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Are you landslided by e-mail attachments ? Don't bin 'em", Yolanda Scott-Tennent, IX Jornades de Llengües Estrangeres, salou

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Bin em

  1. 1. E-mail attachments ? Don’t bin ‘em ! • Handout IX Jornades Llengües Estrangeres a Tarragona Novembre 2011 Yolanda Scott-Tennent Why use them ? • Economising teacher prep. time > ready prepared to use [computer, beamer, etc.] • If sent round, bound to be eye-catching / funny, or have message… • Generally, quite short, frequently self-contained item/story. Background resources • Provide opportunities for specific practice (e.g. grammar, reading and listening comp) less controlled practice ( e.g. oral and written practice) presentation/revision,etc. new topics /structures in engaging way. • Usually “authentic” docs ( not adapted or abridged) • Can be “spinned out” or be a sandwich, hors d’oeuvre, dessert or treat. Photograph Collections • Beautiful photos • Choose one of the photos and then use it as background information for something else • Travelling and colours > to give students a new life Topics ( like Mafia witnesses) > to set the scene for an • Action photographs event/story > action photographs allow the previous, but also add the possibility of describing what’s happening (with a huge variety!)E-mail attachments.Dont bin em!/IXJornades LE Tarragona-November2011/Y.Scott-Tennent 1
  2. 2. Art Clothes and physical description The Amazing Art of Dali • Description • Ariston Aqualis • Clothes items, (adjectives, modifiers, description articles, prepositions, Double vision • Wear/ suit/ match position) • Have on / put on/ Julia Beaver : Street Art take off ( simple • Colours phrasal verbs) • Preferences Vincent Van Gogh My favourite.. • Physical description, • Nespresso adjectives, adverbial The one which/that I prefer… to … clauses Cultural events Food • Carnival Jingle Bells? • Carl Warner • Eating and eating Specific vocabulary for each of them Foodscapes habits • Art in the kitchen • Meal times Traditions, routines, what happens, what people do • Danish Bacon • Cooking and recipes Comparing different ways of celebrating Houses and rooms School and daily life • Architecture • Description of • Exams • Routine houses, rooms, spaces, gardens.. • What I like most/least…The thing that … • Murphy’s Law • Something I’m always unlucky with/ I always have problems with AnecdotesE-mail attachments.Dont bin em!/IXJornades LE Tarragona-November2011/Y.Scott-Tennent 2
  3. 3. Technology Work • The Latest • Waterslide • Jobs/professions • First, decide whether the fact that Spanish/Catalan • Would like to appears on screen is be/have… a problem for you • Technology/gadgets/ • Obama and Brown • Comparing, clauses of consequence (so/such…that) • Paradox of our Times • Comparative forms • How to drive • Imperatives • Children See • Modals Grammar structures [should/shouldn’t/must, etc.] • The Black Hole • Narrating events;stories • The Future of Shopping • Future verb forms • Budweiser ad • Present perfect • The Evolution of • Reminiscing; past tense Dance tenses; “when” time clauses • Creative Publicity • The most original….I’ve ever… • Cartoons of the 90’s • Another budweiser ad • Why don’t we ? Suggestions • Continuous vs simple • Alarm clock forms to talk about • Animals what is/was • Painted Hands happening, “going to” Colours • Office work for predictions Habits and routinesE-mail attachments.Dont bin em!/IXJornades LE Tarragona-November2011/Y.Scott-Tennent 3
  4. 4. • Don’t shorten your • Modals in the past : name should/shouldn’t, Jokes and humour must • Past tenses • London 2012 • Tarragona 2017 Future tenses • So clause for result or consequence • Magic 1 • Passive voice/how • Structures used for • Magic 2 things are done explaining/giving reasons • No Words (ads) • Infinite possibilities • Present, • Position of real or type “enough” one conditional form • Funny signs • Giving reasons > what makes it funny Listening Comprehension reason for/because PracticeE-mail attachments.Dont bin em!/IXJornades LE Tarragona-November2011/Y.Scott-Tennent 4
  5. 5. • Social Media ( Hot Potatoes M/C but can also create short answer, Reading Comprehension matching, putting in Practice order, gap fill [cloze] What about these ? • I love this doctor • Wear a band • How to annoy your teacher • My dream... • Queen - promo • I hope I have set your mind bubbling…. THANK YOU FOR COMING.E-mail attachments.Dont bin em!/IXJornades LE Tarragona-November2011/Y.Scott-Tennent 5