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Sharpening your seo strategy to cater for the current status of ecommerce in 2018


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The presentation was given at Internet Retailing Expo 2018 in Birmingham NEC on 21st March 2018. It looked at 5 significant challenges to internet retailing/e-commerce for the year ahead and how to start addressing them to keep ahead of your competitors. Includes information on online security, privacy, PWA, technical SEO, web/app performance and voice search

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Sharpening your seo strategy to cater for the current status of ecommerce in 2018

  1. 1. Sharpening Your SEO Strategy For Ecommerce In 2018 Presented by Nick Wilsdon
  2. 2. Insert Confidentiality Level in slide footer 2 22 March 2018 Why should you listen to me? 19 years SEO experience Lead search strategist across Vodafone group since 2014 Manages search programs across 27 international markets to 446m mobile customers
  3. 3. Security threats and online privacy
  4. 4. 4 Customers are waking up to security and privacy I’ve just added 2,844 new data breaches with 80m new records Troy Hunt
  5. 5. 5 What steps can you take as an internet retail business? Full migration to HTTPS – avoid Chrome warnings Monitor all GSC property variants within sets to see warnings from Google Crawl your domains regularly to look for HTTP/HTTPS responses, insecure form-fields etc. Regularly audit 3rd party tags and plugins for rogue activity Prepare your checklist for personal data breaches ( the-general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr/personal-data-breaches/)
  6. 6. Rise of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)
  7. 7. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) “Native apps are dead. They make no sense in a world of pervasive content and connectivity” Brian McDaid Vodafone Group Digital Domain Architect PWAs offer a single development path, with your mobile web pages delivering an app-like experience. Pushed by Google but now supported by Apple.
  8. 8. Google AMP AMP presents the easiest win in 2018
  9. 9. Monthly trend (before and after AMP launch) ‘iPhone 5s contract’ ranking position over time ‘iPhone 5s deals’ ranking position over time AMP submitted AMP submitted Case Study: AMP increased ranking position
  10. 10. +27% increase in mobile traffic Case Study: Our most successful handset launch ever (AMP)
  11. 11. Ever-more demanding technical SEO
  12. 12. Crawling tools have become essential kit – support your teams 10% Off NW2018 Crawling & log-file analysis Technical SEO has become increasingly complex over recent years We now monitor large site for cannibalisation, orphaned pages and insecure fields. As we move into PWA and mobile-first environment, it is essential to have your technical house in order I would strongly recommend supporting your teams with a crawling tool, increase ROI by using these tools for other tasks, such as security audits and tag coverage/auditing Both these industry leading tools allow you to view Rendered JavaScript together with non-rendered source code
  13. 13. Increasing performance expectations
  14. 14. Start taking performance seriously HTTP/2
  15. 15. Voice search enviroment
  16. 16. Featured snippets appeared on 9.28 percent of our one million SERPs. In 2017, they’re showing up on 23.25 percent of them. This makes a 54.99 percent increase [since] July 2016 and a whopping 150% increase [since] January. - The STAT Blog July 2017 Position Zero is precursor to voice search Voice search Featured Snippets
  17. 17. Amazon > Alexa • • Echo Google > Assistant • • Home Apple > Siri • HomePod Emerging voice search landscape offers new opportunities From responsive search to predictive – the rise of the virtual assistant
  18. 18. 70% 24% 6% US Voice-Enabled Speaker User Share by Player 2017 Amazon Alexa Google Home Other Source: eMarketer, April 2017 “75% of US households will have Smart Speakers by 2020” Growth rate is comparable to the early years of smartphone adoption Source: Gartner, Edison Research 2017 Amazon Alexa owns 70% of the US market
  19. 19. Is this a good voice search strategy? Avoid competing with the search engines on information retrieval – use a content- based strategy using featured snippets instead “Alexa, open The Bar?” “Alexa, ask The Bar for a whiskey sour?” ”Alexa, ask The Bar to help me choose?”
  20. 20. “Alexa, ask Vodafone how much is my bill?” “Alexa, ask Vodafone how do I enable data roaming?” ”Alexa, ask Vodafone why is my bill different to last month?” Aim to reduce friction and increase convenience Interact with voice platforms and virtual assistants to provide information your customers want, i.e. where is my shopping?
  21. 21. Preparing for successful voice strategies Ensure your data is machine-readable and sharable (schema/APIs) Currently 9% of UK population listen but 90% listen to public radio. Rise of voice search may open door to this medium. Consider what services you can offer to bring your customer closer to your brand and build loyalty. Build skills and actions using your brand terms to help reserve them while rules on ownership are developed
  22. 22. Insert Confidentiality Level in slide footer 22 22 March 2018 Why should you listen to me? Thank you for listening Questions? @nickwilsdon