Real World: Customer Edition Panel "Stories about Social Computing Deployment"


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Panel discussion led by Alina Fu, Product Manager of Microsoft at Enterprise 2.0 Boston 2009

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Real World: Customer Edition Panel "Stories about Social Computing Deployment"

  1. 1. Customer Introductions Electronic Arts Minnesota Department of Education US Army Battelle Watson Wyatt Moderated Panel Discussion Summary and Open Q&A
  2. 2. Social Networking and Knowledge Management at Electronic Arts Bert Sandie - June 2009
  3. 3. EA Global Profile • Global leader in US$30B industry • Founded in 1982, HQ in Redwood Shores, California • US$4.1 billion in annual revenues • Development studios in 12 countries • Distribution in more than 75 countries • 9,000 employees who are passionate about making the world’s greatest entertainment experiences Copyright @ 2009 Electronic Arts, Inc
  4. 4. Key Benefits to EA Enhance Collaboration & Sharing Connect, Humanize & Retain Engage Knowledge Employees Benefits Drive Increased Innovation Productivity Enable Informed Decision Making Copyright @ 2009 Electronic Arts, Inc
  5. 5. Our Integrated Solution • EA People = social network • EA Knowledge (EAK) = knowledge management • EA Search = search engine EA EA EA Integrated Knowledge People Search Solution The solution is built on top of MOSS 2007 via a set of customizations that provide the usability and functionality required by our business and employees. Copyright @ 2009 Electronic Arts, Inc
  6. 6. EAPeople MyProfile Copyright @ 2009 Electronic Arts, Inc
  7. 7. EA Search Copyright @ 2009 Electronic Arts, Inc
  8. 8. EA Knowledge Copyright @ 2009 Electronic Arts, Inc
  9. 9. From Nation-Leading to World-Competing… Taking Minnesota Students from Nation-Leading to World-Competing Using Social Networking in the Minnesota STEM Education Agenda Assistant Commissioner Karen Klinzing June 23, 2009 Preparing Students for a 21st Century Workforce.
  10. 10. From Nation-Leading to World-Competing… What is STEM Education? Science Technology Engineering Math STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and is the economic currency and makes students employable in the global economy. Preparing Students for a 21st Century Workforce.
  11. 11. From Nation-Leading to World-Competing… Why STEM Education? Workforce Need Economic forecasts project 20-33% increase in scientific and technical occupations in Minnesota in ten years. (Source: DEED) 18 out of the 20 fastest growing occupations will be tied to the STEM disciplines. (Source: DEED) Improved Academic Performance Students who complete Algebra II in high school more than double their chances of earning a four-year college degree. (Source: Achieve Inc.) 80% of current jobs require education beyond high school. (Source: MnSCU) Preparing Students for a 21st Century Workforce.
  12. 12. From Nation-Leading to World-Competing… Why Social Computing? Social Computing is a new concept in K-12 Education The STEM education message is broadcast faster and to more people using Social Computing Use of Social Networking tools will build partnerships between local STEM businesses and K-12 educators Preparing Students for a 21st Century Workforce.
  13. 13. From Nation-Leading to World-Competing… What did we create? getSTEM web portal First social computing site specific to K-12 STEM in the nation Project development started fall 2007 and officially launched February 2, 2009 getSTEM is a partnership between the Minnesota High Tech Association and the Minnesota Department of Education. It is supported by contributions from Microsoft, Thomson Reuters, Inetium, 3M, and Ecolab Preparing Students for a 21st Century Workforce.
  14. 14. From Nation-Leading to World-Competing… Just Ask, Just Offer… It Just Makes Sense! Teachers use the website to create postings to ASK for community assistance and volunteers for their classroom Local businesses use the website to OFFER their K-12 outreach programs that teachers may incorporate into their classroom Popular getSTEM connections: guest presentations, informational interviews, basic material donations (notebooks & pencils Most connections consist of one hour volunteer time or $25 donation to K-12 education Preparing Students for a 21st Century Workforce.
  15. 15. From Nation-Leading to World-Competing… getSTEM Networking Features Users build profile indicating their STEM interests getSTEM provides matching algorithm of postings that match user’s profile and interests getSTEM provides metrics on postings so users may monitor their postings Preparing Students for a 21st Century Workforce.
  16. 16. From Nation-Leading to World-Competing… First Grader with Leukemia Aided by getSTEM Preparing Students for a 21st Century Workforce.
  17. 17. From Nation-Leading to World-Competing… Upcoming Development: Tag Cloud Search Feature Preparing Students for a 21st Century Workforce.
  18. 18. From Nation-Leading to World-Competing… Social Networking to Promote getSTEM • Facebook – Fan Page – Facebook Group • Twitter – Program Manger Tweets – Real Time Twitter Integration • Linked In – getSTEM Linked In Group Preparing Students for a 21st Century Workforce.
  19. 19. From Nation-Leading to World-Competing… Preparing Students for a 21st Century Workforce.
  20. 20. US Army - MilSpace A new way of thinking about leadership development in the US Army In surveys, when Company Commanders had a problem, the majority turned first to their peers for a solution MilSpace creates this pre-built community and social network that allows new Commanders and existing Commanders facing new problems to get up to speed faster © Copyright Tomoye Corporation, 2009
  21. 21. Capability #1 - Connecting leaders in conversation © Copyright Tomoye Corporation, 2009
  22. 22. Capability #2 – videos and peer-driven filters (like YouTube) © Copyright Tomoye Corporation, 2009
  23. 23. Leader Challenge: Shoot/Don’t Shoot Capability #3 - Gaming for learning Question: What are your considerations? What would you do? Member Responses Linda Rainey Can we secure the bus without firing on the cameraman? If he is filming an attack, my #1 priority is to deal with that attack. Given the situation, I think that I can secure the cameraman without shooting and he will be more valuable to me alive. * Comment (2) * Helpful (5) Randy Jones Shoot him! ROE, as stated in the scenario, is clear that you are authorized to fire upon anyone video taping an attack. Ensure you secure key terrain in order to dominate the scene and prevent anyone from ingressing or egressing Comment (5) * Helpful (4) * the intersection. © Copyright Tomoye Corporation, 2009
  24. 24. Capability #4 – Status updates © Copyright Tomoye Corporation, 2009
  25. 25. ROI – Speeding up time to competence © Copyright Tomoye Corporation, 2009
  26. 26. Battelle Tom Monroe, Knowledge Management Project Manager 33
  27. 27. What is Battelle? • World’s largest nonprofit independent R&D company, founded in 1929 • Core businesses: • Generates $5.2 billion – Laboratory Management annually in global R&D – National Security • Oversees over 20,000 employees in 130 locations – Health & Life Sciences worldwide – Energy Technology • Charitable trust with significant emphasis giving back to the communities in 20 International which we operate Locations Rev041309 34
  28. 28. Social Computing at Battelle • The objectives – Create cross-organizational communities of practice – Integrate a geographically dispersed staff – Make it easier for staff to find experts and information – Move knowledge and communications onto a platform with integrated search – Give staff members customizable views • The solution – SharePoint – MOSS 2007 – NewsGator RSS and Social Sites 35
  29. 29. Communities 36
  30. 30. My Sites 37
  31. 31. Custom Enhancements My Expertise Ask a Question 38
  32. 32. Using Social Media To Drive Global Client Service and Workforce Effectiveness at Watson Wyatt June 23, 2009 Michael Rudnick Global Practice Leader, Portals & Enterprise Collaboration (917)324-5622
  33. 33. About Watson Wyatt Worldwide Europe North America 34 Asia-Pacific 39 22 The strongest global network of consultants Latin America 8,000 associates with and 102 offices in 7 33 countries worldwide. Publicly traded (NYSE:WW) US $1.8B Rev 70 of the FORTUNE 100 are clients © Watson Wyatt Worldwide. All Rights Reserved. 40
  34. 34. About Watson Wyatt Watson Wyatt is the trusted business partner to the world’s leading organizations on people and financial issues Our Services include: > Compensation Consulting > Employee Communications > Health Care Consulting > Investment Advisory Services > Organization Effectiveness > Retirement Consulting > Technology Consulting > Workforce Planning Our first client is still a client -130 years later One of the best 400 big companies in America – Forbes 2009 88th of 100 Fastest Growing Companies – Fortune 2008 © Watson Wyatt Worldwide. All Rights Reserved.
  35. 35. A Highly Matrixed Organization © Watson Wyatt Worldwide. All Rights Reserved.
  36. 36. Why Social Media Behind The Firewall Relationships define us, between associates and our clients, and among our associates themselves. Enabling these relationships, including process and technologies for managing knowledge, expertise, information, communication and associate-to-associate connections, globally, is a key to the firm’s success. InSite is the primary global platform for powering this effectively and efficiently: > Fully global, deployed for all associates > Improves our internal People-to-People connections > Provides personalization and customization necessary for success > Functionality has been deployed incrementally rather than as a big bang, maximizing user adoption, business value and cost effectiveness > Encouraging better communication at all levels > All information and documents available in one place © Watson Wyatt Worldwide. All Rights Reserved. 45
  37. 37. © Watson Wyatt Worldwide. All Rights Reserved.
  38. 38. This presentation will be available for download Contact information for the presenters in the Appendix For more information about customers, please visit the SharePoint Social Computing website:
  39. 39. Thank you Eric Sauve CEO and Co-founder Tomoye Community Software © Copyright Tomoye Corporation, 2009
  40. 40. Michael Rudnick Global Practice Leader Portals and Enterprise Collaboration Watson Wyatt Worldwide 4 Landmark Square Stamford, CT 06901 (203)977-6206 © Watson Wyatt Worldwide. All Rights Reserved. 51