E banking security-09-logistics


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E banking security-09-logistics

  1. 1. Produce transport and deliver
  2. 2. 09 Produce, transport and deliver • Without fulfillment there is no eBanking security solution. • This is where you make sure the practical ingredients are produced and delivered to its destination, in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.eBankingSecurity.net
  3. 3. 09 Choose the right production plant • At this stage you have a real chance to influence the environmental aspects of your eBanking security solution. • What kind of batteries are your devices loaded with? • The right choice at this stage has been known to reduce battery waste by several tons per annum, per bank.eBankingSecurity.net
  4. 4. 09 Include information material • Inquire with the factory about delivering complete packages in order to gain efficiencies and cut costs. • Can they deliver device, user guide and covering letter together? • If you have established digital channels to your customers, theses are the best choice for personal communication, not personal letters with each device.eBankingSecurity.net
  5. 5. 09 Transport on time and on budget • What transportation alternative is best for you; land, sea or air? • You must also take the environmental aspect into consideration. • The quickest way is often the most expensive way, and many times not the most eco-friendly way.eBankingSecurity.net
  6. 6. 09 Monitor your deliveries • It is important that you keep track of which device and PIN should be sent to whom, and when… • … and make sure you have a good system in place for monitoring and connecting all your deliveries.eBankingSecurity.net
  7. 7. 09 Deliver the goods to your customers • When the goods reach the destination country there are numerous tasks to be taken care of: • Import declaration • Unloading containers • Storing and stock management • Address handling • Labeling and distribution • We highly recommend that this be delegated to an expert fulfillment partner.eBankingSecurity.net
  8. 8. Want to know more? eBankingSecurity is your guide towards a more reliable and strategiceBankingsecurity solution. The seminar series, the guide book and the website with it’sthoughtprovokingblogs and in-depthknowledge are all there to help you start asking the right questions and making the right choices. Visit ebankingsecurity.net to findoutmore!eBankingSecurity.net
  9. 9. Every bank has itsowncharacteristics: different customers, differentrequirements, different languages and different cultures. Onesizedoes not fit all. Ezio Suite is the mostcomprehensive, versatileand easy-to-implementeBankingSecurity solution is designed tomitigateeven the mostadvanced attacks, as well as themostcommonmistakes by endusers. It’seasierto deploy, easier to use and simpler to upgradeas your needschange.Read more at Gemalto.com/ebanking
  10. 10. The Ezio Way is a 9 step process helping bankssucceed with their Ezio implementation, and get thebest out of themostcompleteeBankingSecurityoffering on themarket, Gemalto’s Ezio Suite.On the EzioWaywebsite you get detailedinsights fromexperiencedprofessionals, quickinterviews andeducational films as well as eyeopeningoverviews ona number of interestingtopicswww.ezioway.com