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Print from-kindle-fire


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Print from-kindle-fire

  1. 1. Present by Epubor
  2. 2. Google recommends you to use CloudReady Printers, because you need not todo extra setup job with these printers,they are:
  3. 3. If your printer is not included in the list, pleasefollow these steps: 1, Install Chrome on your computer 2, Click the wrench icon on the browser toolbar 3, Select Settings 4, Click the Show advanced settings link
  4. 4. 5, Scroll down to the “Google Cloud Print” section.Click Sign in to Google Cloud6, In the window that appears, sign in with your GoogleAccount to enable the Google Cloud Print connector.7, A printer confirmation message appears andclick Finish printer registration.8, Youll see a confirmation that Google Cloud Print hasbeen enabled. ClickManage your printers to learn more.
  5. 5. EasyPrint is afree app and itworks well, so Itake this app asthe example.You can alsofind moresimilar apps inthis post.
  6. 6. Login yourGoogleaccount first.
  7. 7. The tiny “Add” button hide inthe left bottom corner.
  8. 8. Fill in your Username andPassword, and click “Login”
  9. 9. Finishing the registration, your account willshow up here.
  10. 10. First we tryto printdocument
  11. 11. You can choosemulti documents,then click “Print”
  12. 12. Kindle Google Your Your Fire Server computer printer The file your choose will be emailed to Google server from your Kindle Fire, then Google transfer the print order and material to your computer, finally it arrives your printer and get print out.
  13. 13. You can alsoprint yourGoogle Docs files,as easy as printdocuments inyour Kindle Fire.
  14. 14. For easily printing web pages and email from KindleFire, I recommend you another app “PrinterShare” It costs $12.95 but worth the money.
  15. 15. Go to the web pageyou want to print,and open thebottom menu andclick “Share page”
  16. 16. Share via“PrinterShare”
  17. 17. Zoom in & outto customizethe page sizeyou want toprint.Then click “Print”
  18. 18. Select yourprinter, andchoose the papersize, then click“Print”
  19. 19. See the Gmail Tab? But ifyou are using a native(un-rooted) Kindle Fire, youwill fail to use thisfunction because Amazonhas wiped out all theGoogle information inKindle Fire, therefore the“PrinterShare” can’t grabthe Google Accountinformation and fail toload your emails. If you are running a nativeBut don’t worry, there will Google Android system, you canalways be a solution. use this feature normally.
  20. 20. Don’t forgetyou can accessto your emailsin web browser,then print themjust like printweb pages.
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