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  • Point of sale software, also called checkout software, is the software used at the place where a retail transaction takes place. It’s used to complete the transaction at the contact point where a customer makes their payment to a merchant in exchange for goods or services. Basically, POS software calculates sales and operates the cash drawer (or the virtual cash drawer). It will add up the sales total for a transaction, add the state sales tax, calculate the amount of money the customer will get back as change, and automatically adjust the store’s inventory levels within their integrated ERP system to keep track of the amount of inventory sold. For most small and medium-sized retailers, the POS system will be customized according to their retail industry, as different industries have different needs. Some examples of industries that rely on POS software for their daily tasks are: retail, restaurants, hotels, hardware, rental, beer & liquor, etc.
  • POS software automates, reports on and streamlines all of your complex business transactions and corresponding inventory adjustments from one system. Depending on the capacities developed into the solution, POS software can often have very robust functionalities. Some of these functionalities often include: the automation of inventory and purchasing management (making adjustments within your ERP system after a transaction is made); accessing customer histories and tracking personal customer interests and buying habits; analyzing data and reporting; setting up discounts, promotions, special sales, and such; sending targeted mailings to specific audiences; displaying up-sales; scanning barcodes as well as managing bar-coding and labeling; completing mobile, on-the-go transactions from tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices; tracking shipping and billing history and progress.POS is much more than just a solution to log sales and complete transactions. In conjunction with your ERP system, it’s a way to automate your entire sale and post sale process. From calculating price, to organizing shipping and billing, to making inventory adjustments, POS is a way to streamline sales transactions while eliminating mistakes and human error.
  • Although most POS software solutions have the same underline capabilities, a close evaluation of different POS systems can be like comparing apples and oranges. Different POS solutions are compatible with different industries and are built for integrating with different ERP and accounting systems. We are going to evaluate four of these solutions to help you understand the benefits of each and evaluate which is right for you.
  • The first POS solution we will cover is Zip2Cloud. Zip2Cloud is a secure, web-based POS system created for integration with Intacct financials. It offers the cloud computing advantages of restaurant and retail POS integration and hotel PMS integration into your Intacct food service, retail or hospitality business accounting system.Zip2Cloud seamlessly integrates with Intacct and is great weather you have one or multiple profit centers or use multiple POS or property management systems.
  • Features of Zip2Cloud include: Assigning line entries to entities, departments and locationsMake inter-company due to/from entries for multi-entity companiesRecord day part sales such as lunch sales and dinner sales to separate linesAutomate expense calculations bases on sales, receipts or discounts such as credit card fees that are a percent of credit card receipts.Add receivables together in one line, such as Visa and MasterCard receivables that are deposited togetherCalculate credit card receivable net of the discount for easy reconciliationCalculate percentage management fees ad rentCalculate private club replenishment and operating bank account depositsEliminate employee meals from sales with automatic credit to cost of goods and expense to employee meals at costEliminate spillage and spoilage from sales with automatic credit o cost of goods at cost and expense as a separate line itemYou can differentiate between comps and promotions, with comps posted to contra revenue accounts and promotions posted to marketing expense lines at retail or costMake Cash Over/Short entries to balance unbalanced entries with a user-determined threshold, such as less than $5.00The Zip2Cloud web-based system was really built forthe needs of restaurant, retail and hospitality businesses.
  • The next solution we will cover is Microsoft Retail Management System (or RMS). Microsoft RMS is a perfect point of sale solution for small and mid-market retailers. Its integration with Sage 500 ERP gives even multi-store retailers full control over their business processes.Microsoft RMS is thick with features and it’s seamless tie to Sage 500 makes it pretty easy to adapt the product to fit your unique business requirements.
  • Let’s talk about some of the features within Microsoft RMS, and kind of give you a synopsis of what the product can do for your business.Microsoft’s POS solution will streamline your business operations, including inventory, supplier management, and POS processesIt allows you to save time and money by integrating credit and debit card transactions at the POS You can make informed decisions with it’s accurate data and powerful reporting toolsThe native features of Microsoft RMS, along with its integration with Sage 500 ERP, allows you to easily expand to multi-store operationsYou can reduce POS system and operating costsManage prices, purchasing, and inventory – and you can do this chain-wide, by region, or by storeSet and monitor policies and procedures for all storesAnd also view, analyze and share information across your entire business with its comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilitiesMicrosoft RMS is ideal for multi-store businesses and chains, allowing you to roll up and manage data for all stores from he head office. Managers can upload and aggregate inventory, sales, and purchase order data from across their entire business, enabling company-wide reporting, communications and performance analysis.
  • Now we will cover Precise POS. Precise POS extends your existing Epicor Finance and Supply Chain Management solution to a customer-facing sales environment. It’s obviously built to manage your POS transactions but it will also handle lay-by order management, stock counting and adjustments, loyalty and payment programs, store performance analysis, and mobile productivity suites, just to name a few features.
  • Now, let’s talk about some additional features of Precise POS. This software has lots of comprehensive point-of-sale functionality such as product and customer management, cash and account sales, returns, exchanges, layaway, quotes, orders, account payments, cash out and paid outs.The interoperability with Epicor is great. All products, All products, customers, pricing and other POS related data configured in Epicor is available in-store, Complete transaction audit trail from point-of-sale through to General Ledger, Advanced data signing techniques ensure complete data integrity between store and central office.Precise POS lets you really know your customers. You can Create and manage customer accounts at POS, On-account sales with AR credit checking, Global drill down to account details, Enforce specific business rules by Customer Type.It’s simple, clean interface has an intuitive keyboard/mouse or keyboard only driven interface, for fast data entry. You can also define the ‘feel’ using configurable station layout templates, and apply your organization's corporate look with UI skinning.There’s easy product selection with powerful searching using simple criteria, inventory fast keys and intuitive push-button-drilldown methods, as well as context sensitive search-in-search and cross-searching. You can also define multiple codes for a single product; Supplier barcode, EAN, UPC, and more. The product selection options provide several ways for you to find the product that you’re looking for.As far as maintaining the integrity of your product pricing, Precise POS gives full support for multi-tiered inclusive, exclusive and exempt tax codes, and provides audited line level manual price and manual discounting with authorization limits.Printing forms and reports is easy, with full support for local and network based printing. Crystal reports allows full access to create your own or modify standard forms and reports, and the reprint feature allows all or selected associated documents to be reprinted.Precise POS is was developed or the retail industry, but its robust functionality makes it a good fit for really any industry.
  • Finally, we’ll talk about the Fusion Retail Management System (or Fusion RMS), developed by Point Solutions. Fusion RMS integrates directly with Sage 500 ERP. It’s ideal for distributed environments and allows for remote store operations without consuming a Sage license or requiring continuous contact with your ERP application. Fusion allows a multi-layered approach to customer relationship management by allowing the Sage client the ability to keep detailed customer transaction data in the ERP or in Fusion. The Fusion RMS is a complete POS solution that allows you to manage sales with aspects such as the Fusion Cash Register, Fusion Customer Service Register, Fusion Mobile Register, Fusion Store Manager, and the Fusion System Manager.
  • If you manage a business that has a point of sale environment, integrating your POS and ERP systems is a no-brainer. Your ERP is used to manage inventory, and your inventory management, and ERP functionality will not be accurate unless you have a system in place that can automatically make adjustments after inventory is sold. POS and ERP integration is the best option for retailers looking to streamline their business practices and automate most of their sales.
  • As mentioned previously, among the products that we developed is a product called Anytime Commerce. Unlike most ecommerce storefront software, Anytime Commerce is designed specifically for business to business online sales. Customers can login for a filtered view of items they typically buy with access to inventory stock status, customer specific pricing, and customer self-service to view recent payments, billing information, and details about their account. A built-in content management system allows you to maintain your website easily and without website programming. Anytime Commerce can also serve as a light Point of Sale solution, and it integrates with most popular ERP solutions.Anytime Commerce has easily accessible shopping carts that provide order totals and quick access to the check-out screen. It uses a built-in content management system that allows users to maintain virtually all aspects of their website, allowing them to add content, and rearrange it with a virtual drag-and-drop interface.Although Anytime Commerce was developed with B2B sales in mind, it works perfectly for B2C (or business to consumer) sales.*Click* As well as a seamless ERP integration, Anytime Commerce also provides sales tax calculations, freight and shipping costs, and secured credit card processing. Item catalogs are easily set up within categories and subcategories with images, attachments, product descriptions and so forth.And you can use sales reps and dealer logins to provide online access for your sales force so they can place customer orders or review account history.
  • So to recap, today we learned the importance of not only POS software, but finding the right solution to integrate with your existing ERP system. There are multiple POS solutions out there today, but not all of them will integrate with your current business systems. It’s important to fully research different POS options before deciding to buy. No matter your industry, your software needs to be able to communicate with itself, and choosing the right POS system is an important step to having a fully streamlined business.
  • Point of sale solutions (POS) for your ERP

    1. 1. Retail Point of Sale Options for Your ERP Software Click to add subtitle Presenter Name Date of PresentationFebruary 27, 2013e2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 | www.e2btek.com
    2. 2. Today’s Agenda: What is point of sale (POS) software? What are some of the leading POS software on the market? Advantages to integrating POS software into your ERP system Who is e2b teknologies Questionse2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 | www.e2btek.com
    3. 3. What is Point of Sale (POS) Software? Point of sale software is used to complete a transaction. Calculates sales & Adjusts inventorye2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 | www.e2btek.com
    4. 4. What Else Can POS Software Do?•Automation of inventory andpurchasing management•Access customer histories•Analyze data with reporting•Set updiscounts, promotions, sales, etc…•Send targeted mailings•Display up-sales•Manage bar coding•Complete mobile, on-the-gotransactions from a mobile device•Track shipping progress andhistory•Track billing progress and historye2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 | www.e2btek.com
    5. 5. What are Some of the Leading POS Software Options? Which POS solution is right for me?e2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 | www.e2btek.com
    6. 6. Zip2Cloude2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 | www.e2btek.com
    7. 7. Zip2Cloud’s Features • Assign line entries to • Calculate private club entity, department and replenishment and operating location. bank account deposits. • Make inter-company due • Eliminate employee meals to/from entries for multi- from sales with automatic entity companies. credit to cost of goods and • Record day part sales expense to employee meals • Automate expense at cost. calculations based on • Eliminate spillage/spoilage sales, receipts or discounts • Differentiate between • Add receivables together in comps and promotions one line • Make Cash Over/Short • Calculate credit card entries to balance receivable net of the discount unbalanced entries with a for easy reconciliation. user-determined threshold • Calculate percentage management fees and rent.e2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 | www.e2btek.com
    8. 8. Microsoft Retail Management System (RMS)e2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 | www.e2btek.com
    9. 9. Microsoft RMS Features Streamline business operations Save time and money Make informed decisions Expand your business Reduce costs Manage prices, purchasing and inventory Monitor your business Comprehensive analyticse2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 | www.e2btek.com
    10. 10. Precise POS Lay-by order management Mobile Stock productivity counting & suites adjustments Store Loyalty & performance payment analysis programse2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 | www.e2btek.com
    11. 11. Precise POS Features Interoperability with Epicor Know your Customers Simple, Clean User Interface Quick and Easy Product Selection Ensure the Integrity of Your Product Pricing Printing Forms and Reportse2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 | www.e2btek.com
    12. 12. Fusion Retail Management System (RMS)e2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 | www.e2btek.com
    13. 13. Why integrate POS with ERP?e2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 | www.e2btek.com
    14. 14. We also… We also develop business to business solutions for the cloud and resell ERP software. Some of our applications include: And More!e2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 | www.e2btek.com
    15. 15. Anytime Commerce Full B2B eCommerce Storefront Integrations Shopping Cart Anytime carts are easy to access from the top ShoppingCommerce provides integrated sales of tax screen with freight and and quick access to the calculations,order totals shipping costs, and secured credit card processing. the check-out screen. Item Catalog Content Management Item catalogs can be setup in categories and The built-in content management system (CMS) subcategories with maintains your website including news attachments, forms, product descriptions, and feeds, contactimages, images, and other content by tagged into your to assist with product searches logging keywords site and adding or rearranging with access visual drag-and-drop interface. content in a to inventory stock status and other information. B2B / Reps Sales B2C Optimized for dealer log-ins provide online access foralso Sales rep and B2B eCommerce, Anytime Commerce supports B2C sales place customeryour storefront to your sales force to and integrates orders or to review your backofficeaccount history. business system for their customer accounting ERP customer-specific products, customer pricing, and account history including orders, payments, billing information, and more.e2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 | www.e2btek.com
    16. 16. Recap of Today’s Webinar Questions? Josh Bailey jbailey@e2btek.com 440.352.4700 x249e2b teknologies | 521 fifth avenue | chardon, oh 44024 | 440.352.4700 | www.e2btek.com