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eBUILD ERP is real estate and construction specific enterprise solution that integrates all the internal and external management information across the entire organization. It provides improved and clear visibility on project’s operations and gives access to real-time information as well as the chronicle history of every transaction.

eBUILD ERP is available for both Builders and Contractors. With eBUILD ERP, Tally software can be integrated for smooth accounting management.

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eBUILD ERP - Software for Builders & Contractors

  1. 1. Integrated Enterprise Solutions for Builders & Contractors
  2. 2. Topics 1 Business Challenges faced by Real Estate companies 2 The Solution - eBUILD ERP 3 eBUILD ERP Model 4 eBUILD ERP Features & Advantages 5 eBUILD ERP Benefits 6 eBUILD ERP Value Proposition 7 eBUILD Modules
  3. 3. Real Estate Business Challenges Small & Medium Enterprises • Operational inefficiencies, leading to loss in profits • Inefficiency in streamlining processes • Difficulty in growth and expansion in the crowded market • Increased need of control over decision making and other processes • Regulatory laws and inefficient labour • Budget restraints • Lack of understanding and reluctance to use software Large Enterprises • Lack of reliable coordination between different departments • Lack of systems to track job status and generate relevant reports • Lack of logs for record keeping related to material inventory, resulting in losses due to over or under ordering • Errors in manual processing of collating and managing information resulting in complications • Rigidity in existing IT setup catering to a limited number of people and projects without collaboration between stake holders
  4. 4. The Solution - eBUILD ERP
  5. 5. eBUILD ERP An extensive Real Estate and Construction industry specific ERP solution • Access to real time information about jobs and costs • Effective management of administration costs with advanced reporting • Improved visibility and greater transparency across entire enterprise • Integrated management of business data • Centralized control over real estate portfolio
  6. 6. eBUILD ERP Model Core Modules • • • • Architecture CRM Engineering Purchase & Stores Ancillary Modules • Legal Management • Land Management • Society Maintenance • HR & Payroll • Asset Management Add-ons • Vendor Portal • Customer Portal • Tender Management • Campaign & Promotion Management • Message Board • Workflow & Notifications • BI Dashboards • BI Analytics • BI Reports • SMS Alerts • Integration with Tally
  7. 7. eBUILD ERP Features & Advantages Features • Collaboration between different departments • Access to real time information about jobs, costs, etc. • Management of administration costs with advanced reporting • Improved efficiency and customer service • Streamlined and automation of business and operating processes with a single integrated system • Centralized control over organization’s real estate portfolio • Supports investment strategies and finance decisions Advantages • Share data across various departments to help improve workflow and efficiency • Track actual costs of the activities performed to cut down on losses • Reduce inventory costs with better planning, tracking and forecasting of requirements • Improve customer service with ontime delivery, better quality, shortened delivery times, etc. • With data consolidation, get a clear picture of financial assets to benchmark capital and take appropriate decisions related to investment and finance
  8. 8. eBUILD ERP Benefits
  9. 9. Custom-fit your business needs Get flexible ERP options - choose and pay only for the modules as per requirements and budgets
  10. 10. Take business any place, anytime Connect to multiple locations, access information 24x7, manage business processes from anywhere
  11. 11. Achieve operational excellence Enjoy improved visibility, and get real-time information and reports to make better decisions faster
  12. 12. Save time and money for increased ROI Reduce redundant data entry and processes, cut down on inventory/development costs, and optimize resources to gain maximum investment value
  13. 13. Maximize profits Track and manage actual costs, measure financials of projects and gain business growth
  14. 14. eBUILD ERP Value Proposition An industry ready web-based enterprise application Affordable and Return on Investment with each module Low cost of implementation and operation Improved total cost of ownership Quick integration and deployment Flexible and designed to cater to the needs of both SMEs and large enterprises Component-based software with scalability
  15. 15. eBUILD Modules
  16. 16. • Define and manage masters for architect, broker, advocate, owner details, unit municipal ward and constituency, location, petitioner/respondent details, regulatory compliance documents, statutory charges, etc. • Create tender proposals – open land, re-development, Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) and their acceptance • Track complete process of sales department (document center, area information, fact, resource & feature distance, connectivity, market survey, technical feasibility, commercial feasibility) • Plan projects step-wise (project concept, invitation to architects, concept design, scrutinize, final design/project, confirm architect, architect fees, final plan – submission) • Maintain offer confirmation details made by the owner (offer, proposal details, compensation package, parking rates, registration fees and discount, construction period, bank guarantee, consent and resolution, list of completed projects, special features, list of general amenities, etc.) • Track process of liaison department developing agency (old), Annexure – I, Annexure – II, Revised Annexure – II, Annexure – III, encroachment removal, scheme submission to SRA, LOI compliances, IOA compliances, CC compliances, OC compliance, BCC compliance, etc.
  17. 17. • Track complete process of legal department (property card, 7/12, KGP, revenue correction, family tree, chain of transaction, Document Required for Development (DRD), schedule of property, approval) • Maintain details for pre-sales/post sales process (offer confirmation & term sheet, General Body Resolution (GBR), adjudication & registration, title certificate) • Provision for society consent letter (information, milestone and follow up dates, token amount details, final draft preparation) • Covers process for approval of land use for – commercial, industrial, hospitals, etc. – NOC process, non agriculture permission, property card (developer), development objection, 7/12 extract (developer), KGP (developer) • Record property details (legal doc: development agreement, revenue DOC: 7/12, NOC: railway, forest, costal; remarks doc: green zone, etc.) • Record and track history of litigation against land and its court procedures
  18. 18. • Define and manage Project type (residential, commercial, multiplex, etc.), wing, floor, unit type (flat, shop, gala, etc.), unit sub type (1 RK, 2 BHK, etc.), unit of measurement (sq. m., sq. ft., yards, etc.), parking type, amenities, etc. • Maintain complete Project details (name, code, type, status, unit of measurement, etc.) • Map latest Project status (under construction, ready for possession, etc.) • Change carpet area, add additional area • Unit Joint Venture mapping (Promoters & Builders) • Analyze Project site, building, wing, parking and structure layout • Open units & parking Lots for Project development and sale • Manage Project structure start and end dates
  19. 19. • Define and manage broker details, document type, unit rate (base rate, booking amount, cancellation & transfer charges), parking rate, unit special rate, receipt head (share money, legal charges, society maintenance charges, etc.), installment details (project structure, scheme, reminder), extra charges, tax details (Service tax, VAT) • Manage enquiries (enquiry date, customer name, contact information, budget, project status, enquiry source, etc.) and follow up • Analyze unit information (vacant, blocked, booked and sold) and provision to blocked and booked units through dashboard • Maintain leads and customer information (address, joint owner, etc.), loan details, receipt head (share money, legal charges, society maintenance charges , etc.), extra charges details, parking details, voucher details, installment and interest calculation • Manage agreement, possession, cancelation, transfer & resale of units. Track details of the amount paid to brokers, provision for rate change, unit info changes (agreement, adjustment of receipt head, installment details) for booked unit • Manage approval process (brokerage payment, ownership change, parking cancellation, refund request, unit cancellation, unit resale, unit special rate, unit transfer)
  20. 20. • Define activity details and formula parameters, miscellaneous components’ percentage/ratio/rate, bill heads, pre/post overheads heads, terms and conditions • Track sub-contractor and consultant details (contact information, tax details, status - approved/not approved) • Map activity component and rate analysis at global level • Estimate project details by defining structure activity to be performed, drawing library (blue print upload option for structure drawings) Project activity component mapping, and rate analysis quantity analysis, pre/post/overhead costing approval for rate analysis. • Manage work orders by defining structure, activity, payment terms, retention, advance, tax, terms & conditions, etc. • Track material issue request from sub-contractor, material & labour consumption and measurement sheets • Generate billing reports by tracking the work done, tax, advance, advance recovery, retention deduction & recovery, etc. • Add rate or quantity analysis of an existing Project to a new Project
  21. 21. • Define component (material, labour, machinery, etc.), vendor group, vendor & manufacturer details, material brand details, component brand mapping, tax head, manufacturer wise component mapping, unit of measurement (to measure components), payment terms & conditions for Purchase Order (PO) as well as quotation • Create project wise monthly target sheets for purchasing of components • Indent creation (directly or indirectly) as per the monthly target sheet or site engineer & approval for enquiry generation, quotation received (single or consolidated enquiry), pricing and negotiation • Create PO (direct or flow) for the approved vendor indicating product specifications and agreed prices • Amend PO to accommodate new indents or early closure • Generate material receipt note (against indent as well as PO) to record details of materials received • Vendor invoice entry • Track payments made to vendor by account team
  22. 22. • Define and track store details (name, contact information, etc.) • Map a store with a project to maintain material details (requirement, received, transfer) • Track stock opening balance project, store, component, & vendor (if required brand, manufacture) • Track material transfer request from one store to another • Track material issued to sub contractor, vendor (material return), site (material transfer), department etc. • Process for material transfer acknowledgement for material received from the requested store • Process for material return acknowledgement after the material has been returned by the sub contractor
  23. 23. • Define and maintain vehicle type, receipt head group, payment terms, payment terms template • Maintain general settings (invoice compilation, receipt head rate, parking charges, taxation, interest rate criteria for projects) • Update maintenance start date for customers • Maintain customer wise transaction details (invoice compilation, receipt, payment, party statement, interest as on date, interest waived request) • Track status of the vouchers to be sent to Finance department • Maintain interest summary and invoice details • Approve interest waiver
  24. 24. • Standardize recruitment processes like general selection, campus selection, agency reference and employee reference. A Recruitment Requirement Note (RRN) is generated that stands to be a base for recruitment • Organize employee job information by defining masters for verticals, cadre, departments, grades for various levels, designation, evaluation items & sub-items • Map vertical grade, vertical cadre, vertical department, department section, job title, job title designation • Track types of misconduct, its severity and the action taken • Define disciplinary and grievance processes which can record the employee’s complaints and the reply of the HOD • Track details of employee exit interview and hand over – take over • Use a centralized database that enables employees and management to access up-todate, consistent information • Maintain employee leave requisition and approval for studies, etc. and its approval • Keep track of induction and company training
  25. 25. • Track employee details including personal, professional and experience details • Set and manage Payroll month • Manage leave types for employee and allocate leave to employee • Set general and regional holidays • Manage salary elements and map them with job titles or individual employee as per the requirement • Add bonus elements and map them with all job tiles or required job titles • Enter employee attendance details, view details and update attendance status of employee, track leave entry and leave approval • Map expense elements with employee and add employee expense details • TDS process that includes defining of tax slabs for tax payers and addition of employee declaration and calculation of TDS as per employee declaration and government norms • Run salary process for staff altogether or run it separately for an employee as per requirements. Executive and admin approval for pay slip generated
  26. 26. Some of our Clients
  27. 27. Some of our Clients
  28. 28. About ESSPL eBuild Softwares & Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (ESSPL) is a technology solutions provider. The products and services are specially developed to cater to the highly specific market of small and medium sized industries. ESSPL provides solutions like product development, product customization, maintenance, post implementation services and training services. IT Solutions and Services: • Software for Builders (ERP) • Software for Contractors (ERP) • • • • • • • Business Intelligence (BI) for Real Estate and other industry verticals Document Management System (DMS) HR & Payroll System (HRMS) Custom Software Development Open Source Software Integration Tally Integration Document Scanning & Digitization ESS is a business venture of Interactive Sun. The corporate group offers diversified services in Media, Digital Marketing, Gaming Applications and Software Solutions & IT Services.
  29. 29. T: 91 22 6123 2121 F: 91 22 6123 2123 E: info@ebuild.co.in W: www.ebuild.co.in