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Ebook SEO


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Welcome to the world of search engine optimization.
This eBook is full of tips to get a good positioning.

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Ebook SEO

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  2. 2. eGO Real Estate - eBook Real estate websites 2 Then we have good and bad news for you. The bad news is that it is not possible to put your website on the first position of the search engines instantly. The good news is that we are going to tell you how to optimize your real estate website without penalties or risks. DID WE GET YOUR ATTENTION? Welcome to the world of search engine optimization. This eBook is full of tips to get a good positioning.
  3. 3. eGO Real Estate - eBook Real estate websites 3 THIS EBOOK ADDRESSES THE FOLLOWING ASPECTS 1. What is SEO? 2. Titles and Descriptions of Websites and Properties 3. Website Content 4. Photo Descriptions 5. Responsive Website 6. Link Building 8. Google My Business7. Social Media
  4. 4. eGO Real Estate - eBook Real estate websites 4 - This ebook has many references to Google. It is not the only search engine in the world but it represents more than 80% of global searches; - Whenever you have doubts about how to optimize your real estate website, ask yourself “is this relevant to visitors? How or why?”; - The optimization of a website doesn’t happen instantly, so you will need to define a strategy and be patient to get results; - A well optimized website saves you hundreds of Euros in marketing your real estate company and brings you more potential customers. BEFORE WE START... If you follow the tips we are giving you, you’ll be building an excellent basis for Google to “like” your website! Back to index
  5. 5. eGO Real Estate - eBook Real estate websites 5 Website optimization, usually called SEO (Search Engine Optimization), aims to improve the position of a specific website on search engines, such as Google. “But I have already got my real estate website, do I really need to optimize it?” Actually, you don’t, but it would be the same as having the best real estate in a street where no one goes to. You know that you have the best properties and the best service, but if no one finds you, then what’s it for? Optimizing your real estate website will help people to find you easily and to generate more leads. WHAT IS SEO? Website optimization Better Positioning More leads Back to index
  6. 6. eGO Real Estate - eBook Real estate websites 6 When someone searches properties on Google, that person usually types a combination of two keywords “property type” + “location”. As soon as the results show up, the user sees two things: the title and the description of the websites. This information ensures that when clicking on a result, users will find the information they’re looking for. TITLES AND DESCRIPTIONS OF WEBSITES AND PROPERTIES Therefore, you should work this information so that users know what you are promoting. Back to index
  7. 7. eGO Real Estate - eBook Real estate websites 7 The Title of your website should contain the name of your real estate and, for example, your signature or tagline. If someone searches for the name of your real estate, that person already knows it, so he/she “just” needs to confirm that that result is your website. Try not to go over 60 characters. This way, you ensure that the title is not “chopped” on Google! Here’s an example: Title of the Website TITLES AND DESCRIPTIONS OF WEBSITES AND PROPERTIES Silver Coast Real Estate - Luxury Real Estate on the West Side Here are some tips to fill these two fields! Back to index
  8. 8. eGO Real Estate - eBook Real estate websites 8 Your website description should be larger, should contain keywords and should mention the advantages your real estate. It’s your online business card and every opportunity to promote yourself should be seized. We recommend your Description not to have more than 150 characters for the same reason as the one mentioned on the Title. You can create something like: Silver Coast Real Estate - Your Luxury Real Estate on the West Side Searching for luxury properties? We are experts in finding your Dream Home! We take care of the entire process so that you don’t have to worry about anything! Come in! Description of the Website TITLES AND DESCRIPTIONS OF WEBSITES AND PROPERTIES Back to index
  9. 9. eGO Real Estate - eBook Real estate websites 9 Although they technically work in the same way as the Title and Description of your website, you should take some aspects into consideration. As mentioned before, when someone searches for properties, they usually type the property type and location. So, that’s what you should focus on. Enter the type of property, the location and add some distinguishing feature. Above all, features the users usually look for. Example: Property Titles TITLES AND DESCRIPTIONS OF WEBSITES AND PROPERTIES 2 Bedroom Villa in Óbidos - Large garden with view to the Lagoon Back to index
  10. 10. eGO Real Estate - eBook Real estate websites 10 TITLES AND DESCRIPTIONS OF WEBSITES AND PROPERTIES Property Description Property description is important for two reasons: it guarantees that the user gets the results he’s expecting and “shows” the search engines that the content of the website is original, relevant and contains the keywords that the users search. In other words, you should create a description that pleases both the users and the search engines. Having a description with less than 150 characters would be better but you wouldn’t be able to describe all the property. Therefore, you should mention the most relevant aspects, the keywords that define this property, in the beginning, so that the user can see them before clicking the result! Example: Meet one of the most beautiful villas in Óbidos. With view to the Lagoon and with easy access, this is the dream of every family. Visit it! Back to index
  11. 11. eGO Real Estate - eBook Real estate websites 11 TITLES AND DESCRIPTIONS OF WEBSITES AND PROPERTIES Property Titles Property Description Back to index
  12. 12. eGO Real Estate - eBook Real estate websites 12 Content is one of the best ways to get your website well positioned on search engines. Remember three crucial aspects: It must be Original, contain Keywords and Be relevant to the user. To do that, you should add non-commercial content to your website. i.e. you should create pages with information about, for example, the important aspects of the area where your properties are located. If you’re on the West Side of Portugal you may write about the Castle of Óbidos and other places to visit, if you’re in Algarve you can provide information about the best beaches or events. The main idea is to provide relevant information beyond your properties. Nobody likes to get information which is 100% commercial. Warning: this is the perfect place to enter keywords and links to other websites. NOTE Did you know that you can create pages with non-commercial content on eGO Real Estate in just a few seconds? WEBSITE CONTENT Back to index
  13. 13. eGO Real Estate - eBook Real estate websites 13 A picture is worth 1000 words, and with the amount of photos real estate websites have, we can take advantage of them for positioning! Let’s do an exercise: Actually, for Google, they are practically the same. Google doesn’t analyse and understand the content of the photo, you’ll have to add that information and we’ll see how right away. PHOTO DESCRIPTIONS What differences do you see between these two images? Back to index
  14. 14. eGO Real Estate - eBook Real estate websites 14 Photo descriptions must, above all, describe the content. To achieve better positioning, you should take advantage of this field and enter some relevant keywords that describe the property. Take a look at the example below. NOTE Typing the name of your real estate in the description of the photos is tempting. However, those who are looking for your brand will find it once nobody else promotes it. Stay focused, the goal is to be as close as possible to what the user searches! PHOTO DESCRIPTIONS DSCN01112016.JPG “Mansion with garden and swimming pool” Back to index
  15. 15. eGO Real Estate - eBook Real estate websites 15 The internet has evolved and so did mobile devices. In fact, the number of smartphones, tablets and other gadgets is growing every year and the size of the screens is constantly changing. Have you ever thought how long it would take to draw a website to match every screen size? To solve that, we use the so-called Responsive Web Design, which is nothing less than providing a website with the ability to auto-adjust itself to any screen size. What are the advantages? - The user sees your properties on any device; - Your website is easier to browse and, therefore, you receive more leads; - Google gives higher ranking to websites with this feature and this information should not be ignored if you want your website to be well positioned! RESPONSIVE WEBSITE Back to index
  16. 16. eGO Real Estate - eBook Real estate websites 16 Link building is the process of linking an external website to yours. Sounds complex? Don’t worry, it’s very simple. In our daily lives, when doing business, we take other people’s opinion into consideration, for example, to find out if the person ahead of us is reliable and whether the business will be safe. Links between websites - link building - work the same way. The more important the website which has a link to your website is, the greater your chance will be to get a better position on search engines! When it comes to link building, quantity is not quality, but strive to get people sharing your real estate website. There are only benefits! LINK BUILDING Back to index
  17. 17. eGO Real Estate - eBook Real estate websites 17 Although they don’t directly influence the positioning of your website, social networks are a great way to take users to your real estate website and that makes the difference! Promote your website on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social networks. Take users to your website and get more leads. Other than the fact that users see that you have an active brand, you are creating new communication channels. eGO Real Estate has a tool that allows users to search for your properties without ever leaving your Facebook page! Discover it! SOCIAL MEDIA Back to index
  18. 18. eGO Real Estate - eBook Real estate websites 18 As time goes through, the so called Local SEO is becoming more important. In other words, search for information in a specific location. If the user is looking for a property in a particular area, Google will prioritize the websites that have this feature. So, register your real estate on Google My Business and, as soon as someone looks for real estate agencies in your area, yours will be highlighted and with more information. The process is simple and Google helps you in every step. After your registration, users will be able to review your real estate and check your timetable among other relevant information. Remember that all the information about your company must be true and accurate, as there’s nothing worse for your image than not complying with the announced. GOOGLE MY BUSINESS AND LOCAL SEO Back to index
  19. 19. eGO Real Estate - eBook Real estate websites 19 Stay away from all those who promise to put your real estate website on the first search engine results page in a few days. If it sounds too easy, it probably is. Search engine optimization results take time and any action to change this can, for example, have serious repercussions on the search results. Google has lots of methods to analyse whether the optimization is being done correctly or not. People usually say: “The question is not if Google is ever going to find all bad practices, the question is when.” Optimizing a website should be a natural process, without “shortcuts or magic formulas”. Set a clear strategy and focus on promoting your real estate website as mentioned before. The results will appear and your website will be better positioned. WHAT SHOULD YOU AVOID AND PAY ATTENTION TO Back to index
  20. 20. eGO Real Estate - eBook Real estate websites 20 SEO: KEEP UP WITH THE TRENDS! SEO is constantly changing and to be aware of all the updates, you should visit these websites frequently: Back to index
  21. 21. All-in-one real estate solution