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Webinar 3 | May-16 | Off-Grid Energy Solutions and Social Impact

By Deepak Kumar

"Business models for off-grid energy remain one of the most fascinating–and challenging–topics, particularly for entrepreneurs working in the developing world.

In this webinar, we will hear from several entrepreneurs who each have a unique approach to building a business while also making a social impact in India, East and West Africa, and South America. From energising clinics and schools to providing last mile micro-finance to creating hydro power and irrigation in remote communities, each speaker will tell a compelling story about their company’s business model. What has worked? And what hasn’t?

Our webinar series is a little different: each expert will speak for less than 10 minutes and will focus on their on-the-ground experience using photos to tell their story."

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Webinar 3 | May-16 | Off-Grid Energy Solutions and Social Impact

  1. 1. Off-Grid Energy Solutions and Social Impact Deepak Kumar Cofounder and CTO
  2. 2. Problem • 1.2 billion people, around 22% of the global population, do not have access to electricity. • India currently has 77 million households (about 360 million people) who lack adequate access to grid- electricity. • Across the world people living off the grid spend about $27 Billion annually on basic energy needs. • Majority of people living off-grid have a daily income < $2
  3. 3. Social Investment Platform • Crowdlending to provide convenient and hassle free loans to our end customers from BOP segment. • Connects individual social investors with curated clean energy projects and credit worthy borrowers willing to adopt clean energy technology.
  4. 4. Distribution Network • Hub and spoke distribution model • Community involvement • Village level entrepreneurs • Field coordinators, technical team, service and support team all recruited from local communities.
  5. 5. Solar technicians from local communities
  6. 6. Credit Appraisal process for energy loans
  7. 7. Challenges and Learning • Why full stack ? • Focus on execution • Growth Vs Sustainability? • Stake holder management
  8. 8. Thank You Contact -