Medical devices capabilities


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This is a presentation on eInfochips Medical Devices Capabilities.

It includes our service offerings, expertise and case studies.

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  • eInfochips has been around for 19 years, and has been cash positive, debt free and Profitable since inception. Today, we are over a thousand professionals operating from 10 design centers and 12 sales offices. Our US HQ is in Sunnyvale while the India HQ is in Ahmedabad. We foresee strong business growth over the next few years. Since the beginning of 2013, we have invested in 2 new design centers in Ahmedabad and Noida, while we have doubled the capacity in Pune and Bangalore. This picture is of our new facility in Ahmedabad, inaugurated in June. It is a fantastic place, with an ‘Experience Zone’ that has on display some of the products we have designed for our clients. I would strongly recommend that you should visit us in Ahmedabad.Most technology companies from India have a strong presence in IT / ERP / CRM solutions. On the contrary, we are a pure-play Product Engineering Services company. 100% of our business comes from building and sustaining products – whether that are made of Software, Embedded or Hardware, or a combination of these.<EXPLAIN THIS ONLY IF REQUIRED>I am sure you get the difference – For IT Services, the user profile is known. The deployment environment is favorable, and familiar. Users are well trained with the system. Also, if a CRM system crashes, there are 50 people on the premises who are specifically there to fix it.On the contrary, when we make a home automation system, the users could be literate/semi-literate or illiterate, young and old. When we develop a UAV Software, we have no idea on the conditions it will have to endure. And how many people read the user manual before using a camera?Biometric access devices we develop are deployed in military bases over Iraq and Afghanistan. If that system crashes, there isn’t an engineer in a thousand miles who could fix it, while the impact could potentially be catastrophic.In short, Product Engineering Services has very stringent quality benchmarks, and we specialize at building critical and complex systems, as we will cover later in the presentation.
  • Here are some representative products that we have collaborated for. As you can see, they are spread across verticals like Aerospace and Defense, Medical Devices, Security and Surveillance, Semiconductor, Multimedia and Broadcast, Consumer Electronics, Retail and eCommerce and Software. In fact, if you have seen the mid-air refueling systems for military aircrafts, we have worked on them too. I am sure you would have seen the OB vans used for live news reporting. These OB Vans – Outdoor Broadcasting Vans, are today being replaced by this device, that we designed. It takes live video feed using a handy camera and transmits the live signal over one or more in-built modems. The relayed signal is combined at the broadcast station and shown live. It uses multiple cellular connections in place of a satellite link that reduces latency and size. The reporter can access remote areas that OB Vans can not, and also leave the system at a location in cases he or she foresees potential danger, while the device can transmit continuously on a battery or mains for an extended period.Our client has won many awards for the product and continues to engage with us for newer product variants. <Optional>As you would see, our strong capability in multimedia capture-process-store-stream-display lifecycle is a part of many products here.
  • Engagement Areas: eInfochips areas of engagement includes Monitoring, Diagnostics, Imaging, Telemedicine, Home Care, Remote Care, Wearable Technology and Information systemsSolution Areas: Solution areas for eInfochips include the entire product development lifecycle starting from Product conceptualization, HW design, verification all the way to testing and certification for the productProcess Expertise: Process expertise include adherence to Medical safety and equipment standards and HIPAA Compliance
  • We also partner with the top embedded platform companies – this ensure that we are updated with their latest products and features, while we have early access to their factory samples for design. This makes sure we bring in the latest embedded platforms for your product designs.Our partnership gives us access to the product teams at these companies, so that we can select and optimize the best solution for your product performance. We also ensure that the product roadmap is healthy and there are no plans of discontinuation in the near term.
  • Speaker Notes:A web-based, automated inventory management system to prevent overstocking and wastage on product expiry. Integrated with billing, purchase and patient information system. It is HIPAA Compliant.The Software received the Premier Healthcare Alliance Award. With eInfochips ability in understanding distributed intelligence devices and Internet of things, a disparate and unintegrated inventory tracking system could track the person entering the premises using Biometric access and the drug movement across the facility using RFID tracking.Key Highlights:Enabled the existing desktop application over the Web, using N-Tier Architecture concepts and almost 15+ Modules were developed completely new.The existing billing, purchase and patient information systems were integrated.The inventory was tracked using RFID tagging and authorising access via Biometric Device integration. The software was tested for HIPAA compliance.As previously mentioned, the client received “The Premier Healthcare Alliance Award” for the solution.With eInfochips’ services the client quickly launched a solution that could provide an edge-to-competitors , offering almost 70% reduction in inventory pilferage. # Read out .Net 2.0, C#, MS Web Service, MS Guidance Package, IIS, MS-SQL are the tools and technologies involved.(# Knowledge Notes:N-Tiered Architecture:In software engineering, multi-tier architecture (often referred to as n-tier architecture) is a client-server architecturein which presentation, application processing, and data management functions are logically separated. For example, an application that uses middleware to service data requests between a user and a database employs multi-tier architecture. The most widespread use of multi-tier architecture is the three-tier architecture.It provides a model by which developers can create flexible and reusable applications. By segregating an application into tiers, developers acquire the option of modifying or adding a specific layer, instead of reworking the entire application. HIPAA Compliance: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act #)
  • Medical devices capabilities

    1. 1. Medical Devices Capabilities
    2. 2. 2 Product Engineering Services Company Bangalore Chennai Pune Ahmedabad Noida Toronto London BostonChicago Dallas Austin Cedar Rapids Cincinnati Raleigh Sunnyvale 10 Design Centers 12 Sales Offices 1200 Professionals 19 Years Solid Track Record Stable & Secure Cash Positive, Debt-free and Profitable
    3. 3. Some of our work. 3 Cockpit Displays Video Software Tablet Software Custom OEM Wearable Devices Imaging Live HD Broadcast Endoscopy Device Home Control IFE Systems Application Software Mechanical Enclosure Embedded Software/OS Drivers and Firmware Electronic Design FPGA and SoC
    4. 4. 4 Monitoring Diagnostics Imaging Wearable Technology Telemedicine Home Care Remote Care Information Systems HW Design and Development Verification and Validation QA & Testing BoM Optimization Android Portability Certification Support Model Based Design Product Sustenance Development • IEC 60601 - 1 • IEC 60601 - 1 - 2 • IEC 60601 - 1 - 6 • IEC 62304 Certification • 510 (K) • ISO 9001 • ISO 13485 Others • HIPAA Compliance Engagement Areas Solution Areas Process Expertise Integrated Design-to-Certification Solutions
    5. 5. 5 Alliances with top global semiconductor companies - Pre-market access to new embedded platforms - Understanding of hardware acceleration and power efficiency techniques - Early expertise to extract maximum performance - Access to product roadmaps for precise planning and reduced risk Strategic Partnerships. Note: Alliance Member of Intel Intelligence Systems Group
    6. 6. EXPERTISE Medical Devices 6
    7. 7. Expertise Product Design & Development Sensor Integration BoM optimization UI & Application development Reengineering & Sustenance QA & Testing 7 10+ Products 1M+ Deployments 10+ Clients 150+ Professionals 10+ Accelerators
    8. 8. Product Design and Development 8 One stop location for all design and development Hardware, firmware and software design and engineering – ASIC, FPGA, Board and Mechanical Design – Driver & BIOS Development – Embedded, Application and Mobile software development – Innovative solutions for telemedicine
    9. 9. Sensor Integration Sensor integration and implementation for Home, Office, Medical, Industrial, Commercial and Vehicles – Home Security – Office Automation – Biometrics Devices – Imaging and Sound – Industrial Control – Transit Networks 9 Integration Experience of 100+ Sensors
    10. 10. BoM optimization BoM optimization for portability, mobile enablement, and for entering new markets – BoM optimization for emerging markets – Power optimization for portable designs – Reduced product size for new applications – Enclosure design for deployment conditions – Communicate with new peripheral products 10 BoM optimization for Endoscopy
    11. 11. UI and Application development Intuitive UI and application development on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and blackberry platforms – Intuitive UI designs – Usability engineering – PC, mobile, web and embedded applications for monitoring and statistics – Audio/Video streaming application for medical devices 11 150+ UI and applications across platforms
    12. 12. Performance Enhancements Technology Migration Open Source Adoption Legacy Modernization New Interface Support Product Features Architecture Scalability Product Interoperability Power Optimization Compliance Adherence Component Obsolescence Form Factor Changes Production Yield Deployment Scenarios 12 Performance improvement and obsolescence management Reengineering & Sustenance Reengineering and sustenance for extended product life and to remain competitive – Power optimization for portable designs – Replace obsolete / EoL components in design – Add new must have features – Update legacy products to meet market expectation – Support new connectivity interfaces
    13. 13. CASE STUDIES Medical Devices 13
    14. 14. Product Miniaturization - Endoscopy Re-engineering from rack-based Arthroscopy and endoscopy systems to table top endoscopy unit for usage at physicians office • Complete reengineered hardware by eInfochips • Intuitive touch interface • State of the art video hardware • High definition diagnostic imaging • Certified for multiple geographies • Smallest Arthroscopy and endoscopy unit delivered to client 14 Reengineering | UI & Application | Sustenance | Open source migration
    15. 15. Remote assistance and treatment Telemedicine system for remote diagnosis and assistance during emergencies • Telemedicine unit for installation at public places • Integrated Audio and Video support • Communication over GSM and Wi-Fi Interface • Smartphone applications for Android and iOS for physician assistance during emergencies 15 GSM | Wi-Fi | Remote View | Smartphone Enabled Mobile Camera Mic Speaker Communication System Patient Physician
    16. 16. Clinical Inventory Management. Healthcare client to develop new product for tracking medical inventory and prevent pilferage. • 15+ Modules Developed, N-Tier Architecture • Integration of Billing/Purchase/Patient Info. System • RFID Tagging, Storage Cart Integration, Biometric Access • HIPAA Compliant Software • Received Premier Healthcare Alliance Award • Reduced Pilferage by 70% • .Net 2.0, C#, MS Web Service, MS Guidance Package, IIS, MS-SQL 16 Web Application Development | QA and Testing | Sustenance | Device Integration Web ToolBiometric Access RFID Capture
    17. 17. Solutions for Embedded and Software Products 17 Development Architecture Electronic Design Software Development Industrial Design Usability Engineering Prototype and Production Testing and QA Independent QA Test Automation Test Suite Management Compliance and Certification Production QC Re-Engineering Customization Localization Enhancement Platform Migration Performance Optimization BoM Optimization Sustenance Defect Management Product Support Variant Management Release Management Obsolescence Management
    18. 18. Thank You 18 Renjith Ponnappan
    19. 19. Thank You 19 Renjith Ponnappan