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Shirish Andhare's presentation at eComm 2008

  1. Don’t Break The Trillion Dollar Vault Unlock It! Shirish Andhare, VP Product Marketing, Sylantro
  2. About Sylantro Multiplay Application Feature Server Platform Service Providers Web Services + Developer Program Developers New User Experiences That Drive Adoption Users
  3. New Communication Experiences
  4. Communications As A Service
  5. Driving Desktop Productivity Call Hang Up Hold Toggle Unannounced Transfer Consultative Transfer Add to Conference
  6. Schumpeter: Creative Destruction Source: The Economist 's special survey "Innovation in Industry" (20th February 1999)
  7. Constructive Disintermediation?
  8. The 1:1 Diagnostic Telco vs. Rethink
  9. Challenges The 1 to 1 Diagnostic is based on work by Kosnik, Blair, Ramfelt and Pfeifer from 1987-2000. Stanford University Cultural Differences I don’t understand Principles and Values Clash It’s against my principles and values! Skill Gaps I don’t know how Motivation What’s in it for me? Communication I didn’t know!
  10. I Didn’t Know! Ecomm Speakers VON Spring Speakers
  11. I Don’t Understand You!
  12. You Don’t Understand Me! Telecom IN AIN SCP IVR SAP S-CSCF Parlay CSTA 3GPP OMA SIP RTP RTSP CTI POTS TDM ISDN CDMA TDM Centrex Circuit Switching CCS Inband Central Office DTMF DID ACD PRI BRI PSTN PTT PCM SS7 SMDI E1 Trunk T1 Line Loop Start Ground Start Simplex Repeater MSC Transfer IMS ECMA CCITT HSS LERG P-CSCF GSM Long distance U-Law PBX Diameter
  13. What’s In It For Me? Pure Voice Revenues Trillion Do Nothing $ Time
  14. What’s In It For Me? Revenues From Bundling Services (Closed Business Model) Trillion Traditional Services Bundling $
  15. What’s In It For Me? Revenues From Multiplay Services (Open Business Models) Trillion New Multiplay Service Models $ Time
  18. An eComm 2008 presentation – for more

Editor's Notes

  1. Self intro Talk about keeping the attention of the audience with a different perspective