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eInfochips BI and Analytics Practice


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eInfochips BI and Analytics Practice

Published in: Technology
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eInfochips BI and Analytics Practice

  1. 1. eInfochips. We Collaborate to Set Free the Power of Data!
  2. 2. Building Automation Security and SurveillanceEnergy and Utilities Retail and eCommerce Healthcare Internet of Things We have been around, across industries.
  3. 3. Online Data Capture Sensor/Device Data Capture Application Data Capture MapReduce MongoDB-Hadoop Integration OLAP/OLTP Statistical Computing (R, Shiny, RapidMiner) Predictive Analysis Text Analytics Portals and Custom Apps Dashboards and Reports Scorecard, Dashboard, KPIs Self-Service BI Mobile BI Data Warehouse and Marts Creation Replication and Disaster Recovery Load Balancing and Scaling Extract-Transform-Load- Cleanse-Filter We offer services across the Data Life Cycle. Capture and Integrated Store and Organise Model and Analyse Visualise, Infer and Predict
  4. 4. A Strong Framework supports the Practice. eInfochips Big Data, Analytics and BI Practice • Data Discovery, Management to Advanced Analytics and Reporting Services. • Multi-Project Experience Scaling across Industries. • Dedicated CoE with 500+ Professionals. • Certified Consultants on Leading Technology Platforms. • Emphasized Training and Certification Environment for Technology Consultants. A Trusted Partner to Technology Leaders.
  5. 5. Omni-Channel Retailing • Store Data Digitization • Data Management for Big Data Scalability with High-Availability • Data Integration across Channels: IT Systems, Online and Storefronts • Unified Views for Product, Customer, Behavioral Trends, Logistics and Product Sales • Predictive Analytics for Customer Behavior, Buying Trends, Product Movements Smart Homes Solutions • Smart Meters, Thermostats, Energy Devices, Security Units, Sensor Data Capture • Data Analysis and Visualization in Real-Time • Alarms History, Usage Dashboards, Maintenance Reports • Remote Control of Security Devices • Green Home Solutions with Demand-Response based Energy Control Engagements.
  6. 6. Remote Diagnostics and Telemedicine • Medical Emergency Response System over IP • Cloud based Electronic Health Records Store • Big Data Scalable Architecture with High-Availability • Physician App to view Patient Records with Interactive Dashboards • Automated Refilling of Drugs in Vending Machine with Consumption Analysis eCommerce Buyer Retention • MIS Reports and Dashboards: Customer Segmentation, Product Movement and Channel Sales • Customer Purchase and Behavior Analysis • Sentiment Analytics • Buying Pattern Mapping with Decision Tree Modelling • Marketing Campaign Prescription with Predictive Modelling using R Engagements.
  7. 7. Thank You! Visit us at: Connect at: eInfochips Services Custom Software Development Mobility Enablement Cloud/SaaS Enablement IoT Solution Design Data Integration and Maintenance Big Data Enablement Analytics Integration BI Integration