Internet Marketing Solutions For Local Small Medium Businesses


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eClickStudio is a Top Internet Marketing Solutions Company for Local Small / Medium Businesses based in Israel. Specializing in Internet Marketing Services that include Search Engine Optimization (SEO Services), PPC Management, Online Advertising, & Local Search Marketing, Article Marketing, Viral Marketing, Web Video Production and Promotion Services also include Website Marketing, Email Marketing, Online Promotion, Pay Per Click Advertising, Link Building, and Social Media Marketing.

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Internet Marketing Solutions For Local Small Medium Businesses

  1. 1. Local Search Marketing on the Internet Bringing Businesses to the Masses Using Modern Technology and Forward Thinking.
  2. 2. Outline of Contents • Getting to Know Local Search and Search Engine Optimization • Why Local Search Marketing Makes Sense • The Real Value of Your Website • Traffic Sources for Your Website • Getting into Local Search • Using Google Business Center • Social Marketing – Facebook and Twitter • Video and Viral Marketing • Email Marketing and List Building • Creating a Single, Streamlined Process
  3. 3. What is Local Search? • A special subset of traditional search results, allowing businesses to target customers in their region. • Local Marketing appears in standard search, map searches, and mobile phone searches. • Same marketing tactics you’re used to – only on the Internet instead. • It’s about building relationships and creating a brand people trust. • Many don’t understand local search. Many myths and misconceptions out there.
  4. 4. The Advantages of Local Web Marketing • Cost Effective – Save money with better targeting. • Fast Turnaround – Measure your Return on Investment quickly with immediate results. • Easy to Track – Retrieve and analyze results quickly for vital data. • Connected – Use strategies across multiple platforms for bigger results. • Efficiency – Be seen quickly with less effort.
  5. 5. How to Be Seen on the Internet • Your Website • Local Search Results (Google Maps, Yahoo! Local, Bing, Ask) • Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising • Search Engine Marketing • Social Networking • Video and Viral Marketing
  6. 6. The Value of Your Website • Showcase what makes you special directly to your audience • Reach Multiple audiences at once • Build toward a single action – Call to Action (CTA) • Get them to call, email, provide info or come back later • Always offer tangible value. • Connect with other profiles and brand support. • Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Articles • Measure everything!
  7. 7. Where Does the Traffic Come From? • Local Search Engines • Google Maps, Yahoo! Local, Bing Local, Yelp, YellowPages • Paid Advertising on Google and Yahoo! • 67% of people searching for products online will make their purchase offline! • Internet advertising for local businesses has quadrupled in 2 years to $13 billion! • Nearly half of Google searches are done for local products or businesses. • Social Networks and Viral Media boosts awareness and supports your website.
  8. 8. Search Engine Marketing The goal is to get your business on the search results page for specific keywords your customers are searching for. Being on Page 1 puts you where your customers are looking – creating a directly link between you and their search for products. Get into the search results in three ways: 1. Local Search (Google Maps) 2. Traditional Search (Google) 3. Paid Advertising (Google AdWords)
  9. 9. Are You On the Map? Google Maps and Yahoo! Local – provide location keyed results for web searches. • Google now shows Local Map results in traditional searches. • Services are the key to effective placement on Google Maps. • Optimization methods are different than normal search • Reviews, proximity, business description, and your website all important. • Claim Your Listings to Get Started
  10. 10. Getting in the Local Business Center Getting in Local Business Results is Vital for Your Website • Create a Google Account IMPORTANT: • Go to Get Reviews from • Click on Add New Business sites like Yelp, • Always Use Keywords and Full Business Name to CitySearch, and Describe Business InsiderPages • Choose 1 Phone Number with Local Area Code for Get Links and Every Listing You use Citations from • Claim and Add Your Listing Authority Sites! • Verify Your Listing By Phone for Immediate Inclusion
  11. 11. Get Seen with Pay Per Click Advertising Highly Targeted Local Search Advertising Costs Less and Gets High Click Thru • Keep your own budget. • View results instantly. • Manage with ease and speed. • No long term commitments or contracts. • Never worry about hitting the wrong audience. • Test and retest in real time for better ROI.
  12. 12. Organic Search – Long Term Benefits Organic Search leads to long term, high quality results with minimal future investment. • 80% Click through Rates on Organic Listings • Greater Trust Because of Search Engine Placement • Much Higher Return on Investment • Every Dollar Invested Provides Long Term Benefits, Rather than Short Term Gains • Built on Authority Links and Website Quality, Building Overall Trust • Be in the Game for Longer with Better Results
  13. 13. Getting Social with Facebook and Twitter Social Networks Becoming New Standard for Easy, Quick Communication with Customers • Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, MySpace and More • Develops Brand Awareness and Builds Trust • Create Long Term Connections with Friend and Following Status • Create Word of Mouth with Engaging Content • Facilitate Conversation and Trending for your Products or Services
  14. 14. The Perfect Facebook Page More than 400 Million Users, Including 30% of US Population. Nearly 1 Million Daily Signups – 45% of US users over 26 years old with household income over $50K • Tools Built in for Business Use • Easy to Use with Integration in Organic Search Results • General Awareness – Most Customers Have Used Facebook • Can Maintain from a Mobile Phone or Laptop Computer • Integrates Well in Your Storefront.
  15. 15. Twitter Marketing 101 • Create Your Account and Track Your Niche – Look for mentions of your service or brand name in Twitter Search. • Add a Good Picture, Write a Good Bio, and Contact People Regularly. • Communication is Key – Talk to them about their lives. Whole Foods has Built an Empire on Twitter with 1.7 Million Followers
  16. 16. Twitter Marketing 102 • Share links, build trust, and ask questions. • Mention Local Events and Non-Work Stories • Minimize Who You Follow to Cut Down on Chatter • Retweet with RT @NAME to Boost Exposure • Add Employees and Co-managers to Your Profile to Create Depth and Character
  17. 17. Twitter in Style Use Your Mobile Phone for Constant Easy Access. • iPhone and BlackBerry Twitter Apps are quick and easy to install. Desktop Apps make Twitter access easier than ever: • TweetDeck – Works on PC and iPhone to track multiple accounts and tweet anywhere. • Twellow – YellowPages style Twitter search engine – great for niche searches.
  18. 18. Video Production Creating videos in today’s technology rich world is easier than ever. Use webcams, inexpensive Flip video cameras, and more to produce simple, easy videos for marketing • Value in understanding what works and what doesn’t. • Optimize for Google listings and YouTube posts. • Showcase what makes your company special with specific filming techniques.
  19. 19. Get Your Face to the Public More than 1 billion videos viewed each day on YouTube. • Businesses Use YouTube to Create Trust, Share Information, and Discuss Services. • Put a Face on Your Business. • Add Value in Each Video You Post. • Upload Videos of Your Work Place – with Employees and Customers Involved. • Post Short Walkthroughs and Discussions of Hot Niche Topics. • Link YouTube Videos from Facebook and Twitter Accounts for More Exposure.
  20. 20. List Building and Email Marketing Collect Email addresses and names for direct access to your customer base. • Prospects opt-in by providing their email address in exchange for valuable information • Free reports, service updates, discounts, newsletters. • Communicate directly to build relationships, grow trust and breed loyalty. • Direct Marketing at its finest. A cost effective and highly targeted marketing tool to draw repeat business. • Follow the CAN-SPAM Act Regarding Email Marketing
  21. 21. One Streamlined Process • Combine Local Search, Organic SEO, and Paid Advertising with Viral Marketing and Social Networking for Simple Business Strategy • Link Multiple Sites with Reviews and Authority Citations • Create a Brand Across the Internet that is Consistent • Develop a Name that Your Readers Can Trust and Will Search for Offline and Online • Develop Knowledge and Growth in New Niches
  22. 22. eClickStudio Services Offered • Search Engine Optimization • Pay Per Click Advertising • Local Search Marketing • Social Media Marketing • Video Search Marketing o Video Production o Video Promotion • Article Creation and Distribution
  23. 23. What Will This Cost? Your business’s future depends on what happens with your website and local search results. Combine cost effective options and world class local search optimization with eClickStudio. Explore our in depth video presentations on each one of our marketing services offered, and get a price quote on your chosen marketing packages that are custom tailored to your business needs.
  24. 24. Thank You! Visit Us-