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Build the Missing Part with TeamPark


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Presentation given by Sogeti International at Enterprise 2.0 San Francisco 2009.

Published in: Technology
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Build the Missing Part with TeamPark

  1. 1. Sogeti International g Build the missing part with TeamPark® San Francisco 3-4 November 2009 Innovation & Inspiration, Sogeti Netherlands book teampark org (from 1 December)
  2. 2. Sogeti Innovation Jam • 4220 users ! • 1971 ideas ! • 3478 comments • 12045 ratings • 70361 views
  3. 3. Cluster 4: Collaborative environment • Sogeti Facebook • High tech for techies!. • Unified Directory • Sogeti Developers Forum • Global knowledge sharing • Sogeti Online Technical Blog • Sogeti Speakersbureau • Creating Sogeti Online Training • Cross border competence centers • OpenSource contest for Students • Worldwide Sogeti Intranet - Netvibes, iGoogle, Wiki • Critical Situation Support team • Virtual library • A knowledge base with contact address • International eNewsletter list • Sogeti Radio / Podcast center / YouTube • Techno Quizes for employees /Find out channel best employees in company • Use of Cap Gemini toolset • Sogeti PowerPoint Objects Library Soget o e o t b a y (Talent/Knew/KM 2.0/Deliver) • Create best practices portal • Sogeti adds on employee blogs • Sogeti Solutions Repository • • Encourage our employees to create • Collaborative Software Development reusable components Platform (& training) • using cross-border expertise: 'fly in a • Administrative intranet colleague‘ • Sogeti Interactive chat • Video calls for real time experience • Video conferencing • Setting up of an R&D cell/research center • Use AdWords for Sogeti blogs • Proof of Concept lab in all Sogeti locations • Setup an Innovation Board
  4. 4. Social Collaboration Social Bookmarking & Documents vs People
  5. 5. Proof of Concept • Proof of Concept Phase during (February / March) • Shortlist • Recommended Solution Approved April 1st. Solution,
  6. 6. l Whats happening in your network? pp g y
  7. 7. Home Page g
  8. 8. Dear collegues…. In the coming months we will be zooming in on different functions on TeamPark to help you find your way and show you what you can do with TeamPark how it TeamPark, can help you find the expert you need, or how to collaborate and improve your bids and how to share knowledge. So, feel free to explore, and if you get lost, or just want to know more, keep an eye out for the coming Spotlights, Online Games, Challenges, Life hackings and Webcasts!
  9. 9. Communities next to teams Selforganizing next to planning Stigmergic, holistic, non reductionistic
  10. 10. TeamPark is the method to deliver a living social side awareness strategy implementation alive Four phases, incremental and/or iterative
  11. 11. We have spent the last 100 years optimizing just one part of our organization. Its time to complete the journey I&I - 2009
  12. 12. awareness strategy implementation alive
  13. 13. awareness strategy implementation alive
  14. 14. awareness strategy implementation alive
  15. 15. awareness strategy implementation alive
  16. 16. (from 1 December) Communities next to teams Selforganizing next to planning Stigmergic, holistic, non reductionistic
  17. 17. OK, we live in a changing society, customer and employee. l 4 Reasons for ‘SOCIAL’
  18. 18. Unlimited and free collaboration is difficult The communication mis//match h i i i // h Formal and synchronuous internal F l d informel and a.syn.chro.nuous outside 1
  19. 19. The new world of work Any l A place, but any time? b t ti ? Employees stuck in workflows and direct communication can not collaborate ‘ i ’ . ll b t ‘anytime’ 2
  20. 20. Limitations in classic business-optimization How d we find more efficiency? do fi d ffi i ? 3 There are still underperforming / misplaced processes that can not be optimized
  21. 21. Talented people in untalented organizations Activate talent! i l ! Formal, standardized structures, processes and ,p functions can never fully 4 utilize collective and individual talent
  22. 22. The inheritance of Henry Ford: intensive employee farms? Knowledge factories! K l d f t i !