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Getting the Most from Your MDF Dollars


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A Sirius Decisions report states that in order to help drive demand generation, channel organizations send between 35-54% of channel marketing budgets on programs for their partners. But, did you know approximately $250 million made available to channel partners in MDF goes unclaimed each year?

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Getting the Most from Your MDF Dollars

  1. 1. ead Generation • Lead Nurturing • MDF Dollars • Appointment Setting •ulti-touch • Attendance Generation • Google AdWords • Social Media • Mch • MDF Dollars • Website Redesign • List Purchases • Email Marketiect Mailings • Lead Generation • Lead Nurturing • Appointment SettingMulti-touch • Attendance Generation • Google AdWords • MDF DollarsGetting the Most fromYour MDF DollarsWe’ll help you apply for and leverage your MDF$ 1.877.766.7355 ©2013 eCoast Sales Solutions
  2. 2. Are You Utilizing the MDFs AvailableTo You As A Reseller?A Sirius Decisions report states that in order to helpdrive demand generation, channel organizations spendbetween 35-54% of channel marketing budgets onprograms for their partners. Of these programs, 80-90%are funded through proposal-based Market DevelopmentFunds (MDFs).While it’s no secret that manufacturers have adjustedthe way they distribute partner-funded programs,rest assured, there IS money out there for you tohave. Also, trends are showing partner-driven demandprograms are on the rise.So, What’s the Big Problem AroundMDF Programs?Successful MDF programs can drive revenue, produceincreased awareness about your business, and, in somecases, offer incentives and rewards from the manufac-turer. Each year, approximately one billion dollars aremade available to channel partners, but did you know anestimated 25% of the $1 billion in MDF available to thechannel goes unclaimed each year?After years of working with manufacturers and theirchannel partners, we find there are two common prob-lems around resellers and distributors accessing MDFFunds: Awareness and Participation.Are you eligible toparticipate in MDFprograms? Contactyour manufacturerto find out.Awareness of the FundsDon’t kick yourself for not knowing! Some manufacturer programs have sales tiers or quali-fiers in order to participate, so you should check with your manufacturer to see if you areeligible. Your manufacturer may also require you receive training or achieve certain levels ofcertification.Co-op funding may be more readily available than MDF funds, as they’re usually allocatedbased on incentives or sales levels. They also don’t require much pre-qualification. MDF fundscan be a little more challenging as the programs tend to be less defined and manufacturersrely on the partner to “propose” how to use the funds.What Can MDF Funds Do For You?BrandAwarenessIncreaseSalesCreateLeadsStrenthenRelationships> > >in MDF availableto the channelgoes unclaimedeach year.$250M
  3. 3. Available MDF/Co-Op ProgramsLeadGenerationThe generation ofbuyer interest orinquiry into prod-ucts or services of abusiness.LeadNuturingThe building of rela-tionships with poten-tial clients even ifthey are not currentlylooking to buy.AppointmentSettingThe making of quali-fied appointmentsto develop salesleads and increasenew client revenue.AttendanceGenerationTo drive qualifiedprospects to eventssuch as tradeshows,conferences, presen-tations and webinars.GoogleAdWordsKeyword advertisingsystem in which adsappear as “sponsoredlinks” on the Googleresults pages.Social MediaCampaignsThe process ofgaining traffic orattention throughsocial media, i.e.blogging, Facebook.Multi-touchCampaignsMarketingcampaigns thatutilize multiplemethods of reachingout to prospects.EmailMarketingA form of directmarketing which useselectronic mail as ameans of communi-cating to consumers.ListPurchasesCustom-targetedmailing lists basedon geographic anddemographic criteria.WebsiteRedesignThe process ofrevamping a websiteto keep it fresh,up-to-date, and user-friendly.DirectMailingsA form of directmarketing which usesmail as a means ofcommunicating toconsumers.Market DevelopmentFunds (MDFs)range from salessupport to full-scalemarketing nurturecampaigns.Manufacturers Want You ToParticipate In MDFWhen we talk to the manufacturers, the biggest chal-lenge heard involves getting their channel partners toparticipate in these programs!To address some of the complexities around MDFproposals, more channel marketing teams are puttingtogether prescriptive channel plays from which a partnercan choose to simplify the process. These plays outlinethe marketing activity, cost, duration, components anddeliverables. For those who are new to the MDF world,the idea of planning, executing and reporting ROI canbe overwhelming, so manufacturers are also lining upthird party marketing and sales resources to help.How Do I Get Started?Channel marketing teams have goals for field partici-pation, so the impetus is on your reseller organizationto determine their eligibility and take advantage of theprograms being offered to accelerate sales.• Contact your manufacturers to learn about their MDFprograms, and find out if you’re eligible.• If you are not eligible, find out how to becomeeligible in order to participate.If you are eligible for MDF, you will need to consider theparameters of your goal:• What, specifically, are you hoping to achieve?• How much money is available to you?• How long are you expecting the program to last?• How much involvement do you want with the executionof the program?
  4. 4. eCoast Can HelpSuppliers trust eCoast to manage their channel lead generation programs because of ourproven record of helping their partners succeed. We’ll help you apply for, and leverage, all theresources they’ve made available to you for channel partner marketing programs.eCoast’s depth of experience from managing tens of thousands successful partner programsmeans that we know how to ensure your success. Our demand generation services will drivedemand for your business and build healthy sales pipelines to support your business goals.From appointment setting and lead qualification campaigns to content marketing and searchengine optimization strategies, we fuel demand to grow your business. Vist for more information. Or call us at 1.877.766.7355.References 1.877.766.7355 ©2013 eCoast Sales SolutionsWe’ll help you apply forand leverage your MDF