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Online Tracking, Single Source

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100323 memo2 online tracker_productsheet_english_v1

  1. 1.             Online     Tracker™ The MeMo² Online Tracker™ Working Mechanics & Value Proposition   • MeMo² Online Tracker • Our ‘non-killable’ pixel technology Tim Koekkoek Associate Partner E: Tim@Memo2.nl T: 06-16433383 Marcel Vogels Managing Partner MeMo² E: Marcel@Memo2.nl T: 06-43025322    
  2. 2.   MeMo²: The Marketing De Online Tracker™ can answer the key question for every Online Advertisement: what is the effect of my online Tracking Company campaign, types of contact frequencies and what works, and the possibility of media synergy with traditional advertising, MeMo² is an independent cross media research and was the target group reached, were the banners effective, consulting company leading in innovative and technical was the design a differentiator, did the targeting work as aspects of advertising tracking. MeMo² is a member of both expected, quality of the banner positions and was the the MOA & IAB, and our customers range from successful advertising campaign in its entirety a success? brands to publishers. The key goal of the MeMo² Online Tracker™ is to facilitate One of our core services is Brand & Campaign Tracking: we greater value for money and effectiveness for your online measure and track the effectiveness of your campaigns on a advertising budget. This holds not only for stand-alone per-respondent level using the MeMo² Online Tracker™. campaigns but also for Radio, TV, Outdoor, Print, Sponsoring, Point-of-Sale or Door-to-Door. Online Tracker™ The MeMo² Online Tracker™ is the MeMo²-Methodology to The key differentiator for MeMo² is the of our ‘Non- killable determine the contact frequency and effectiveness of online pixel technology™’ instead of the cookie related systems to campaigns drilled down to the respondent level. The cornerstone is determine online contact frequencies with the online based on our ‘Non- killable pixel technology™’. advertisements. Quite simply, the key disadvantage of the cookie related systems are that respondents may easily Where Online Advertising is used to support thematic delete the browser information. By using the ‘non-killable’ advertising (such as awareness, promotions, brand preference pixel technology, the: etc.) attention should not exclusively be limited to a a. MeMo² Online Tracker measures the unique visitor as the REAL (unlike the easily erasable respondent’s click behavior. Although a respondent’s click cookie) unique visitor. behavior may provide an indication to call-to-action, it does b. MeMo² Online Tracker measures per unique not however show any insights on branding or value. visitor the actual contact frequency with online campaign. . Digital Marketing, such as those used on online display, social c. MeMo² Online Tracker measures per unique media, rich media, behavioral targeting, online video visitor across different browsers. advertising and e-mail marketing, should contribute and d. MeMo² Online Tracker measures within company support the more traditional advertising and marketing goals network systems. e. MeMo² Online Tracker measures actual contact i.e. generating name recognition, brand preference, brand frequency with online results over a longer period awareness, purchase intentions and eventual purchase of time. behavior. Nothing more and nothing less. In short, MeMo²’s ‘non-killable’ pixel technologies easily MeMo² can capture the advertising effect of your Digital overcome the disadvantages of the cookie related systems Campaigns accurately by using the Non-killable especially on data reliability and integrity. pixel technology . This technology enables On this basis, the MeMo² Online Tracker gathers the actual MeMo² to determine the where and the frequency of which contact information between the target groups and your the online advertisement was seen on a per-respondent level. advertisements to provide a complete summary on the Unlike the traditional cookie system, the results from the visitors exposed to your online advertising in broadly into 2 non-killable pixel technology are complete and reliable. categories; visitors reached by the online advertising campaign and the group who has not yet been exposed. Part MeMo² measures the effectiveness of the online of our analysis will focus on the advertising effectiveness for advertisements on the actual sites/platforms. By using the the following groups: non-killable technology, we can determine ‘the who’ and ‘the 1. Exposed group (and frequency). frequency’ and ‘the reach’ of the online campaigns. 2. Non-exposed group. Furthermore, on the basis of the information collected, MeMo² can provide further insights on the campaign by The difference in the advertising effects between these 2 comparing and contrasting the information based on the groups can be taken into account in the evaluation of current respondent groups. This information is used to determine and future online campaigns., and also the effect of (higher) these inter-dependencies : contact frequencies, to drive your advertising dollar further. • Media Footprint: was the target group reached? (Which visuals, frequency, websites etc.) • Advertising Effect: which advertising goals (for my target groups) were actually realized? o Brand recognition o Ad recognition o Ad recollection o Brand association o Recognition of the proposition o Ad valuation o Brand consideration o Proposition consideration o Brand preference o Intention to purchase