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Stephen Tsang - Mobile Classroom

  1. 1. Mobile ClassroomBy Stephen TsangDirector of Solutions and Business Development, CSL Limited
  2. 2. Agenda(1) Mobile learning trend and development(2) Classroom setting is changing(3) The role of mobile technology in mobile classroom - Mobile device management (MDM)(4) Case studies(5) 1O1O strength and capability in mobile learning
  3. 3. Unlike fast growing Asian market, US mobile learning market isalready entering maturing phase. Asian market is still at the emerging phase US market is entering maturing phase Source: “The US Market for Mobile Learning Products and Services: 2009-2014 Forecast and Analysis,” Ambient Insight, LLC Emerging NATIVE eReader & tablet Consumer buyers Content is the King mobile learning suppliers targeting dominate development tools education
  4. 4. Content for preschool & adult consumers dominate the marketwhile few content can be found for middle school students
  5. 5. Classroom setting is changing ! Use of tablets has made written work Projectors are used to display prepared available at all times, and made the material from hand-held devices. processes of note-taking, library research and student publishing easier and more efficient. Digital tools are being used by educators to provide media-rich sources of information. Students can navigate and interact with information, and contribute to a shared learning environment within as well as outside of classroom.The online forum has allowed forcollaborative learning. Work can be revisedand re-published quickly and easily as new Online classrooms create a more student-information is learned. centered approach to learning, where students contribute and discuss ideas and receive immediate feedback from both teachers and peers.
  6. 6. With our World First 4G LTE D-C network, tablet can better serve students with interactive learning experience Interactive experience – e.g. Tremendous applications – interactive quiz e.g. science topics in iTunes U Information Portability – accessibility - outdoor immediate learning access to experience knowledge & data6
  7. 7. 4G LTE D-C network is > 7 times faster than 3G and therefore enables lots of applications, e.g. HD Video Streaming 2008 2009 2010 2012+ HSPA HSPA+ HSPA+ (DC) LTE LTE AdvancedEvolution 14.4 Mbps 21 Mbps 42 Mbps 100 Mbps 300+ Mbps
  8. 8. To avoid abuse of tablet, e.g. inappropriate app/website,Mobile Device Management (MDM) is crucial Good apps M D M How MDM can help: 1) Manage IP information Bad apps 2) Black/Whitelist Apps 3) Central and individual monitoring of tablet
  9. 9. China Market quickly embraces mobile learningTaiqi Pad• Tablet + e-learning application• Strong partnership with a top school in China, comprehensive learning curriculum• Learning tracking & personal consultancy service• Price range ¥2999-4999 source:
  10. 10. “1O1O is your trusted partner” - create a mobile campus, together with your ideas to bring mobile learning to our next generation Professional managed service Hassle free solutions deployment Unparalleled mobile network Safeguard and control10