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eEvent Facebook Integration


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Learn how Facebook Integration makes event planning and promotion easy with the eEvent app.

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eEvent Facebook Integration

  1. 1. Your Ticket to Web, Mobile & Social Event Planning Part 1: Facebook Integration
  2. 2. Million of Facebook Users can access your Event, RSVP & Buy Tickets from their Facebook account. All Registrations are centralized on eEvent Your Event on Facebook via eEvent App
  3. 3. Your Event on Your Facebook Page via eEvent Register & Buy Tickets directly on Facebook
  4. 4. Invite Your Friends or Fans on Facebook Guests can use the share features they love on Facebook and on eEvent
  5. 5. No more confusing registration process No more duplicate registrations on different platforms, confusing guests
  6. 6. Exhibit A. Facebook Integration via App (Step-by-Step) 1. Click Facebook integration 2. Connect with Facebook 3. Login to your Facebook account, allow eEvent App 4. Refresh & click Facebook integration one more time
  7. 7. Exhibit B. Associate Your Event with Your Facebook Page If you’re the administrator of your Facebook Page, eEvent allows you to publish the event on your Page
  8. 8. Step 2: Invite Everyone on Your Network via eEvent
  9. 9. RSVP & sell Tickets to your event using email, phone, web, Facebook, or iPad Publish Your Event & Sell Tickets Everywhere
  10. 10. eEvent helps you Maximize Attendance Online