a sound quality assurance mechanism, e-textbooks can take a more prominent role in and contribute to enhancing the repertoire of learning and teaching Therefore to facilitate the development of a healthy e-textbook market
  4. 4. How e-textbooks areto be used in class? How textbooks are used in class? Bridging towards e-learning - more human-human interaction rather than human-object (device) interaction Device is the tool - enquiry, collaboration, consolidation of ideas …...
  5. 5. One-to-One computing Computer - notebook, tablet PC as a personal learning tool How and where these devices are to be used? Pedagogical solution …... Environment needed to deploy these device in schools and at home eveverywhere
  6. 6. Thank you SHE Mang