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Advanced Website Performance Techniques to Increase Conversion


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Some performance techniques to take you beyond simple pagespeed tools to a performance superstar. The effects of location on performance, http/2, server push, 3rd party tags and building your own performance monitoring with

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Advanced Website Performance Techniques to Increase Conversion

  1. 1. Advanced Website Performance Techniques to Increase Conversion @NickWilsdon
  2. 2. Why should you listen to me? 18 years SEO experience Run the SEO program at Vodafone group since Q3 2014 Global Channels Optimisation Team @NickWilsdon
  3. 3. @NickWilsdon
  4. 4. @NickWilsdon • Average packet loss is 2-3% in outdoor venues • Crowded events hit even harder • Packet loss of 1-5% = 70-90% speed reduction • Consider URLs used on the move Location matters to performance
  5. 5. * HTTP/1.1 vs. HTTP/2 Testing by showed that on average, HTTP/2 was 7.8x faster than HTTP/1.1 across their network
  6. 6. • HTTP/1.0 only allowed one request at a time. HTTP1.1 allowed multiple requests but still queued them • HTTP/2 eliminates “head-of-line” blocking and allows header compression (HPACK) • HTTP/2 allows the server to push resources not yet requested by the client Why is HTTP/2 faster?
  7. 7. • The new features of HTTP/2 mean that the following performance techniques are no longer recommended • Concatenating CSS and JS files • Image Spriting • Domain Sharding • Inlining CSS and JS • These techniques should be immediately discontinued and removed Implications of HTTP/2 on performance best- practice? Note: Many page speed tools online have not been updated for HTTP/2, leading to incorrect recommendations, i.e. “networking round trips” which are no longer relevant
  8. 8. Requirements for HTTP/2 migration Although SSL isn’t technically required for HTTP/2, browser companies are enforcing the precondition. Local markets must ensure that HTTPS is used for all website visits, not just available.
  9. 9. Be ruthless about 3rd party tags
  10. 10. @NickWilsdon • High conversion terms • High traffic URLs • Purchase journeys • Support journeys • Outdoor journeys Performance goes beyond the homepage
  11. 11. Build your own testing environment w/ 11 • Open Source software tools for performance testing • Power of advanced testing platform for price of hosting instance • Records tests across multiple URLs and conditions • Be a performance hero
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  13. 13. 13 @NickWilsdon
  14. 14. 14 urls.txt
  15. 15. 15 16 October 2017
  16. 16. Feed data into existing reporting streams • Easy win for in-house and agency SEOs to start professional performance program @NickWilsdon • Follow me on Twitter for step- by-step guide on setting up monitoring
  17. 17. @NickWilsdon Thank You