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How to Make LinkedIn Work for You

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How to Make LinkedIn Work for You

  1. 1. How to Make LinkedIn Work for You
  2. 2. Why are you on LinkedIn?
  3. 3. LinkedIn is a Beast CV / Resume on crack References on demand Cover Letter Personality
  4. 4. LinkedIn is your Brand If you are a creative worker or consultant, much more important than a website or blog.
  5. 5. Steer your brand toward your objective.
  6. 6. Great, smiling headshot In the right clothes for the job you want JUST OF YOU! no dogs, no babes, no spooning
  7. 7. Write your full professional name Add all other names somewhere else in profile • maiden names • nicknames • misspell, with/without accents
  8. 8. Eye-popping Headline 40 characters | Many titles | Not current job title | Your brands
  9. 9. Summary <2000 words 1. Who You Are -Professionally -Volunteering -3 words to describe -Sell your passion 2. What You Do -What problem do you solve -Your unique value proposition -Any spectacular achievements / milestones
  10. 10. Summary <2000 words 4. The part no one reads -Filled with any and all SEO keywords in all forms. -“X years of experience in:…” 3. Call to Action -What are you looking for? -Clients? A job? Business partners? Funding? Advice?
  11. 11. Work Experience Entire work history connected to Official business profiles You’re now secondary connections to all people who’ve ever worked there
  12. 12. Add all possible job titles | roles for one company | grouping roles by company Add proof, samples, links, posts, videos
  13. 13. • Describe key responsibilities • Mention problem you faced / positive action you took • Numerical goals / numbers whenever • Saved money • Increased productivity • Increased revenue • Keep things short, bullets For each job position
  14. 14. 10 Recommendations Offer suggestions, keywords, your objectives, the more specific the better
  15. 15. All Education / Certificates Need more “expertise”? Pay for Coursera shows up on LinkedIn
  16. 16. 50 Skills based on keywords Order Most to Least Important First 10 = most suggested for Endorsements
  17. 17. NEVER KEEP What LinkedIn Auto-generates • Change your Headline • Change your Job Titles • Change your Skills
  18. 18. Volunteer Experience 1 in 5 hires made from LinkedIn volunteer experience alone.
  19. 19. Fill in all other fields, including languages, other key terms
  20. 20. Make sure your contact info is what you want public, only what you check
  21. 21. Create a Vanity URL Add to all Email Signatures Looking for a job? Add as your website on Twitter, Meetup…
  22. 22. Use the LinkedIn App
  23. 23. Add everyone whose professional connection you appreciate
  24. 24. Don’t do this! Go where people who can give you work actually are.
  25. 25. Stalk Your Dream Clients Join the group/s they’re in If you see theirs, they might see yours
  26. 26. Go for BIG Groups Or super niche.
  27. 27. Don’t join work or alumni groups a waste of a group (unless you’re active in group)
  28. 28. Attend an event? Add everyone on LinkedIn / Twitter IMMEDIATELY Save cards for direct message follow-up next week
  29. 29. Follow any company or LinkedIn Influencer you’d ever like to work with (no limit here)
  30. 30. Stake out the competition aka “business intelligence” Where are they surpassing you in search results?
  31. 31. Update often. LinkedIn likes this.
  32. 32. Schedule 1-2 updates a day to stay on top of mind and your connections’ feeds Your relevant work, thought leadership
  33. 33. What are you waiting for?!