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With ISO 9001:2008 & CMMi Level 3 certified processes and complete test automation approach, eInfochips offers a full-range of product QA & independent testing services aiming to reduce testing time, infrastructure cost, higher ROI, and full proof test authenticity.

eInfochips’ best practices, thorough expertise on standard & proprietary testing tools & methodologies, flexible testing models and complete range of hardware & software testing brings customer benefits of faster time to market, bug free product release with superior product quality.

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  • eInfochips has been around for 19 years, and has been cash positive, debt free and Profitable since inception. Today, we are over a thousand professionals operating from 10 design centers and 12 sales offices. Our US HQ is in Sunnyvale while the India HQ is in Ahmedabad. We foresee strong business growth over the next few years. Since the beginning of 2013, we have invested in 2 new design centers in Ahmedabad and Noida, while we have doubled the capacity in Pune and Bangalore. This picture is of our new facility in Ahmedabad, inaugurated in June. It is a fantastic place, with an ‘Experience Zone’ that has on display some of the products we have designed for our clients. I would strongly recommend that you should visit us in Ahmedabad.Most technology companies from India have a strong presence in IT / ERP / CRM solutions. On the contrary, we are a pure-play Product Engineering Services company. 100% of our business comes from building and sustaining products – whether that are made of Software, Embedded or Hardware, or a combination of these.<EXPLAIN THIS ONLY IF REQUIRED>I am sure you get the difference – For IT Services, the user profile is known. The deployment environment is favorable, and familiar. Users are well trained with the system. Also, if a CRM system crashes, there are 50 people on the premises who are specifically there to fix it.On the contrary, when we make a home automation system, the users could be literate/semi-literate or illiterate, young and old. When we develop a UAV Software, we have no idea on the conditions it will have to endure. And how many people read the user manual before using a camera?Biometric access devices we develop are deployed in military bases over Iraq and Afghanistan. If that system crashes, there isn’t an engineer in a thousand miles who could fix it, while the impact could potentially be catastrophic.In short, Product Engineering Services has very stringent quality benchmarks, and we specialize at building critical and complex systems, as we will cover later in the presentation.
  • QA and Testing

    1. 1. eInfochips QA & Test Automation Services
    2. 2. Agenda Corporate Overview Quality Assurance Center of Excellence Quality Assurance IPs and Accelerators eInfochips Value 2
    3. 3. 3 Product Engineering Services Company Bangalore Chennai Pune Ahmedabad Noida Tokyo London BostonChicago Dallas Austin Cedar Rapids Cincinnati Raleigh Sunnyvale 10 Design Centers 12 Sales Offices 1200 Professionals 19 Years Solid Track Record Stable & Secure Cash Positive, Debt-free and Profitable
    4. 4. eInfochips QA & Testing Focus o Test Coverage Percentage o Test Case Effectiveness o Defect Leakage o Defect Rejection Ratio o QA Cycle Time o Test Automation Percentage Improve the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Quality Enablement Process Focus on Effectiveness Focus on Quality Focus on Efficiency Focus on Total Cost of Ownership Typical Product Revenue Cycle Key Enablers Technology & Tools People Processes 4
    5. 5. QA Focus Semiconductor Engineering Product Engineering IT Services IncreasingLevelsofQuality • Extremely High Cost of Chip Re-Spin ~ $100 M - Strong QA Focus • Experts in Semiconductor Engineering - Ranked #1 by Gartner • QA is in our DNA • Best Practices from Semiconductor QA & Testing Complex Critical • Verified multiple complex & critical systems across Aerospace and Healthcare Industry • Expertise in Stringent QA processes, Advanced Verification Methodologies and Tools 5
    6. 6. Testing Services HardwareTesting •Bring-up Testing •Design Validation •Functional Testing •Certification Testing •Environmental Testing FirmwareTesting •Interface Testing •API Testing •Board Support Package Testing •White Box Testing •Conditional Testing •Loop testing •Statement Coverage •Memory Leakage SoftwareTesting •Configuration Testing •SDK Testing •Web Application Testing •Mobile Application Testing •UI Testing •Smoke & Sanity Testing 6
    7. 7. Tools & Technologies Test Management •HP Quality Center •Compuware QACenter •Borland SilkCentral •IBM ClearQuest •Testlink Defect Management •JIRA •TestTrack •BugZilla •Mantis •Redmine Performance Testing •LoadRunner •IBM Rational Performance Tester •WebLOAD •JMeter •OpenSTA Code Coverage & Analysis •Cobertura •Sonar •EMMA •Ncover •Klocwork •LDRA Test Automation •AQA™ •EzTest™ •Selenium RC •SilkTest, QTP •Rational Robot •TestPartner Unit Testing •JUnit •NUnit •TestNG •CPPUnit •Jmock •VSTS 7
    8. 8. Automation Expertise  Over two decades of automated testing experience for Content Management Systems, Web Service & APIs  Expertise to automate 70-90% of Test Scenarios for reduction in Time to Market & improved coverage  Expertise in automating across types of tests including functional tests, API tests, regressions, GUI tests, load/volume tests  Expertise in developing object oriented test automation framework  Expertise in maintaining automated tests & automation framework to incorporate changes in existing functionality and new features Compatible with major OS + Browser combinations Common set of automation suites execute on both - Mobile and PC browsers Browsers OS 8
    9. 9. Test Automation EzTest – Command Line Interface Testing Web Automation Framework – Web Application Testing AQuA TestBorg – Mobile Application/Device Testing Selenium RC QTP SilkTest Rational Robot TestPartner Team System Squish Scripting Languages - Perl, Shell, Tcl/Tk, Python, Jython, Ruby, Java, PHP Proprietary Test Automation Frameworks Commercial & Open Source Tools 9
    10. 10. AQuA TestBorg Test Automation Tool for handheld device & application testing Success Stories • Parallel Execution on multiple devices and emulators • Write Once, Execute on Multiple Devices with different configurations • Record & Replay - GUI based automated test case / test script creation • Pre-Integrated Test Bank for functionality, performance testing • Dependency Logic - Block/Execute tests based on outcomes of other tests • Dashboard - Comprehensive, Customizable and interactive dashboard • Analytics - In-built analytics to process test logs for faster debug In-flight Entertainment Testing QA cycle reduced by 24% Video Conferencing System QA cycle reduced by 32% 10
    11. 11. • Test Scheduler - Kicks off smoke tests as soon as new build arrives • Ability to handle Web 2.0 (Ajax Controls) • Parallel execution with multiple target builds • Stability with Exception Handling - All connectivity errors captured REST API Calls request/response verification • Execution GUI Application - End user selects OS/Browser/test cases/test suites/Selenium RC from UI Web Automation Framework Manual Approach Automation Approach • 5 Minutes for a single Browser/OS combination • It takes 30 Minutes with 6 Browser/OS combinations • 150 rules x 10 channels x 6 Browser/OS x 5 minutes = 750 hours in one release!!!! • Automation Script Creation: ~ 500 hours (one time) • 80 hours Script execution per release • Automation script maintenance: 20 hours / release • Time saving up to 90% in each release Automation Experience • Selenium with Robot –Python • Selenium with TestNG • Selenium with .NET (C#) 11
    12. 12. EzTest CLI Automation Scriptless automation, significantly reduces effort (~35%) Simplifies test repository management with Tags & Versioning Enables data-based decision making with custom dashboards Intelligent automation reduces test time by 25% over other method Unification utility to deploy multiple platforms, equipment & tools Multi-site, multi-product coordination with global TaaS platform Maximum utilization of test beds with smart scheduling algorithms Early Automation Maximum Automation Workflow Automation 12
    13. 13. Proposed Agile Team Engagement Model Customer Project Manager Customer Management eInfochips On-site Champion • Daily Scrum Meeting • Release & Sprint Planning • Product Backlog Grooming • Sprint Review • Architect & Developer Customer Site eInfochips Management Scrum Master Expert Pool Scrum Team Sr. Engineer Tech Lead Engineers Shadow Resource eInfochips Center Architect Quality Group Customer Product Owner Governance Body Escalation Management Technology Experts 13 13
    14. 14. 14 QA & Independent Testing Methodology Project Initiation Product QA Cycle 1 Product QA Cycle 2 Product QA Cycle 3 Performance Localization, Reviews O n g o i n g Post Harvest Project Kick off Requirements Understanding Scope Definition & Prioritization Impact Analysis Impact document & review Analysis Test Plan & Test Cases, Coverage Report, Bug Report, Release Sign-Off Test Plan / Execution Baseline Release (unit tested) Integration Test (Test case Development, execution) System & Inter-Op Testing Production Release Planning & estimation Tracking, Monitoring & Governance Reviews & Audits Configuration Management Release Management Project closure Baseline Release (unit tested) Integration Test (Test case Development, execution) System & Inter-Op Testing Production Release Baseline Release (unit tested) Integration Test (Test case Development, execution) System & Inter-Op Testing Production Release 14
    15. 15. Experience Across Industries Access Control Devices • 9 Products, 4 Generations • Automated 12000+ Test Cases • FCC, CE, UL, EMC/EMI IP65 certification In-flight Entertainment • Automated rack testing, AQuA • Remote and parallel testing • 21,000 test cases • QA cycle reduced by 28% eCommerce Portal • Selenium base automation • Achieved 98% test coverage • Optimized test cycle: 30% cost saving Home Automation • Functional Testing • Android CTS & Monkey tool compliance • Sensor Integration & Testing 15
    16. 16. Optimal Effective Testing $542K savings via automation 56% time reduction via Matrix based testing, saving of $219K 38% defect reduction via prediction & prevention saving $1.01M Product Quality Zero post-production defect in last 3years Increased user base from 300K to 500K in 1-years Increased 6.5% business via quality improvement Innovation 2007 : Video quality inspector 2010 : AQuA solution 2013 : Unified Test Automation Framework QA Practice Highlights 16 Risk-based Testing Early detection of high severity defects leading to savings of $2.45M Reduction in cost Reduced support cost $756K/year 20% reduction through optimal environment setup Cost reduced by $118K/year QA Focus for Business Benefits Market Penetration Reduced Support Cost De-risked Product Launch Innovation Improved Profitability Improved Quality
    17. 17. eInfochips Value Proposition Strong QA Background Proven Experience in Variant Management In-depth Expertise in Open Source Tools & Technologies eInfochips IP – Test Automation and Management Frameworks 150+ Professionals200+ Software, Embedded & Semiconductor Products Tested Over Two Decades of QA Experience AQuA TestBorg™ iOS, Android & QNX Web Test Browser Automation EzTest™ Command-Line Automation 17
    18. 18. Thank you For more information, write us at or visit