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Accounts Receivable Management Software | Anytime Collect 2014


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Anytime Collect puts your accounts receivable and credit collections on auto-pilot with built-in workflow to help you identify who to call, when, and why with all the information you need at your fingertips to resolve disputes and to flat-out get paid faster. Integrated document management and automation makes it easy to communicate effectively with customers documenting what you’ve done with insights to measure the results.

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Accounts Receivable Management Software | Anytime Collect 2014

  1. 1. There’s A Better Way To Get Paid Faster
  2. 2. Effective Cash Flow Management
  3. 3. Accounts Receivable
  4. 4. Designed for Your Industry Distribution Construction Real Estate Manufacturing Business Services Municipalities IT Services / MSP Utilities Computer Software Transportation Legal Logistics Services Retail, Rental Hospitality Non-Profit Membership Medical Healthcare Ag, Forestry Fishing, Mining Advertising Media Finance Insurance …and many other industry solutions
  5. 5. A/R Working Capital Accounts Receivable is typically the largest or second largest asset for most businesses Convert A/R to cash faster and increase cash flow and improve access to working capital.
  6. 6. The longer an invoice goes unpaid… …the less likely that it will ever be paid. – 26% of invoices 3 months old are uncollectable – 70% of invoices 6 months old are uncollectable – 90% of invoices 12 months old are uncollectable
  7. 7. Manual A/R Management
  8. 8. Manual vs. Automated Collections
  9. 9. Average Days Sales Outstanding is 61 Days But Average payment terms are 28 days Companies Using CCM Systems Reduce DSO by 10 to 20%. That’s an average of 9 Days
  10. 10. On average, businesses write-off 4% of Accounts Receivable • That’s $400,000 for a $10 million company. • A 10% improvement results in a $40,000 annual savings.
  11. 11. Finance Costs for Borrowed Cash
  12. 12. Accounting / ERP Database Cloud or Premise Scheduled Data Synchronization Microsoft SQL Server On-Premise Installation Website Log-In Access from Any Browser Microsoft SQL Azure Hosted SaaS DB
  13. 13. RULES ENGINE Invoice A -Open with Balance Due -30 Day Terms -Created 28 Days Ago -Due in 2 Days Invoice B -Open with Balance Due -45 Day Terms -Created 43 Days Ago -Due in 2 Days
  14. 14. Major Features Automated Email Dispute Management Mail Merge Templates Cash Forecasting Prioritized Call Lists Online Customer Payments Centralized Information Business Intelligence
  15. 15. Business Intelligence
  16. 16. Account Management
  17. 17. Communication History
  18. 18. Email Templates
  19. 19. Communication
  20. 20. Online Customer Bill Pay
  21. 21. Learn More Adam Lynch QuickBooks & Midmarket ERP 440.352.4700 x222 Bill Baker Enterprise ERP & OEM Partnerships 440.352.4700 x241