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LearnerScript - Learning Analytics and Reporting Plugin for Moodle LMS


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LearnerScript is an advanced learning analytics plugin for Moodle LMS. With the help of this plugin, you can design, customize, schedule & make use of canned reports. And there is much more to discover from the plugin. This advanced Moodle reporting tool will give you customizable reports and you can schedule them any time.

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LearnerScript - Learning Analytics and Reporting Plugin for Moodle LMS

  1. 1. proudly introduces
  2. 2. Agenda Welcome! We report everything you do in Moodle Introduction01 The persisting problems you are facing as a Moodle user for reporting Persisting problems for Moodle analytics02 The answer lies in the LearnerScript – a Moodle plugin Solution in LearnerScript03 The features and how you can leverage them for your advantage What you can do04 The benefits you are going to avail further What you get05 The call to action Closure06
  3. 3. Diamonds not forever, but data To turn oodles of data from Moodle into insightful actions, you find obstacles on your way that are listed below! You don't need to dig deep to learn about them.  No option to create or customize reports/report dashboard  Data sharing with third-party  Data sync troubles  Few Moodle Reports  No Site-level Reports  Exorbitant subscription plans & such
  4. 4. This one plugin is designed to give you a plethora of solutions! Here are the solutions - create unlimited useful reports for any role Visualize the progress of all your stake-holders on Moodle LMS. Progress Create your own reports. And customize as many reports as you want to. Power to you. Customize Reports Own it for good at utterly affordable price. Cost Plugin LearnerScript on Moodle. Thus, you end data-sharing with third party. No Data - sharing See what's trending: be it course or activity on your Moodle LMS. Trending Activities
  5. 5. Have multiple roles? Fine, you can create multiple dashboards Interested in using the same report anywhere in the system? Yes, you can. Use it as a widget You no need to learn anything to create LMS reports. Just start using 40+ canned reports Interact with trainers, users, or someone in between? Use automated notifications Sick of logging in to see reports? Schedule them simply Want to download in formats other than PDF? Go ahead Intend to restrict reports? Then give permissions What you can do with LearnerScript
  6. 6. One Time Purchase. That’s it. You buy it once but own it for good - with one-year free premium support. Get complete Source Code There is no lock-in. You own the code. That’s all. Built-in on Moodle, installable for over a dozen versions This plugin is exclusively for Moodle LMS. LearnerScript perfectly works for Moodle versions starting from 3.0 Responsive Design You can access moodle analytics from LearnerScript across the device. Engage your stake-holders anytime, anywhere. . Easily installable at your premises This is a reporting plugin for Moodle LMS and easily installable on-premises. Guess what? It’s specific to Moodle LMS & super advanced
  7. 7. visit us & get it now at