Sean O\'Sullivan\'s presentation at eComm 2008

Apr. 10, 2008

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Sean O\'Sullivan\'s presentation at eComm 2008

  1. Roll Your Own Voice Apps Sean O Sullivan, CTO, Dial2Do
  2. View from the Trenches The Cliffs of API Insanity Ridge of Extraordinarily high Mobile and SMS Prices (Europe) Lake of Cheap Voice Minutes (US, rising) Open Plain of Asterisk Lower slopes of VoiceXML Inhospitable Passes of Speech Recognition Gully of Incompatibilities Cave of Operator Deal-Prevention Unit Hell
  3. Handsfree helps
  4. Dial2Do
  5. Dial2Do
  6. Dial2Do
  7. Dial one number to … “ Reminder ” “ Text” “ Email ” “ Listen ”
  8. Email “ Email” “ Dave” “ Hi Dave, err. Just wanted To let you know. You’re fired” Call Dial2Do “ Do What?” “ EmailWho ?” “ Email What ?”
  9. Calendar “ Meeting with Larry on Tuesday at 11am”
  10. twitter “ Twitter” “ In the pub, the singing has started. ” Call Dial2Do “ Do What?” “ Twitter What ?”
  11. Jajah “ Adrienne Wolfe” Call Dial2Do “ Do What?” “ Jajah Who ?” “ OK. Jajah will connecting you to Adrienne Wolfe at 23c per minute. Jajah will call you back.” “ Jajah”
  12. One Number Many Services one number to get things done. Calling Dial2Do Email Reminder Diary SMS
  13. Hosted Platform Dial 2 do hosted platform VoiceXML, Call Control, Security, Service Management, Contact Management Services … Service specific ddi or “keyword”
  14. Dial2Do Dial2Do now open for Beta Registrations North America, UK, Ireland One Number to Get Things Done…wherever you are
  15. An eComm 2008 presentation – for more