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Cloud Business Applications for Sage ERP


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View this slide deck to learn more about cloud business applications for Sage ERP including:
- Anytime Collect, accounts receivable management software
-Anytime 500, manufacturing and distribution add-ons for Sage 500 ERP
- Anytime Supply Chain: supply chain management software
- Anytime Commerce, an integrated B2B ecommerce storefront.

Visit this website for more detail:

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Cloud Business Applications for Sage ERP

  1. 1. B2B eCommerce Storefront Software Accounts Receivable Credit & Collections Sales Forecasting, MRP, DRP Planning 440.352.4700 | www.e2btek.come2b teknologies
  2. 2. 440.352.4700 | www.e2btek.com440.352.4700 | www.e2btek.come2b teknologies
  3. 3. Key Benefits • Reduce Days Sales Outstanding • Minimize Bad Debt Write-Offs • Improve Operating Efficiency • Decrease Credit Financing Costs • Improve Cash Forecasting • Minimal IT Requirements • Online Bill Pay 440.352.4700 | www.e2btek.come2b teknologies
  4. 4. 440.352.4700 | www.e2btek.come2b teknologies
  5. 5. Key Features Integration Process orders in your back-office accounting or ERP system Display quantities available from your inventory software Supports customer and special pricing setup in your ERP system Multiple images and attachments Organization Setup item catalogs or integrate with existing PDF catalogs Define Item Categories Powerful Search Capabilities Featured & Suggested Items Features by Role B2B or B2C Customer Orders Sales Representative Orders Order Management Integrated Shopping Cart Secure, Online Credit Card Payments UPS & Shipping Integration Sales Tax Calculations Configuration Configurable templates Content Management System eliminates html or asp coding Built-in security 440.352.4700 | www.e2btek.come2b teknologies
  6. 6. 440.352.4700 | www.e2btek.come2b teknologies
  7. 7. Key Features ERP Integration integrates with Sage 500 ERP providing a true, cloud-based system to manage simple or complex supply chain for distributors or manufacturers. Sales Forecasting Manage sales forecasts by grouping products into different forecast product groups. Maintain forecasts in Anytime Supply Chain or import them from Excel spreadsheets. MRP/DRP Requirements Planning empower planners with the information they need to manage your supply chain. Bill of Materials Design bills of materials using your inventory items and define routings for the parts you manufacture. Production Entry Record finished good manufacturing results alleviating inventory of purchased raw materials with finished goods quantities created in your accounting system to fulfill orders or for required production demands. Cost accounting transactions are provided for a clear picture of your operations in your general ledger. 440.352.4700 | www.e2btek.come2b teknologies
  8. 8. 440.352.4700 | www.e2btek.come2b teknologies
  9. 9. 440.352.4700 | www.e2btek.come2b teknologies