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Mr. Victor Cheng, Executive Director, Hong Kong Education City
香港教育城 行政總監 鄭弼亮先生

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  1. 1. BYOD – Opportunities and Challenges Victor Cheng, Executive Director, Hong Kong Education City Oct 2013
  2. 2. Success Factors in Shifting to Digital Contents • Sustainable funding for devices • Robust internet connectivity • Up-to-date policies • Prepared educators • Intellectual property and reuse rights • Quality control and usability • Leadership buy-in Source : Out of Print: Reimagining the K-12 Textbook in a Digital Age, SETDA
  3. 3. Why BYOD Consumer devices are surpassing business “machines” Universities already widely adopted, and result proven Empower students as self-directed learners Cost of device management 1:1 vs 1:1000 Cost of continuous upgrade
  4. 4. Four Overarching Concerns Curriculum alignment Passive permission vs. Active by design Information literacy Equity no student is disadvantaged due to a lack of technology, or technology guidance Policy Schools to providing a safe and secure learning environment for students Privacy Ordinance requires supporting policy Technical Capability Greatly increased no. of devices designed for Multimedia
  5. 5. Five Basic BYOD Security Lock Code Lock when Idle Remote Wipe Complex Password Device Encryption
  6. 6. Leveraging New Industry Models WiFi as a service (WaaS) Cloud Support Model – school as a user, not administrator. Learning Management Ecosystem – EdConnect and MyBookShelf for simplified support and logistics
  7. 7. eLearning Delivery System EdCity ID eLearning Solutions MyBookShelf EdConnect EdMall
  8. 8. Complex Logistic flow for eTextbook  School Publisher A $ Parent  Publisher B Install  Publisher C Login  Student
  9. 9. Simplified logistics with EdCity Services  School $ /  / student list Publisher A Parent Apps  EdMall / MyBookshelf Publisher B Publisher C EdConnect Login  Student
  10. 10. Case Study – German eTextbook The Challenge - publishers on German market need a solution to create one common format and one technology and reduce chaos, which would work on different devices and operating systems. The Solution - In November 2012, 20 publishers from Verband Bildungsmedien launched a common platform called Digitale Schulbuecher. Bookshelf teachers and students can read books published by different publishers on one digital shelf, and use them - online or offline.
  11. 11. Thank You!