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Helping Charities Make Sense of Social


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Senior Strategist, Kate Fitzpatrick, delivered her social media framework presentation at e3's Charity working lunch event to a room of senior third sector professionals.

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Helping Charities Make Sense of Social

  1. 1. x HELPING A CHARITY MAKE SENSE OF SOCIALBuilding a social media framework
  2. 2. HELLO
  3. 3. “ “ Social media is an umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words, pictures, videos and audio Source: Wikipedia circa 2008 Social media …is people having conversations online.
  4. 4. Social is so important to the third sector because ‘giving is fundamentally a social act’ – when others see what you do, they follow – Social media allows the building of a network of relationships by facilitating 1-2-1 interactions at scale *Source: The Guardian, March 2015 *
  5. 5. ? How can [a charity] approach social in a way that is manageable and delivers measurable value to the cause and the organisation
  6. 6. – Luck – Timing – Quick thinking
  7. 7. THE TASK Deliver a social media framework —Step 1: Define a scope and context for social —Step 2: Produce the framework —Step 3: Implement
  8. 8. A strand of communication. 1. DEFINE A SCOPE AND CONTEXT
  9. 9. 2. PRODUCE THE FRAMEWORK Two core components – Direction; strategic components – Delivery; operational components
  10. 10. IN A LITTLE MORE DETAIL… Strategic components — Aim, goals, objectives and KPIs — Audience Direction Delivery STRATEGIC OPERATIONAL Framework model © e3 media ltd. 2016 Aim: Mission statement Goal: Broader aspiration Objective: Measurable step to achieving goal (SMART) KPI: Metrics to measure success of objectives
  11. 11. IN A LITTLE MORE DETAIL… Operational components — Team — Process — Planning and analysis toolkit Direction Delivery STRATEGIC OPERATIONAL Framework model © e3 media ltd. 2016 • Channel plan • Content framework • Content calendar • Google (Analytics/Console) • Listening tool • Native platforms
  12. 12. 3. IMPLEMENT – Supported recruitment – Rolled out training programme – Produced a playbook
  14. 14. HOW? — Listening and observing — Knowing the audience — Looking outside of the organisation — Understanding the wider organisational picture — Being honest and candid
  15. 15. CONSIDERATIONS — Change takes time — Lots of people like to get involved — Don’t underestimate the basics — Think beyond the ask… — Followers and likes don’t mean success — Social isn’t the answer to everything
  16. 16. e Stay on message. Focus on audience need. Benchmark. Challenge yourself.
  17. 17. THANKYOU “Like many organisations, we want our social channels to work hard for us. They have to be a core way of delivering our organisational and communications objectives. e3 worked with us to help us to see through the noise. We now have a new framework, a new team structure and a new way of working.” Phillipa Williams, Head of Communications - Arthritis Research UK
  18. 18. E3 LTD. All content in this presentation is the intellectual property of e3.