Insight Technologies Case Study 2013


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Insight Technologies was looking for a way to expand their contacts, influence future sales, and grow their business as efficiently as possible. They have worked with eCoast on 14 campaigns and have obtained more than 75 new accounts.

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Insight Technologies Case Study 2013

  1. 1. Case Study: Insight TechnologiesAbout Insight TechnologiesInsight Technologies, Inc is an innovative and rapidly growing full-service ITconsulting firm. They provide clients with cutting-edge technologies and theknow-how to apply them to their clients individual business models.In business since 1978, Insight Technologies provides unique technologysolutions that are customized to meet the specific demands of their client’sbusiness. Learn more about them at were able to close a $150,000 deal with aprior client that we probably wouldn’t havegotten on our own.Don Fisk, CEO at Insight Technologies“ 1.877.766.7355 © eCoast
  2. 2. The ChallengeInsight Technologies plans, develops and implements new technologies thathelp its customers improve their businesses and competitive advantages.Insight Technologies was looking for a way to expand their contacts, influencefuture sales, and grow their business as efficiently as possible.“Sending out brochures with no follow up netted us very low results,” saidDon Fisk, CEO at Insight Technologies. They would also purchase a list andattempt outbound calling, but experienced inconsistency with contactingthe leads. Fisk’s sales team spent a lot of time leaving voice messages andultimately, those leads fell out of the funnel. When his team was able to getsomeone on the phone, they weren’t always getting the right information.Their situation is not atypical. Those in sales want to sell, and feel prospectingisn’t the best use of their time or skills. Insight Technologies wanted warmleads to follow up on, that would allow their team to reduce the amount oftime they spent prospecting and do what they do best – 1.877.766.7355 © eCoast 2Sending out brochures with no follow upnetted us very low results.Don Fisk, CEO at Insight Technologies“
  3. 3. Insight Technologies has worked with eCoast on14 campaigns and has obtained more than 75new 1.877.766.7355 © eCoast3Attract Nuture Prioritize SelleCoast’s appointment setting packages generate qualified sales leads and get you in front of key targets. These meetings willallow you to explain your company’s value, benefits and resources, and ultimately, increase sales.Measure Effectiveness
  4. 4. The SolutionInsight Technologies engaged with eCoast through the HP campaign mar-keting site. They worked closely with the account specialist at eCoast to setgoals for the number of appointments they wanted to obtain based on thesize of their list and budget.“eCoast managed the contact list,” said Fisk, “and allowed us to review it inorder to remove competitors or existing clients, thus ensuring that we wouldbe talking to net new clients.”When Insight Technologies first began working with eCoast more than twoyears ago, they began with a lead generation campaign, but then convertedto appointment setting. In this case, the appointments have worked betterfor the team. They use the database on the eCoast website to manage allof their contacts, which includes the communications eCoast calling agentshave with the client. “All the conversations are well documented,” saidFisk, “we are always up to date on the correspondence with the clients.”Insight Technologies’ business development managers (BDMs) follow up onthe appointments set by eCoast. Then, after their meeting, the BDMs sendFisk and Jay McCarthy, Insight Technologies’ Program Manager at eCoast, asummary of the appointment.“Our program manager is very attentive to details and ensures that the leadsare of the highest quality. When a lead turns out to not be what both of usbelieved, they would work to replace it with a more qualified candidate.” 1.877.766.7355 © eCoast 4Our program manager is very attentive todetails and ensures that the leads are of thehighest quality.Don Fisk, CEO at Insight Technologies“
  5. 5. 1.877.766.7355 © eCoastOur relationship with eCoast will continue tothrive. They are very helpful in assisting us inmaking contacts and keeping the appointments.Through their efforts we have saved countlesshours of cold calling with a better success ratethan if our sales people had attempted to do itthemselves.Don Fisk, CEO at Insight Technologies“The ResultsFisk explains that this process between his team and eCoast has shortenedthe sales cycle a bit; it all depends where the prospect is in the funnel. “It canstill be a long process, but this has saved me a pile of time.”Insight Technologies has worked with eCoast on 14 campaigns and hasobtained more than 75 new accounts. In addition to generating net newopportunities, eCoast was able to rekindle a relationship with one of InsightTechnologies’ customers.The timing was just right. The client was at the beginning stage of purchasingservers and SANs. He picked up eCoast’s call and opened up to the callingagent when he learned they were calling on behalf of Insight Technologies.The client and Insight Technologies reengaged, and Insight Technologies wasable to close a $150,000 deal. “The client said they had forgotten aboutgiving us a call,” said Fisk. If eCoast hadn’t called right at that time, “weprobably wouldn’t have gotten it on our own.”About eCoasteCoast Sales Solutions provides high quality demand generation services thathelps businesses and their distribution channels drive demand by buildingsales pipelines to support business goals. From appointment setting and leadqualification campaigns to content marketing and search engine optimizationstrategies, we fuel demand to grow your business.