giffgaff: A mobile company with community at the core


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Vincent Boon speaking at The Social Conference 2013

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giffgaff: A mobile company with community at the core

  1. 1. giffgaffA mobile company withcommunity at the core
  2. 2. Breaking down barriersbetween your company and your customers
  3. 3. The philosophy which underpins the giffgaff community 1. Mutuality – Members help in recruitment, marketing and advice, they share in the changes of the business 2. Member Involvement – Members help other members problems, get members and spread the word 3. The collective good – Members create a knowledge base with 1000’s of pages of information which can be used and browsed by anyone. 4. Simple – Members are a barometer for keeping things simple and straight forward, ensuring our propositions are easy to use and understand 5. Respect – By giving responsibility for tone back to the community we ensure that even heated discussions stay constructive and have a respectable tone. 6. Feedback – Through consistently asking for, and acting on feedback the company keeps its finger on the pulse and develops the right products and features. 7. Ideas – Having an open ideas board ensures we get the latest thinking and an immediate sense of the urgency on implementing specific suggestions.
  4. 4. Our model is much more than just customer support Customer Service Proposition Development Ideas on any aspect of company development Marketing Technology & TestingAnd your community forum is the main way ‘through the wall’
  5. 5. Simplicity of layout and navigation – critical to success
  6. 6. We are rooted in Social.
  7. 7. Integrating social networks & the community(Community seamlessly integrates into Facebook & Twitter)
  9. 9. Why is social customer service important?• For every customer that complains, at least 25 will not• 85% will return if their issue is resolved promptly vs 91% won’t return if issue isn’t resolved• Dissatisfied people will tell 8-16 people on the web – Average # friends on facebook: 150 – Average # twitter followers: 126 Source: Ad-tech conference 21st Sept 2010: ; Business zone: ; Facebook ; Guardian
  10. 10. 90% of online consumers worldwide trust recommendations from people they know 70% trust consumer opinions posted online 10Source: Business zone:
  11. 11. 75% of customer queries can be resolved by the Community. 100% visits Search and Knowledge Community browse behaviour base 77.1% 22.4% Email an Agent Post in Community 0.3% 0.2% Average response time = Average response time = 2hrs (8am – 6pm) 3 minutes (24/7)Savings of ~ 75% can be achieved versus a traditional model
  12. 12. Fans promote us, defend us and perform customer service for us on the open netCommunity becomes your eyes and ears. And if managed properly will defend you on the wider web
  13. 13. Customers are very happy with Community Care, in fact it makes customers happier Net Promoter Score81 10080 8079 6078 Existing77 40 New76 2075 074 Jul-12 Aug-12 Sep-12 Oct-12 Nov-12 Dec-12 Source: giffgaff member survey & NPS website. NPS is the % of promoters (scoring 9 or 10) less % of detractors (scoring 0 – 6) answering the question “How likely are you to recommend Product X to a friend or colleague?” on a scale of 1-10. Any score over 50 is considered exceptional. Developing the relationships with the community allows you to reach very high levels of CSAT and NPS
  14. 14. Other Community activity Proposition Development Ideas on any aspect of company development Marketing Technology & Testing
  15. 15. • People connect on the go and it’s our community thatleads the way and supports that• With well over 20 different mobile applications created• And downloads of these applications running into the100.000’s
  16. 16. Community members have even designed their ownPoint of Sale Goodybag stand by adamf
  17. 17. Submit: Great giffgaff ideas Over 9000+ ideas in two & half years Over 430+ have been implemented On average that’s 1 idea every 3 days!
  18. 18. 25%+ of connections from existingmembers % of gross connections Member• 25% of connections come from directly trackable get Member member get member activity. 25%• Members have created over 150 videos to assist Primary, in marketing. 75%• Members test releases in Beta before they go fully live.• Members first fulfilled our Microsims demands, by creating an order platform, cutting out micro sims and sending them to our prospects on behalf of giffgaff. Now they send out Nanosims. 35,000 so far have been send out. We gave back £2.9m to members in 2012 The igaff iPhone app – 100% created by giffgaff community 18
  19. 19. How it all fits together:A social customer journey “Only a few weeks later, I seriously started Hears about gg on looking at giffgaff, a company Id been told twitter about by @monkeyonahill.” Tweets regularly – Goes to forum – and tweets gets answers at appear in forum 10.30pm feed Blogs & forum Case Study of giffgaff Orders a SIM using posts again when he gets Payback member Dantup MGM –from Join part of forum “As such, if a member refers a friend, they each get £5! (I got mine thanks to @appleboyy).” Blogs about gg on Activates and In 2 weeks… his own blog – starts helping on • 3 hours online links in forum forum • 25 assists • 3 accepted solutions • 400 page views
  20. 20. Vincent BoonChief of Community@VincentBoon giffgaff @giffgaff