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Optimizing Your Next Demand Generation Campaign - Best Practices, 9 10 09


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Current VAR paradigm to marketing. New approaches, real life examples. VAR ROI: Customer Lifetime Value.

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Optimizing Your Next Demand Generation Campaign - Best Practices, 9 10 09

  1. 1. Optimizing Your Next Demand Generation Campaign - Best Practices Why your current method of ROI tracking is wrong! Will Gibney Vice President eCoast 603.516.7430
  2. 2. eCoast Overview Specializing in scalable, result-based channel demand generation services to the technology industry. Customer Profiles -Manufacturers & Distributors -National VARS -Regional & Local VARS Service Offerings -Demand Generation -Pay-for-Performance Appointment Setting -Inbound Marketing -Web Marketing Technology Specializations --Unified Communications -Network Security -Storage & Virtualization -Managed Services eCoast Facts Years in Business: 9 Employees: 135 Location: Rochester, NH 30,000 square foot location Footprint: US/Canada & Europe Ownership: Privately Held Number of Calling Agents: 100 50+ Manufacturer Certified Agents Approved Channel Vendor for; HP, Microsoft, Cisco, Avnet, Dell, Motorola, Citrix.
  3. 3. What are we NOT going to cover!
  4. 4. Will it blend?
  5. 5. Social Media slide (with logos)
  6. 6. What we are going to cover? 1. Current VAR Paradigm to Marketing 2. New Approaches 3. Real life examples 4. VAR ROI: Customer Lifetime Value
  7. 7. 65% of VARs grow by word-of- mouth.
  8. 8. Everyone wants the Glenn Garry leads that are ready to close
  9. 9. You’ve all received “bad” leads
  10. 10. outside sales What the typical rep does…
  11. 11. Let past bad leads cloud their judgment.
  12. 12. BANT = Budget, Authority, Need, Timing
  13. 13. Does outbound marketingstill work?
  14. 14. Best Practices for approaching a net new opportunity?
  15. 15. Adjust your Expectations
  16. 16. AINT = Authority, Interest, Need, Timing
  17. 17. Find the pain
  18. 18. best prospecting approaches for channel partners today? What are the
  19. 19. Keep your line in the water.
  20. 20. Actual Closed Deal….
  21. 21. Conversation Lead Notes Prospect (CFO) explained that there has not been an IT department for over a year and Said they have a lot of hardware problems and is woefully out of date with updates, Patches and security updates and would like to work with Partner to set up managed services for the college. The company received a proposal from Partner in February 2008 for Managed Services and was not able to move forward with Partner. They are now interested in moving in the forward with the project and would like to re-engage with Partner to since they have not had contact with them since February 2008. Pain Statement The college has no IT Staff and is looking for a Managed solution to maintain their Network and Phone systems to keep them updated and provide maintain them.
  22. 22. Lead Generation or Appointment Setting?
  23. 23. Building Trust doesn’t happen in 2 phone calls.
  24. 24. FACE-TO-FACE 80% of communication is non-verbal.
  25. 25. Results-Oriented Pay-for-Performance
  26. 26. “All went well today and we have set up another meeting for May 22nd. They are buying in 3-6 months. Thanks for the appointment” “Jay, I met with Geostrom yesterday. This was by far the most qualified call you have booked. There are multiple opportunities and it sounds like there is budget to spend.” - Axis Solutions 3-TD, Inc. meeting went well. I have a $7K proposal to go over with Mr. Brant next week. Thanks! ” DMB Technologies, LLC. “Meeting went well with PT Real Estate…it never hurts to fill the pipeline! My contact said very good things about your sales contact person” Corbel Solutions “Meeting was great, we have a quote in place for phase I at $70K worth of Cisco gear. Phase 2 could be another $50K. We look good!” - Building Better Networks
  27. 27. Let’s look at an Actual Appointment….
  28. 28. 150K Closed Deal Conversation Lead Notes Kim said that they have an older Nortel Norstar purchased in 1999 with 75 telephones at 1 location. They have an 8 year old Nortel Norstar Telephone system that has reached its end of life status and is no longer supported. Kim stated that she is interested in reviewing Cisco's UC solution and the Nortel/Mitel trade in promotion. Action Item Summary Kim is expecting an on site appointment on Thursday, October 25th at 9:30 AM CST. I sent a confirmation Outlook Appointment Reminder to Kim at
  29. 29. Use Manufacturer’s Resources.
  30. 30. Deal Registration should be a VAR’s Best friend.
  31. 31. Real Life Example #1
  32. 32. Engaged in a 8 appointment campaign
  33. 33. Set a meeting for
  34. 34. Early to the table on a UC Deal
  35. 35. Building a relationship
  36. 36. Registered the deal with Cisco
  37. 37. Closed Greenfield UC deal $200,000
  38. 38. “We were able to register a deal and utilize Cisco OIP channel pricing which allowed us to ultimately beat the competition and win the deal.” -Kyle Hair, Co-owner of Decian
  39. 39. Tracking the ROI
  40. 40. It’s not the 1st deal that matters…
  41. 41. Or the Size of 1st DEAL It’s about the Long-term Relationship.
  42. 42. can lead to Larger ones Small deals
  43. 43. What is your Customers Lifetime Value?
  44. 44. Goals were to build their commercial business… Start generating leads.
  45. 45. Generated lead Closed Cisco ASA Router valued @ 10K.
  46. 46. Started building a relationship
  47. 47. We currently have outstanding relationships from the CIO down to the Network manager. “ ”
  48. 48. “Since the original lead which was a simple security lead (ASA) with have provided engineering services worth $30,000 and most recently closed an UC opportunity worth $375,000 and an infrastructure and Cabling opportunity for $105,000.”
  49. 49. Force 3 Video Testimonial
  50. 50. Take Aways 1. Old Techniques don’t work 2. Change your approach/paradigm 3. Are you staying aggressive? 4. What is your Customer Lifetime Value?
  51. 51. Calculate your Customer Lifetime Value: 1436.html
  52. 52. What’s next? Pre-Campaign ROI Calculator: Free List Preview: Force 3 Video Case Study: VAR Marketing Blog: Web: Twitter: @eCoastWillyG Will it Blend? Videos: Book: The Trusted Advisor, David Maister Contact Will:, 603.516.7430
  53. 53. Next Webinar: Social Media Marketing for the Channel – Part 2 Tuesday, September 15, 1pm EST Register at the eCoast home page: • Recap of the top Social Media options • Managing your Social Media strategy • Converting Social Media Marketing into leads • Giveaway another Flip Video Camera!