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Ha Sir – School Buy or Parent Buy?


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Mr. Ha Chi Hung, IT Panel, True Light Middle School of HK
香港真光中學 電腦科科主任及資訊科技統籌員 夏志雄老師

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Ha Sir – School Buy or Parent Buy?

  1. 1. School buy? Parents Buy? The Roadmap to BYOD/One to One Mr. Ha Chi Hung IT Panel Head True Light Middle School of H.K.
  2. 2. Our Roadmap Gov’t approve project Propose BYOD but not succeed Bring iPads into classrooms Project preparation Jan 2011 iPad mini iPad Retina iPad 2 iPad iPad lessons (S1) Nov 2011 Now iPad lessons (S1+S2) Jul Sept 2012 iPad lessons Jul Sept 2013
  3. 3. Our Roadmap Parents iPad Workshops BYOD Open Classroom BYOD (S1) BYOD (S1, S2) iPad lessons (S1, S2, S3, S4) iPad lessons (S1, S2, S3) Oct 2013 Feb 2014 Jul BYOD (S1 to S3) iPad lessons (S1to S5) Sept Jul Sept 2015
  4. 4. What is One to One? Student own their iPads (parents buy) Student to iPad ratio in lessons
  5. 5. Student to iPad Ratio in design It’s a matter of lesson Lessons 4 :1 2 :1 1 :1 group work group work group work individual work
  6. 6. Our Situation Lower forms Higher forms Sharing iPads without problem Tend to work individually Shows good offline collaboration Like to collaborate on-line
  7. 7. Why students have to own their devices? Why Parents Buy? Learning Administration
  8. 8. 非無縫學習 無縫學習 Non-Seamless Learning Seamless Learning Cloud Student School iPad e-Learning Lesson Home PC
  9. 9. BYOD Facilitates Seamless learning Learner’s autonomy 21st Century Skills
  10. 10. Seamless learning Learner’s autonomy st 21 Century Skills iPad is designed to be a personal device
  11. 11. Personal information Personal accounts
  12. 12. What if students own their devices?
  13. 13. Open up new ways of learning and teaching
  14. 14. Learners’ Autonomy Students can take charge of their own learning
  15. 15. 21st Century Learning Skills Media Literacy Creativity Communication Problem Solving
  16. 16. 2013-14 S1 Students Survey
  17. 17. Why students own their devices? Learning Administration Parents
  18. 18. 2012-13 599 40 e-Learning lessons School iPads
  19. 19. e-Learning lessons across forms (12-13)
  20. 20. e-Learning lessons across subjects (12-13)
  21. 21. e-Learning Lesson Infiltration Sept 2012 Jun 2012 Dec 2012 Feb 2012
  22. 22. How can we resolve the bottleneck? ili b a in ta s ? ty u S School buy more Students bring their own (Parents buy)
  23. 23. 資 科技教育進度檢視調查 (2011/12) Median of Desktops Median of Notebooks $ 210 20
  24. 24. What’s special about this classroom?
  25. 25. Unsustainable Ecosystem Sustainable Ecosystem Gov’t Partners School Publishers Parents
  26. 26. Considerations in planning BYOD
  27. 27. Support for needy students Plans subsidized by Government Needy families can get on-line and buy iPads at low cost
  28. 28. Show them we we convince the parents? How should are acting in their interests Workshops Open Classrooms
  29. 29. What parents usually ask is ... ... will there be special or educational offer?
  30. 30. BYOD Compulsory 強制 Voluntary 自願
  31. 31. BYOD Student bringing device Voluntary Compulsory 自願 強制 Student not bringing device (school provide)
  32. 32. One group, one class or one form? My preference School leaders Concern 4 classes Teachers readiness? 1 class Class allocation policy? 1 group Which subject? ICT?
  33. 33. Which Form (2013-14)? e-Learning experience 2 years Fresh start Easier control 1 year S1 S2 Some S3 Very little S4 S5 Virtually no S6
  34. 34. When to start? Term 1 Term 2 Sept 2013 Feb 2014 Opinion from S1 form master
  35. 35. PTA Subje ct Pane ls Fo m rm as te rs ipals c Prin Dis cip ma line ste r IT Pane l Head
  36. 36. Collaboration Interact with diverse groups to achieve an objective while displaying flexibility and willingness to understand alternate points of view.