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Google analytics event - Jan 2010


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Google analytics event - Jan 2010

  1. 2. This evening The new website By Alistair from Tineke Google Analytics By Jonny Green and Dorte Knights-Branch
  2. 3. Google Analytics – what’s the point? :: FREE and very easy to set up! :: Base decisions on facts and not “I think” :: Use it to test different changes, what works best (converts most?) :: Linked with PPC, manage and monitor your £ spend
  3. 4. Google Analytics :: How to set it up :: How to share your data with us :: How to filter out your internal traffic :: How to set up a goal :: How to set up a funnel :: Which metrics should you look at and how do you respond to them :: Useful extra options?
  4. 5. How to set it up Very quick and easy 1. Register for the account (2 min job) 2. Google gives you a little piece of code 3. Copy and paste the code into your site
  5. 6. How to share your data
  6. 7. How to filter out your internal traffic
  7. 8. How to set up a goal and funnel – Step 1
  8. 9. How to set up a goal and funnel – step 2
  9. 10. How to monitor downloads You can also use “Event tracking” for this. Maybe be better for video and music downloads for example.
  10. 11. Which metrics and how often? :: Have a good proper look once a month at the most important metrics. (When doing changes, check more often) :: Have a more indebt look every 3-6 month, depending on seasonality of your sector. :: Just looking isn’t enough! Act on the stats!
  11. 12. Which metrics are important and how do you respond to them? :: Number of visits :: Pages/visit :: Time on site :: New vs. returning
  12. 13. Number of visitors, not just about the home page Responding to the stats :: Look at how people are navigating through your site, use: Navigation summary Site overlay :: Revisit your key words and double check your page optimisation
  13. 14. Bounce rate, by keyword and by entry page Responding to the stats :: Look at your landing pages for the phrases. It is instantly clear what the page does and where to go next? :: Are you getting bouncing traffic from phrases that are not relevant? :: If using PPC for bouncing phrases, turn it off until you have fixed the problem.
  14. 15. Traffic source Responding to the stats :: Are you getting enough organic search traffic? :: Is traffic coming from sites you expect it to come from, ex affiliate sites? :: Can you find other similar sites to get more traffic from? :: Can you spot new geographic markets?
  15. 16. The extra bits to look out for http:// =D4QePIt_TTs http:// =8WUoGWtQyK0 http:// = yvkvMjPJXmM Advanced segments Custom reporting Motion charts Site overlay Benchmarking
  16. 17. 5 action points <ul><li>Ensure Google analytics is set up and tracking </li></ul><ul><li>Share your Google Analytics data with us </li></ul><ul><li>Filter out your internal traffic </li></ul><ul><li>Set up at least one goal </li></ul><ul><li>Set up at least one funnel </li></ul>
  17. 18. Next event 25 th Feb - Nottingham Cape bar, Hockley 2 nd March – Leicester De Montfort University. Queens Building, Room 1.14 (upstairs)